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RumorMill News Health Freedom Disinformation

An Open Letter to Rayelan, regarding the disinformation posted on her RumorMill News on December 27, 2009 in the "ROBERT JONES: Codex Alimentarius in 7 more days and not a peep- Why?" thread:

Robert Jones is correct: Codex remains a real threat to wholesome foods; high-potency nutrition. However, the original desire of some Codex supporters to see it fully implemented by the end of this year is not coming to pass.

Mr. Singer, the first commenter on the thread, on the other hand is peddling disinformation of the most vicious sort about Dr Rima E Laibow MD and her hero-husband, Gen Stubblebine.

First, Codex:

The Codex Globalist Plan is way behind "schedule." That's because the world-wide health freedom movement has successfully "pushed back" and the globalist agenda is in disarray -- in little ways and in big ways; examples: fluoride was not added to the list of "allowed" ingredients in baby formula because the health-conscious developing nations stood up and objected. Another example, the "daily reference value" for nutrients, set woefully low, is subject to the Codex Two Step legal procedure countries can use to avoid Codex restrictions.

We are proud to have played a role in the fact that global implementation has been delayed through our tireless dissemination of accurate information to the developing nations of the world assisting them in departing from the Codex standards and guidelines through the implementation of the Codex Two Step Process (for more information, download the Codex eBook, and watch "The Codex Two Step Video",

The Natural Solutions Foundation is the only health freedom organization in the world which spent the time, energy and resources necessary to first find a solution to the Codex menace and then take it directly to the governments of the developing world.

We are leaders in every aspect of health freedom and continue to forge new ground.

For example, knowing that natural food production techniques were rapidly being lost and food production industrialized, a la Codex, we created the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project in Panama to reclaim the production of food using advanced technologies and ancient ones.

The result? A REAL Green Revolution in the making, through the global education of farmers and non-farmers alike.

Please visit for more information on this leading edge, innovative health freedom project.

Or visit to learn how to grow your own vegetables in a tiny space. Anywhere. Anytime. As long as the law still allows.

There is no significant area of Health Freedom where the Natural Solutions is not the leader and innovator for analysis and solutions.

I am honored to be a co-trustee of with Gen Stubblebine and Dr Laibow. We've invited health freedom advocates to join us on January 2 and 3, both in person and online, for the 2010 Health Freedom War Council.

Event media release:

Now on to Mr. Singer:

He regurgitates the usual insubstantial rumors and innuendo. Nothing of substance. Then there's the appeal to authority... and all the usual big lie techniques.

The attacks on Dr Laibow and Gen Stubblebine originate from a multiply-hospitalized schizophrenic... but you can read more about that sorry story and our specific replies to the not-so-specific attacks here:

It's all smoke and mirrors and disinformation and it always surfaces whenever we're engaging in another initiative that will impact Health Freedom... like our planned War Council will!

The usual gossip about the good Doctor and the General are B.S. -- nothing more. The same can be said about the attack on our friend and colleague Linn Cohen, a true hero of health and food freedom.

And anyone who believes Mr. Singer's disinformation is likely either really stupid or a conscious supporter of the Bigs -- Big Pharma, Big Finance, Big Agra, Big Oil, Big Govt... and no friend of ours or of health freedom!

Our Accomplishments:

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Trustee
All rights, private and public, reserved . . .

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Health Freedom War Council: Codex Effective December 2009?

Update: War Council report and Video:

The New Year means new opportunities for Health and Freedom!

Due to comments in Dr. Laibow's extraordinary 2005 video, Nutricide*, people are asking us if "Codex will be effective in the US this month, December 2009?"

It remains true that Codex continues on its merry way... but always delayed by our Push Back!

Those who think they rule the world have many plans to control our lives; not all of them succeed. So far the original intent of Codex to be fully in place with regard to nutrients by the end of this year is clearly delayed... by years, and we hope forever!

FDA continues to pursue its policy of HARMonizing our freedoms to Codex's restrictions, as it announced its policy to "harmonize with international regulations even when not finalized..." in the Federal Register in October 1995.

Congress even added a clause to the pending, fake "Food Safety" bill requiring FDA to make harmonization recommendations to Congress. But, reading "between the lines" of Senator Harkin's comments about our Push Back suggests there is continued resistance in Congress to forced HARMonization.

See the update section here:

Dr. Laibow's latest report on the Codex Meeting she attended last month:

From this video report, you can see that Codex is now moving to establish "daily reference values" for all nutrients in international trade, supposedly to make sure that different food labels can be compared. It is, however, a very slippery slope from "reference value" to "maximum permitted levels..." And the levels Codex wants to impose, as Dr. Laibow explains, are too low to even avoid vitamin deficiency diseases, let alone, promote optimal health!

We continue to pursue our policy of Push Back, because we know Push Back Works!

See our Natural Solutions accomplishment page for many examples!

So the Codex original deadline of December 31, 2009 is delayed, indefinitely, so long as we continue to Push Back!

2010 Health Freedom USA War Council

And we're holding our 2010 Health Freedom USA War Council both live and online on January 2 and 3, 2010 to continue our Push Back efforts.

Details here:

Please join us in developing ever more powerful Push Back!

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Trustee

* Over a half million people have seen Nutricide read about it here:

Or see it here:

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Fake Food on the March: Defeat S 510 or Prepare to Eat Non-Food

Natural Solutions Foundation
The Voice of Global Health Freedom

SUMMARY: This is a guest blog from Rima E. Laibow MD. Lots of people thinking about good, wholesome food during the Holidays... But your access is under attack as never before, led by the usual suspects: Big Agra, Big Govt and even a big "professional association." Here are some comments, copies of important articles, and a Push Back Action Item for you to take to protect your access to wholesome food. - RF

HOLIDAY MONEY BOMB! Keep Health Freedom Strong - Make Your Tax Deductible Donation Now!


Update: December 17, 2009 - Great News from the SD State Capitol Today!

The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Bill Even, has withdrawn the whole proposal for new rules on Raw milk.

Dr. Laibow on Non Food "Food"
On Processed "Food"
On Regulating Real Food Out of Existence

Non Food "Food" - A Taste of Things - and Diseases - to Come

The American Dietetic Association (ADA) says,
"A balanced diet is best way to safeguard health and to prevent disease rather than relying on nutrition supplementation".


The ADA also says that they, and they alone, should be the only people legally permitted to tell anyone anything at all about nutrition. Ever. No Doctors, Nurses, Nutritionists, Biochemists, only Dietitians. You know, the people who are responsible for the ghastly diets of cheap non-foods in nursing homes, hospitals and other places where if you are sick, the food makes you sicker and if you are not sick, you soon will be if you hang around there long enough.

Here is my question to the ADA: "How, pray tell, are we to have a balanced diet when our food is being increasingly replaced by non-food substitutes filled with chemicals, flavors that never saw a real food item and deadly, damaged oils? Just how does that happen? And how does it happen when our food is grown in soil so demineralized that there is nothing for the plant to make nourishment out of for you? When the foods that we are offered by the industrialized food supply contains non-food substitutes like the 6 mentioned in the following article? Where is the balanced diet supposed to come from when 90% of our food has been manufactured from genetically modified sources, meat is being grown in cloning tanks and the amount of poison in food production is so great that beekeepers in Europe are actually calling, at their own economic peril, for bee products to be banned from human consumption because they are now so toxic that they cannot be safely eaten?

The articles below are noteworthy because they are a taste of things to come, literally, if the Food Fascism bill, S. 510, now before the Senate, which will drive small, organic and clean farming operations out of business nationwide, is allowed to pass. It will not only mean that the corrupt, dysfunctional and dangerous FDA will be given far more authority to abuse than it has now [including the power to declare marshal law (!)] but also that the entire food supply will be industrialized. What does that mean? It means that whatever is cheapest will be marketed and sold to you as if it were food. And it means real food, such as safe raw milk, will be demonized and outlawed, as the second article below suggests is happening right now!

The World Health Organization and Food and Agricultural Organization's Joint Special Report, Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Disease, makes it clear that under nutrition (including high calorie under nutrition, a form of slow starvation) is the primary cause of cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and obesity. These 5 diseases are the primary causes of morbidity and mortality in the US and the rest of the developing world. They are also the principle money makers for the Illness Care Industry, at the head of which, of course, you will not be surprised to find Big Pharma.

Oh, yes, the Pharmaceutical companies are also chemical companies. They make the dangerous chemicals which are permitted in our food by Codex, the US EPA and their global counterparts. AND, of course, they make the drugs which the sell when your under nutrition and your toxic state damage your immune system so badly that there is nothing left with which to fight off these chronic, disabling and, frequently, ultimately lethal, diseases.

So the passage of S. 510 means, ultimately, non-food substitutes like the ones below in favor of food, real food. You are already eating GMO corn which has been turned into flavors, starches, amino acids and a host of other "food" products. You are already eating fats which have been treated in such a way that they become toxic since hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats are both immune suppressive and neurotoxic.

You are already eating food which is being irradiated. And damaged at every processing step. Isn't it time that We, the People, required that our government define food as a nutritive substance whose immediate last identity was recognizable food? We think it is.

How will you stay abreast of the latest developments in this food fight? Make sure that you are signed up for our free, secure and highly informative Health Freedom Action eAlerts here: ¥our data is safe with us. We promise. Your food future is, however, not safe with either the US Congress, the FDA, EPA or the USDA.

Food Freedom means, among many other things, never having to be sorry for what you are eating!

And don't forget, Knowledge is Power -

Yours in health and freedom,
Dr. Rima

Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation
Food Freedom eJournal
International Decade of Nutrition
Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project
Valley of the Moon Coffee
Virtual Malls Supporting Health Freedom


The 6 Weirdest, Scariest Processed Foods

By Brad Reed
AlterNet. - December 6, 2009.

Once upon a time, some brave scientists had a noble dream of ridding our food of the plague of nutrients.

Today, at the start of the 21st century, the miracle of food processing has brought that dream closer to reality than ever before. From vitamin-free "blueberry bits" to spray-can cheese to avocado-free guacamole, food scientists have worked tirelessly to bring us new and exciting foods that contain as little nutrition as possible. Even apparently "healthy" foods such as soups have been ingeniously overloaded with so much salt you feel as if you’re eating French fries.

In this article, we’ll provide a handy guide to six uniquely unnatural processed foods that will hopefully serve as a blueprint for humanity’s eventual triumph over the tyrannical fist of Mother Nature.

1. Spray-Can 'Easy Cheese'

Dipping a butter knife into a tub of cheese spread and putting it on a cracker takes a lot of time and effort. Thankfully for all of us, the wizards at Kraft have developed a product that ensures we’ll never again run the risk of hurting our wrists trying to spread processed cheese. Kraft’s Easy Cheese cans combine the soulless tastelessness of its cheese products with the convenience and simplicity of whipped cream cans.

The most interesting aspect of Easy Cheese is its remarkable consistency. Normally, cheese comes in a solid state when kept at room temperature and only becomes liquid when melted at high temperatures. Easy Cheese, on the other hand, has a Goldilocks-like "not too solid, not too viscous" quality that makes it easy to spread on food without having it drip on your clothing.

According to an exposé in Wired magazine, Easy Cheese achieves this amazing texture by containing lots of unhealthy crap, such as the stain-removing chemical trisodium phosphate and a healthy dose of canola oil that keeps the cheese from solidifying. Oh, and they also load Easy Cheese with about twice the amount of salt you'd normally find in natural cheddar cheese.

But the best ingredient in Easy Cheese is calcium phosphate, which is used as a calcium supplement. "But wait," you say. "Why does a cheese product need calcium added artificially?" Well, as Wired speculates, the sodium phosphate could actually negate the calcium in the natural cheese. Thus, Kraft had to put in an additive that would make up for the calcium that's taken away through food processing. Genius!

2. Oreo Cookie Death Filling

It’s rare to encounter a food that makes you say, "If only this were as healthy as frosting!" And yet, the filling in Oreo cookies manages to accomplish just that.

You see, typical frosting is made mostly from butter, milk, sugar and vanilla extract. No one will ever accuse it of being good for you, but at least you're eating fairly natural fats. Oreo stuffing, on the other hand, is basically sugar-flavored Crisco. Seriously, that’s what you’re consuming when you eat an Oreo.

Oreos' death filling is so bad it even inspired an ill-fated lawsuit in California a few years back that tried to stop the sale of Oreos to children. While the suit was eventually dropped, it did introduce trans fats to the public consciousness and helped spearhead the campaign to make food companies indicate on their labels whether their products contained any trans fats, so it wasn’t a total waste.

That said, I think the best way to stop people from eating Oreos wouldn’t be to ban them outright but to force Kraft to rebrand them to reflect their actual ingredients. So let’s say you mandate that Kraft label its cookies "Criscoroes" and have the package depict a kid gorging himself in a tub of vegetable shortening. Yum!

3. Condensed Soups

Ah, soup. It’s the food mom used to feed us when we were sick. Every child has fond memories of being nursed back to health by sipping at the warm, nutritious broth of chicken noodle soup. Of course, mom probably didn’t realize at the time that she was setting you up for a future of high blood pressure and kidney failure. Because if she fed you condensed soup from a can, she was loading your young body up with insanely high amounts of sodium.

How insanely high, you ask? Well, consider that a mere half-cup of Campbell’s Vegetable Soup contains a heart-stopping 890 mg of sodium, or roughly 37 percent of your daily recommended sodium intake. But wait, there’s more! The typical Campbell’s soup can contains one-and-a-half cups of soup, meaning that one can of soup contains more than 90 percent of your daily recommended sodium intake.

To be fair to Campbell’s, it does have a "Healthy Request" brand of soup that contains roughly half the salt of Campbell's other soups. Still, one of soup’s supposed key virtues is that it isn’t a cheeseburger. In other words, when you buy a bowl of soup you shouldn’t have to "request" a healthy version of it.

4. Spam

Spam was really a major miracle of food science, as it solved a mystery that humanity had been trying for centuries to figure out: namely, how to make meat-flavored Jell-O. Developed in the 1930s, Spam is derived primarily from pork shoulder meat (seriously) and combined with water, sugar, sodium nitrate (of course) and copious amounts of salt. The result is a meat-like goo that derives 80 percent of its calories from fat and that delivers a whopping 790 mg of sodium per two-ounce serving.

Spam first hit the big-time during World War II when its highly preserved state made it the ideal food to feed to our protein-needy soldiers fighting over in Europe. Now there's a fine tribute to our fighting boys! Thanks for risking your butts against the Nazis, fellas, now here’s a mound of pork slime! When you think about it, it’s remarkable that more of our troops didn’t defect to the German army, which assuredly would have offered them generous helpings of bratwurst, knockwurst and schweineschnitzel in exchange for changing sides. The fact that Americans bravely suffered through Spam prior to fighting the Battle of the Bulge adds yet another heroic chapter to the Greatest Generation’s legacy.

5. Artificially Flavored Blueberry Bits

Frozen waffles are fairly non-nutritious. Indeed, the only real way to get any sort of vitamins in your waffles each morning is to buy blueberry waffles that contain….

But, hang on! It turns out those aren’t blueberries at all! They’re more like…well, just what are they? An apt description would be "purple globs of sugary goo," but they’re actually called "artificially flavored blueberry bits." Their ingredients include sugar, dextrose, soybean oil, soy protein, salt, citric acid, cellulose gum, artificial flavor, malic acid, Red 40 Lake, Blue 2 Lake and…that’s it. Notice anything missing? Oh yeah: blueberries!

For a long time, companies such as Aunt Jemima parent Pinnacle Foods were able to get away with implying that these little unfruity lumps were actual blueberries, as the box for Aunt Jemima’s blueberry waffles had pictures of actual blueberries strewn across it. But the threat of a lawsuit from Center for Science in the Public Interest made Pinnacle decide to tell people that their waffles didn’t contain any actual blueberries.

What makes the development of fake blueberries so exciting is the number of possibilities it opens up for other fake fruits. Picture artificial strawberry strips, made mostly of bacon and high-fructose corn syrup. Or perhaps artificial melon mounds made of solidified vegetable oil and dextrose monohydrate. Or the coup de grace, artificial artificial blueberry bits, made with NutraSweet and artificial soy protein. Not one natural ingredient, baby!

Kraft’s Avocado-Free Guacamole

This right here may be the pinnacle of processed food magic. Kraft has managed to make a food product without an actual main ingredient, akin to tomato-free tomato sauce or potato-free baked potato. Yes, there are no avocados in Kraft’s guacamole. Then what is it made of, you ask? How about some modified food starch, coconut and soybean oils, corn syrup, food coloring…in other words, you’re eating green-colored oil.

As with a lot of phony processed foods, the avocado-free guacamole compelled somebody to sue the product’s manufacturer for false advertising. In this case, California resident Brenda Lifsey got upset because she thought Kraft’s guacamole "didn’t taste avocadoey." She then looked at the ingredients, and lo and behold, "there was almost no avocado in it."

Kraft’s response to Lifsey’s lawsuit was a masterwork of poor corporate spin, as a company spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times, "We think customers understand that it isn't made from avocado." Well actually, no. Customers tend to buy guacamole with the understanding that it will be made from, oh, I don’t know, avocados. This is akin to a Viagra spokesperson saying, "We think customers understand that our pills won’t really give them erections."

For the record, Kraft is no longer selling congealed green oil as "guacamole" but rather as "guacamole-flavored dip." It’s an improvement, I suppose, though I think somebody should file a suit against Kraft that prevents the company from ever again describing its products as "foods."*

* Stay tuned Mouse Warriors! One of our 2010 projects is to show the FTC that calling this stuff "food" is false and misleading advertising! They ought to call it something like "edible non-food substitutes..." and we'll have a Citizens Petition about this for everyone to support in the New Year!


And this article from our intrepid Food Freedom Reporter, LC (December 7, 2009)

Raw Milk - Regulated Out of Existence

Do you seek out natural, wholesome foods, free of GMO ingredients, etc.? Do you treasure raw milk for its wonderful, healthful qualities as an ingredient in your favorite holiday treats? It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good food and drink... Why? Because of the policies of the state and Federal governments.

It's happening in South Dakota, Missouri, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin, for sure, where there have been recent efforts to shut down dairy and/or raw milk sales. That's, of course, in addition to fully destroying dairy farming inside the corporate system, and now the dairy giants pushing to get rid of independent dairy farmers by putting regulations in S 510 to demand pasteurization of raw milk.

We need to keep track of all these assaults (I am sure there are more) and lay out the whole picture so aware, conscious eaters can Push Back and resist the industrialization of our food supply!

Here is a most egregious example of the assault on Food Freedom.

South Dakota Department of Agriculture proposed rules for raw milk dairy farmers is the prelude to S 510 and reveals how it will work. Raise the food safety standard beyond what anyone could afford, apply onerous rules that impinge even on customers, and drive farmers off their land and out of farming.

Paraphrased from

The proposed South Dakota Department of Agriculture rules are barriers-to-entry regulations that will create a defacto ban on the sale of raw milk. They would take away rights given by the legislature by imposing expensive requirements that those dairies wanting to sell raw milk would not be able to afford. The standards required for a permit would include a mechanical bottling machine (handcapping would be prohibited) and a separate facility for bottling; for Grade A licensed dairies a building separate from the milk parlor would be required for bottling. One licensed Grade A dairy farmer currently selling raw milk estimated that if the proposed rules became law, he would have to spend a minimum of $76,000 to be in compliance after figuring the cost of a separate building for bottling, a storage tank for the bottling facility, pumps to move the milk from the parlor to the bottling facility, a mechanical bottling machine and the installation costs.

In addition to equipment and construction requirements, raw milk producers would have to test twice yearly for bovine tuberculosis (TB) and brucellosis; no other State requires testing more than once a year, and the standard for coliform South Dakota has set has proven difficult for California raw milk licensed dairies to meet. Raw milk producers would also be required to maintain customer lists to SDDA upon request. Moreover, “[t]he list must be continually updated and include the data for at least 60 days. This customer list shall include customer names, addresses, phone numbers and quantities of raw milk sold for human consumption.”

The purpose of the proposed rule is not to ensure that safe raw milk is sold; it is an attempt to ensure that no raw milk is sold legally. The proposed rules need to be stopped.

The corporations and ag departments under the USDA urged dairy farmers to expand, got them into debt, and then dropped the prices paid to them (with no protection), until those people are destroyed. They have sold herds and many have committed suicide. Now the same forces are going after the raw milk dairy farmers, the people who stayed small, and did well by just doing business with local people who wanted their product. Yet the corporations and the agencies they control, are doing all they can to get rid of them, too.

Is this how to bring back the US economy?

What the Department of Agriculture in South Dakota is doing is unjust, destroys good jobs during a terrible time in our economy, and threatens local food supplies for communities already hurting. It is the last thing any state should be doing to its own food industry and its citizens.

As to the safety of raw milk, Yale has shown the friendly bacteria found in raw milk (but not in pasteurized milk ) is protective against type 1 diabetes and raw milk used to used by the Mayo clinic to treat diseases (without having passed a single "food safety" standard that South Dakota is promoting).. P. Hall comments:

Raw milk kills E. coli & Listeria when it is produced from cattle grazing on pasture and living in healthy conditions as opposed to those grain fed and living in inhumane stocks. If animal control laws for inhumane treatment were applied to the dairy industry most milk producers would go to jail. It is the inhumane treatment and filthy conditions that allow pathogens to exist. Just common sense. Otherwise how could mankind have subsisted for all eternity on raw milk? And we have.

For dairy farmers, damned if you do, damned if you don't
Milk and the "not about food safety" bills
Beware homemade pie and a glass of milk

Raw milk dairy farmers should be a cause celebre in this country (all local farmers should be) - the people who know how to survive in hard times and can provide food to their neighbors. They are the last people who should be lost.

During a lousy economy, who gets rid of the only functioning part of the dairy industry and of jobs, especially jobs that provide food to people who want it? What is really driving this? The WTO interests appear to be doing to food what the international bankers did to our economy, destroying it here to take global control of it. They are using hygiene in the same false way in Europe and getting rid of farmers intentionally. They want the land. They want CAFOs. They want to be rid of farmers.

The WTO appears to be planning to outsource dairy production to India and China (shipping back milk powder that is then reconstituted) so they can do whatever they want with prices here since we would be solely dependent on foreign milk (and eventually other food). Corporate milk would be even more a "processed" food and thus there would be even more corporate middlemen involved as well as more and more contamination.

Food safety?

South Dakota needs to hear that the whole country stands with them in absolutely protecting their local farmers from such destructive and corrupt regulations. The Department of Agriculture needs to hear that the country sees that their regulations (and S 510) serve only the World Trade Organization, not are not in the interest of people, local communities, states, food security, ... and especially NOT food safety.

Contact the Office of the Governor of South Dakota here: