Friday, June 27, 2008

NY Vaccine Mandate Bill Defeated... Exemption Campaign Starts!

This report in from New York. Congratulations to all who worked so hard on this issue!

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Subject: NY Victory: All New Vaccine Mandates Squashed
Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2008, 7:04 PM

NY: All New Vaccine Mandates Squashed

Parents are Powerful

It's official, New York Assembly Bill A 10942, the "worst vaccine bill ever" and the mandatory meningococcal vaccine bill it morphed into late in the session are dead. And they were killed by parents who just aren't going to let pharma kick them around anymore.

Another vaccine bill that would have allowed minors to get vaccines for sexually-transmitted diseases without parents permission or knowledge went down to an ignominious defeat when the Assembly Health committee refused to even consider it.

This represents the fourth defeat in a row, with no wins, for the vaccine industry in New York, last year an mandatory HPV bill was killed.

As usual with most vaccine bills in New York, they were submitted late in the session which limits the time that the opposition has to make arguments against a proposal. The original A 10942 was submitted at the request of the Health Department and would have caused a sweeping restructuring of NY vaccine policy; all CDC recommended vaccines would have become mandatory for all children, including those too young to enter school, and all new CDC recommended vaccines would automatically become mandatory.

A 10942 was greeted by a rally of hundreds of parents from all around the state, many were parent of vaccine-injured children, others though have healthy children and would like to see them stay healthy. A broad cross section of organizations were involved, autism organization, holistic health groups, libertarians, and many others came together for the first time in joint political action. Legislative aides report a flood of phone calls, faxes, letters and emails in opposition.

The legislature responded with scaling the bill back to require the menigoccocal shot for seventh graders. This new version was introduced last Friday and on Monday there were new demonstrations by parents both in Albany and in front of the Long Island office of State Senator Kemp Hannon who introduced the meningitis legislation. The bill died today with the adjournment of the legislature.

Organizers of the successful campaign will be holding meetings and conferences to make sure that in the next session of the legislature that the philosophical exemption bills sponsored by State Senator Frank Padavan and Assembly member Mark Alessi are passed. And in a new twist on vaccines rights, New Yorkers will be working to introduce legislation that will drop vaccines from the mandatory list. The first target will be hepatitis b, a shot given to newborns ostensibly to prevent a sexually transmitted disease.


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

EU Denies 97% of Health Claims

Without the right to truthful information about nutrition and natural remedies, our right to control our own bodies and our own health is meaningless.

That's why the US Supreme Court, Thomas v Western States said, "We have previously rejected the notion that the Government has an interest in preventing the dissemination of truthful commercial information in order to prevent members of the public from making bad decisions with the information."

That important legal protection... the right to make even "bad" decisions about our own lives, is not respected by bureaucracy anywhere in the world, as we see with the US FDA's continual efforts to subvert Americans' rights by appealing to "HARMonization" with international agency restrictions.

It is certainly not a respected legal position in Europe where the Civil Code treats people like subjects, not sovereign citizens.

A good example is the recent decision of the food bureaucracy to simply deny 97% of all the Health Claims that were presented to it under the EU Food Supplements Directive.

“23-Jun-2008 - The European Commission has culled its gargantuan nutrition and health claims list from more than 40,000 to 1500 as the health claims process moves closer to fruition in January, 2010. … [Some claims] were deemed inappropriate for want of supporting data or were making claims about foods or food supplements that were not legally available in the EU… The nutrition and health claims regulation was enacted last year and seeks to harmonize claims across the … EU's 27 member states…”

foodnavigator. com/news/ng.asp?n=86073&c=gbrnO2ewSG3%2BoFrFccmRkw%3D%3D

That means that nearly all Health Claims have been summarily denied, even before the public process that was supposed to vette those claims!

This is too bad for Europeans who want to use natural remedies and a warning to Americans that health freedom requires vigilance.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New York to Mandate Pharma Forced Vaccine Profits

It was that quintessential New Yorker, Walt Whitman who urged his compatriots to "Resist much, obey little..." Now, however, New York's political class has determined to voluntarily surrender even more state sovereignty. This time the Legislature is running to hide from parents who know their children have been hurt by mandated vaccination and from the US Constitution which reserves the Police Power to the States, not to the Federal government’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Under the new forced vaccination law, what is essentially a private-interest (Big Medica and Big Pharma) committee will now mandate vaccinations, up to 78 before a child in New York reaches the age of 18, based on CDC recommendations. Heretofore CDC always claimed that it did not force vaccinations. Rather, enforcement was left to the States. Now New York is surrendering even the semblance of local autonomy.

Why? Because forcing kids to have multiple doses of dangerous drugs has gotten politically uncomfortable for the legislators. This supine surrender occurred despite the admission by CDC that ALL vaccines still contain toxic Mercury (and other toxins). Only the pharmaceutical industry doesn't have to reveal that... since it's only a "trace" of 1 to 3 micrograms, instead of the 30 micrograms previously in the shots; the World Health Organization tells us that even 1 microgram is hurtful... and 78 times 1 still equals a huge poisoning dose of 78 micrograms for each child. See: Age of for details.

So, why are the legislators rushing to surrender their responsibilities? I think we have to conclude that while that the No Forced Vaccination Movement is growing stronger, their Big Pharma paymasters want them to act now, before it’s too late for their profit through-legal-mandates agenda. Your kid is forced to take these potentially dangerous drugs, but don't blame the state Legislature, blame the US Government! And Big Phama pockets the boodle from this uninsurable scheme.

Yes, in the "Empire State" the forms of local autonomy are maintained, even within the reality of Federal bureaucratic control; much as the forms of the Old Republic were maintained in the rotten hulk of the Roman Empire. Clearly those legislators who march in lockstep to the new national order need to be replaced by men and women who are sensitive to the rights of parents instead of forcing their children to undergo the uninsurable risk of mandated vaccination.

So we have to think about the cowardice and stupidity of our elected representatives and ask why they are willing to surrender state sovereignty to the dominion of Big Pharma's lies, while surrendering our well-being. They are turning the Police Power of the State into the Police State of Power!

And, by the way, we are still waiting for the Federal Trade Commission to allow people to publicly comment on the Vaccination Advertising Fraud Petition that was filed with the FTC on April 15, 2008. You can read it here: