Wednesday, December 14, 2016

US Govt Attacks Informed Consent

2016: The Empire Struck Back:
Three Brutal Govt Attacks on Informed Consent

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During the final months of 2016, and the dying days of the Obama Administration Democrats and Republicans joined together to attack our universal right to Informed Consent, a right which General Bert Stubblebine, President of the Natural Solutions Foundation has called "the defining issue of the 21st Century..."  

What were these dastardly attacks? Three bureaucratic maneuvers in the Federal Govt.  

First, CDC proposed a new Quarantine Regulation, giving the public until mid October to register objections. Thousands did so, joining Natural Solutions Foundation condemning the proposed regulation which explicitly states the unlawful proposition that the "consent of the individual is not a prerequisite..." See:  

Second, on November 4th, just before the election, lame-duck President Obama issued an Executive Order seeking to make the falsely-named "Global Health Security Agenda" American Pubic Policy. The basic "idea" of GHSA is that dead people don't get sick. Yes, just that stupid and just that evil. See:  

Third, just last week, the lame-duck Congress, as it fled Washington for the Holidays, adopted, with bi-partisan Republican and Democrat support, the falsely-named "21st Century [sic] Cures Act" wherein, in addition to all sorts of welfare for Big Pharma, there is a clause that illegally says the drug companies do not have to get your Informed Consent before including you in a drug test if less than 8,000 [!!] people are involved. 

Think mass spray vaccine experiments without consent, in complete violation of international restrictions. Endorsed by both Houses of Congress and both ruling parties. See:  

And what about the fourth attack that could kill General Bert? He has been denied supplemental nutrition for 11 days, after having been permitted to have the medical food his admitting physician authorized for 70+ days. This is being done, why? Because the Hospital Policy says only FDA approved medicines can be used through a feeding tube and there is no provision in law for FDA to approve dietary supplements. 

Catch 22. You're dead if you do, or if you don't.  

Well, without letting too much information out, let us say that we are not going to let an unlawful Hospital Policy (apparently the Hospital never heard of the Orphan Drug Act of 2005) stop General Bert from receiving the nutrition he has clearly expressed his consent to receive. And we are going to hold the Hospital accountable for stopping that supplemental nutrition without his Informed Consent.  

It is all about Informed Consent. That's what Health Freedom means. That's what Dr. Rima and General Bert have fought for -- for the past dozen years. We need your help to PUSH BACK and preserve your precious right to Informed Consent.  

[1] Tell the Trump Transition Team to protect Informed Consent by backing Natural Solutions Foundation's call for a law to enforce Informed Consent. It's called the FIRM Act (Freedom of Informed Refusal of Medication) and it authorizes law suits against any government agent or private party that violates, or attempts to violate the right of Informed Consent. Tell Trump here:  

[2] Natural Solutions Foundation urgently needs your donations to allow us to do what we must do to legally protect Informed Consent. General Bert and Dr. Rima are ready to stand up with you, before our representatives, and in Court if need be, to vindicate the right of Informed Consent and your access to vital nutrition, to achieve and maintain health.

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