Friday, June 25, 2010

Push Back Victory! FTC Denied Expanded Power

"Wall Street Reform" Bill to be Signed by President --
Does Not Include FTC Power Enhancement

We warned about the potential for a general grant of FTC "rule making" authority to restrict our access to natural solutions -- to nutrients and remedies -- under the guise of "consumer protection" which would create such barriers in the marketplace as to destroy the generally small producers of natural products.

The Action Item regarding this issue resulted in about a hundred thousand messages to decision makers... and they listened!

The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 (H.R. 4173), adopted by the House of Representatives and by the Senate as S.3217, could have include language -- offered by Rep. Waxman [D - CA] -- giving more power to the Federal Trade Commission to make "general rules" for interstate commerce that could have been used to restrict truthful information about dietary supplements, by requiring expensive, "drug company" level clinical trials before vitamin companies could make claims about their products. This "reform" could have handed-over the natural products industry to Big Pharma, which, over the past few years, has bought up most of the larger industrialized vitamin companies. The new rules could have been a "barrier against entry" driving many smaller companies out of business.

Instead, reports are, the final bill to be signed by the President does NOT include such general rule-making power.

Please continue to provide your generous support for efforts like this! We need your help and rely on it to achieve victories like this!

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