Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dr. Ron Paul - Champion of Health Freedom

A true Champion of Health Freedom is retiring from Congress. He was the sponsor of countless bills in Congress seeking to protect our health freedom, involving topics as diverse as the types of claims that can be made for dietary supplements to promoting the interstate commerce in raw milk, outlawing forced drugging, and other liberty and health care issues. We will miss his uncompromising commitment to our freedoms.

Dr. Ron Paul and Ralph Fucetola, JD
In every generation since the "Progressive" elitists and their crony corporatist minions triumphed in American society, a century or so ago, patriots like Dr. Ron Paul have stood against the "tide" and spoken their truth to power. 

Like a true patriot of old, Dr. Paul stepped aside from his medical practice twice to do his public duty and represent his community in Congress. Along the way he became the "Leader of the Opposition" calling the Federal Establishment to account for its lack of vision, its endless wars, and its looming failures. And he helped thousands of women deliver healthy babies, also along the way. 

He was not the first. At the start of the last century, Congressman Lindbergh stood against the establishment of the Federal Reserve, warning us of the potential for economic catastrophe -- and being proven right in both the "Great" Depression and the "Great" Recession. In a later generation, H L Mencken revealed the pretensions of the elitists. Then Senator Taft stood against the "bipartisan" Cold War interventionist foreign policy. He was followed by Senator Goldwater who rightfully warned us about the welfare/warfare state and its potential to devour our liberties. None of these patriots became president.

They did something more: they became the conscience of the Republic -- the "Leader of the Opposition," standing against the prevailing "two" tax-eater party duopoly. Exactly as has Dr. Paul. 

Dr. Paul's Farewell Speech

No one has stood more strongly for our Constitution and liberties; no one has stood more strongly against empire and war. He continues to warn us of the pending hyperinflation and death of the Federal Reserve fiat "dollar" divorced by the honest gold and silver money demanded by the Constitution. He reminds us, "all empires end badly."

For these reasons I expect we will continue to hear from the good doctor, who still has a prescription for what ails America. It is a natural prescription for old-fashioned freedom. And some good Amish raw milk wouldn't hurt either. 

We can expect to hear from Dr. Paul through the Campaign for Liberty,

Of course, his support for health freedom will long be cherished by health freedom advocates and will continued to be championed on the Health Freedom USA web site,

Here is my 2011 interview with Dr. Paul regarding Push Back and Health Freedom:

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