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Telling the Globalists Why I Will Not Comply
The Seven Principles of Humane Health Care

At James Roguski’s suggestion I submitted the following email to the Global Public Health Convention Panel.  You may want to submit your comments too.

21 September 2023

Dame Barbara Stocking, Chair
Global Public Health Convention Panel

Hon. Dame Stocking,

I am taking this opportunity to do as you suggested on September 19, 2023 in your Guest Editorial at Geneva Health Files, with an offer of suggestions to resolve the WG-IHR (Working Group – International Health Regulations) ‘impasse’.

I am a retired lawyer (36 years practice in the USA) and ordained minister. My area of expertise has been in regulation of natural health products. My website is

I am the author of Informed Dissent

I work with an international collaboration of health freedom advocates through Natural Solutions Foundation.

In conjunction with other advocates, we have developed and published The Seven Principles of Humane Health Care.

The document may be found here:

The Principles are:

Existing International regulations and treaties regarding international, local or personal health must be replaced by the principals of H.H.C. (Humane Health Care), starting with the First Rule: Do No Harm.

1. Public Health: In a humanely functioning society with proper hygiene, sanitation and nutrition, pandemics and wide-spread chronic illness do not occur. Pandemics do not occur in well-functioning societies.
2. Sovereignty: Pandemics and other ‘health conditions’ must not be used as weapons to curtail or eliminate the inalienable personal rights and freedoms of We, the People, nor to damage personal sovereignty and/or national sovereignty.
3. Personal Medical Freedom is essential and guaranteed. Each individual is the relevant stakeholder in preserving his/her health and has the absolute human right to access any health strategy, freely deciding whether or not to consent to, or refuse, any proposed treatment.
4. Informed Consent is the necessary precondition for health freedom; any violation of Informed Consent is both a crime against humanity and against the individual.
5. Informed Dissent: means demanding transparency, open communications and unfettered freedom of speech, which are essential to prevent tyrannical consequences of ‘pandemics-of-convenience’ and widespread chronic ill health.
6. Social Controls Violate both Informed Consent and Informed Dissent and promote pandemics or widespread chronic ill-health. Social controls include lockdowns, Digital ID Passports, Social Credit Scores, social distancing, censorship and so-called “vaccine” mandates.
7. Local Control, in harmony with the above Principles, must form the basis of social governance. Global, private and public-private partnership organizations must remain free of conflicts of interest and be restricted to advisory roles only.

We, the free peoples of the world, showed through our World Wide Demonstrations and Trucker Convoys that we will not comply with tyrannical health impositions such as those contemplated by the IHR amendments. We understand that compliance is death while defiance frees.

I will not comply.

Rev. Ralph Fucetola JD


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Monday, September 18, 2023

I Will NOT Comply: Propagandemic 2.0 Mandates and Restrictions are Unlawful!

 "They" are coming after us again... with unlawful mandates and restrictions...

Although the COVID-19 declared "Pandemic disease" of 2021/22 was proven to be not much more dangerous than the Annual Flu, especially if you take into account that nearly no one died from the 'disease' but millions died from the officially-sanctioned 'treatment' for same and continue to die from long-term adverse reactions to the novel, barely tested, gene-altering 'vaccines'.
The restrictions and mandates imposed globally have been shown to have been not just useless, but actually causing harm, especially to young people. Courts around the world are reaching the only just solution:  the lockdowns and restrictions have been unlawful from the start.
The World Health Organization -- WHO -- backed by various government 'health' agencies and NGOs, having learned nothing from the disaster over which it presided, wants to double down, adopting draconian regulations for future declared pandemics, manipulating the process of creating a new 'pandemic treaty' and establishing a framework for a world-wide 'vaccine passport' system. Of course their complicit national agencies are preparing more lockdowns and mandates.
"They" are telling us that all these failed policies are coming back at us. "They" are telling us we must comply.
But we know the truth:  the disaster stopped only when millions of resisters joined together in World Wide Rallies and Trucker Convoys and refused to comply. It took a year for our protests to succeed, but we learned a valuable lesson. 
This time we are ready to resist from the start.
Compliance kills; resistance frees.
Declare that you will not comply here:
The unlawfulness of the lockdown, restriction and mandate regime is clear.
The violations of the universal right to free speech through government--big tech collusion are now well-known. 
Recent court decisions in the USA have reinforced that understanding.  Both the trial judge and the first appellate level court agreed to enjoin the Regime's program of instructing media companies as to what truthful information was to be suppressed.  The case is Missouri vs Biden and it will reach the US Supreme over the next few months. The courts took the extraordinary step of enjoining the White House due to the obvious unlawfulness of the Regime's attempts to ignore the First Amendment's pledge to respect freedom of communications.
"On July 4, 2023, Judge Terry A. Doughty issued a preliminary injunction against several agencies and members of the Biden administration from contacting social media services to request the blocking of material, with exceptions for material involving illegal activity. On appeal, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals found that there had been some coercion in the government's contact with social media companies in violation of the First Amendment, but narrowed the extent of Doughty's injunction to block any attempts by the government to threaten or coerce moderation on social media..."*
It is my opinion, as a scholar of the Law, that the great legal lession of the declared pandemic is that governments will engage in unlawful behavior anytime they have an excuse.  Eventually the legal system catches-up with legal precedence and government overreach is somewhat restricted.
It has been said that "The courts follow the elections..." but I suggest they also hear the shouting in the streets.
They will hear I Will Not Comply.


Friday, September 1, 2023

Strolling for Freedom

Expressing Non-Compliance

Just strolling down a sidewalk with some friends can constitute resistance to authority, triggering the anti-First and Second Amendment authoritarian Left. 

That’s what a group of Proud Boys learned during August 2023 in upstate New York. They met one weekend noon and over several hours strolled down the main streets of several nearby towns, carrying flags, including the Stars and Stripes, along with the Gadsden ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ and Proud Boy ‘Laurels’ flags.

The corporate media, echoed by local politicos, tried to spin a ‘peaceful and patriotic’ walk into a continuation of the January 6th ‘Insurrection’. Local citizens’ reaction did not reflect their ‘leaders’ prejudices. They warmly greeted the strollers and during the following few days a number of them spoke favorably about the strollers before local municipal meetings.

Now people across the globe are being told to prepare for another round of useless mask mandates, devastating lockdowns and ‘unavoidably unsafe’ vaccines. 

To freedom advocates this recalls how the lockdowns and other unscientific impositions ended: when people around the world came together in the World Wide Demonstrations, Trucker Convoys and mass refusals to comply the ‘emergency’ ended. Even in totalitarian Red China.

The prospects for the survival of the Republic — “If you can keep it.” — look bleak. Thousands have been criminally charged, or otherwise punished by banks or other state corporatist entities for walking and speaking. 

A number of patriot leaders have been sentenced to decades in prison for protesting what they consider to be a stolen election in 2020, becoming martyrs whose freedom must be a primary demand of the Freedom Movement. The Movement seeks restoration of the freedoms taken during the 2020/22 'pandemic.'

There is a growing consensus in the Freedom Movement that mass action must continue. The call is: “I refuse to comply”

We will not comply with mandates, lockdowns and corporate collusion with government to censor or punish speech. We want an end to war and anti-science corporate ‘health’ care.

Compliance is death.

The unprecedented increase in ‘all cause’ deaths since the vaccine rollout proves that.

Life is in our Great Reject of their Great Reset.

I do not consent. I will not comply.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

Informed Dissent -New Book by Counsel Ralph

During the Years of the Declared Pandemic, On the Way to World War Three: 2019 - 2023

The ‘pandemic’ started in early 2020 but things were already in motion in 2019, with at least one ‘think tank’ running a simulation scenario in October involving a new pandemic disease that would rapidly spread from a lab in a city in China. Perhaps synchronistically at nearly the same time I gave a paper at the Libertarian Scholars' Conference (King's College, Manhattan) on Informed Consent.  

Our essays begin with that paper, but reach back to cover the disturbing developments regarding vaccine mandates earlier that year.

The following opinion pieces are divided into two sections: Pandemic and Freedom. Within each section they are mostly organized by date.

With Gratitude to:
Rima E. Laibow MD for reminding us: “Don’t You Dare!”
General Bert for telling the world: 
  “Informed Consent is the Defining Issue of the 21st Century” and
James Roguski for coining the phrase: “Informed Dissent”

© 2023 – LifeSpirit   By: Ralph Fucetola JD --     ISBN:   978-1-312-57295-9

Contributor Notes:  Your author is a retired lawyer (36 years practice) and minister.  The opinions expressed in Informed Dissent are those of the Author, not necessarily those of the Institute for Health Research.  

"Informed Dissent means demanding transparency, open communications and unfettered freedom of speech, which are essential to prevent tyrannical consequences of ‘pandemics-of-convenience’ and widespread chronic ill health."

Table of Contents

PART ONE: PANDEMIC,Informed Consent Paper,The Seven Principles of Humane Health Care,Rep. Gottheimer Misunderstands,Tribunals of Conscience,The Great Facebook Purge of 2020,Mandatory Masking and the ADA,New York Lawyers Need a Lesson in the Law,"The Police Power of the State is Not without Limits",An Open Letter to Justin Amash: Speak Out for Informed Consent!,Mind Control and COVID,Martial Law, the US Constitution and COVID-19,Can the USA Survive the COVID Pandemic?,Who is Telling the Truth about COVID-19?,The Good Health Lawyer Obtains Vaccine TRO,Coronavirus and Bioweapons,Deadly Coronavirus from China or CDC?,Call to Veto,NJ Senate Delays Abrogation of Religious Conscientious Objections to Vaccines,Lawyers Against Mandatory Vaccines,The Persecution of Vaccine Conscientious Objectors,Politico Reports:  The "Two Party" System and Vaccine Mandates,Fox News Fake News Vaxx Propaganda Attacks NY Jewish Community,What Measles Outbreak?,Forced Vaccination is a Crime Against Humanity,

PART TWO:  FREEDOM,Libertarians and Nationalists: A New Generation Arises,We are the Resistance to the Great Reset,The Empowered Fear the Powerless,The State of Exception: Tyranny's Theory,The "White Supremacist" Big Lie,Song Review: By God We'll Have Our Home Again,The Meme Wars,Ninth Circuit Ignores Second Amendment,Speaking the Unspeakable:  The First Amendment & Violent Overthrow,Is the End of the USA Unthinkable?,Rubicon or Reichstag at the Capitol?,Was the 2020 Election Legitimate?,Nationalist Libertarianism,Federal Communications Commission Comments,Comments to FCC Regarding Trump Censorship Petition,Trump Issues Internet Censorship Policy Order,Social Media Must Honor Freedom of Speech,

APPENDIX,2019 Informed Consent Paper Slides,General Brief on Behalf of Informed Consent,My Biography,Essay Sources & Dates