Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Health & Food Freedom War Council

Natural Solutions Foundation
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Second Annual Health & Food Freedom War Council

War Council Archived at:

Join our second annual war council this Sunday, January 2, 2011; hear from some leading voices advocating for health and food freedom; review the triumphs and tragedies of the past year; consider where we go from here: de-funding the new food control law; petitioning the government to demand redress for the deadly swine flu (and new seasonal flu) vaccine, among other issues. Listen live, and chat, at this special web site: -- the meeting will be co-chaired by Maj Gen Bert Stubblebine (US Army ret) the President of Natural Solutions Foundation and Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD, its Medical Director. Time: Sunday, January 2, 1011 from 9 to noon Central time. Webinar link will be available at the Health Freedom Portal.


Our 2010 War Council, held on January 2 and 3, 2010 was a resounding success with important speakers representing diverse views about achieving and maintaining a healthy society. You can read about and see some of the information from that Council at

Now, however, it's the start of a new year and time for the Second Annual Council to meet... this time, electronically, so none of the participants will need to subject themselves to invasive airport searches of various kinds, or other indignities. The Council will be simulcast both on Internet radio and as a webinar.

1. Oracle Broadcasting

Also available with chat at our site

2. Also presented as a Webinar vial Cisco's WebEx system:

We will post a listing of some of the participants as they confirm, below...

Rima E. Laibow MD
Bert Stubblebine
Ralph Fucetola JD
Sharry Edwards MEd
Karma Singh
Micahananda Skye
Justin Montana

Monday, December 20, 2010

Senate GOP Betrayal on S.510
A Personal Response

Last last night, while pretending to debate the START treaty, the GOP in the US Senate betrayed their strongest supporters and, after promising us never to do so, gave unanimous consent to move the fake "food safety" bill (really, the "food control" bill) S.510 to the House for lame-duck passage.

Revised Action Item here: Tell the House "No!"

Why would the Senate GOP send this major increase in Federal power to the House now, when the GOP will take over that body in a couple weeks? That is a good question. The answer is that the GOP is bought-and-paid by BigAgBiz and the rest of the crony ant-free market companies that want to crush local, independent, natural food production and distribution!

The GOP has specifically betrayed the Tea Party, both major arms of which came out strongly against the bill. That is how powerful the economic interests are that directed this betrayal.

I should have known better than trust the GOP.

After being a Youth for Goldwater in '64 I became active in the GOP as a college student, even going so far as to vote for (I confess) Nixon the first time I was allowed to vote, in '68.

During the Summer of '69 libertarians were expelled from both SDS and YAF (Young American Foundation, formerly Young Americans for Freedom, but they dropped the Word) I was booted from YAF while other people were expelled from SDS).

I quit the GOP and worked with libertarian, taxpayer and health freedom people on issues like re-legalizing private ownership of gold (Ron Paul's first great victory for the Constitutional Republic); the Jarvis Tax Revolt, monetary policy, health and food freedom issues (all while practicing law for 36 years, -- its been a busy few decades!

Then in '08 I rejoined the GOP at Ron Paul's call, to support his candidacy, in the hope that there might be one major party that could support the restoration of the Constitutional Republic. That was a forlorn hope. No tax-eater party will ever be able to rescue us from the fiscal disaster that looms closer every day.

I am now printing out the New Jersey online form to leave the GOP again. I'm re-registering as a member of the Libertarian Party. That's my personal response to the S.510 betrayal. And I'm sending the Speaker-Designate and the Senate Minority Leader emails -- withdrawing the consent of the victim!

Action item against S.510 linked from here:

Clearly, a serious transpartisan third-way needs to come together to stop the dead-end process of "government growing to meet the needs of a growing government..."

Only then can we stop the White House's Leninist program of "seizing the commanding heights of the economy" -- including nationalizing food production oversight. Only then can we hope to restore the Republic.

Revised Action Item here: Tell the House "No!"

Saturday, December 18, 2010

No one's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session.

"No one's life, liberty, or property are safe while the legislature is in session." Judge Tucker

Unfortunately both lame-duck Houses of Congress are in session a few more days before the new Congress convenes in January. The House passed a very short term Continuing Resolution on Friday, pushing the govt shutdown off to December 21st, Tuesday.

The Republicans wanted the CR to go to February so the new Congress, in which they will have more power, could convene and deal with it; the Democrats originally wanted the "Omnibus Bill" (in reality, the twelve budget bills they could not pass this year, cobbled together) since that bill would have tied the new Congress to increased spending levels. The very short term CR was the compromise to prevent govt shut down.

So, defeating the omnibus bill was good; better even, since the fake "food safety" (really "food control") bill S.510 was hidden in the omnibus bill.

But the short term CR means the lame duck leadership has one more shot at the "Omnibus" target before going out of business: the first few days of next week. That agenda still includes S.510!

CNN reported Friday night: "Democrats then wanted to attach [S.510] to a narrower government-funding bill that is expected to pass Saturday but Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, warned he would object if they did. A GOP leadership aide told CNN it would be impossible to approve the food bill quickly unless all Republicans support doing so. Coburn has said he opposes the bill because, he claims, it spends billions and increases government regulations without actually making the food supply safer. A Democratic leadership aide held out hope an 11th hour deal could save the bill the GOP leadership aide warned that it is not likely."

This is the critical moment when the Federal control agenda will be pushed and while we were all rightfully focused on various bad bills, Leninist food controls will be imposed unless we remain vigilant!

Please continue to PUSH BACK at least daily against this possibility over the next few days, using this Action Item:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Omnibus Bill to Thwart Voters' Will? Senate May Vote Today -- PUSH BACK TO STOP IT!

12.16.10 Update: Food Control May be Stopped!
New Action Item Here:
This lame-duck Congress is apparently seen by certain politicians as their last hurrah… Hurray! But clearly this is also a dangerous moment. We need to PUSH BACK now more than ever!

In addition to the Continuing Resolution, sent to the Senate after being passed by the House (HR. 3082, which had the fake “food safety” bill S.510 hidden in it) the Senate “leadership” is considering an omnibus budget bill, crabbing together all of the 12 sectional budget bills Congress failed to pass, and putting S.510’s new food-control bureaucracy into the witches’ brew for good measure!

Opposition to the Omnibus Bill is running up to about 1,750 people an hour through the Health Freedom USA educate-decision-makers, easy to use, email system; just put in your zip code and a bit more info, and your emails are on their way to your Senators and the White House. Various patriot and civic groups are urging their supporters to express opposition, so the total PUSH BACK is even stronger... and growing!

The Continuing Resolution can only pass over the minority’s objection if the majority forces the issue through cloture (limiting debate). Since the majority party lost its 60 vote super-majority, needed to invoke cloture, the only way either bill will pass is if certain faint-of-heart members of the minority party support it! It took several Senators — including Massachusetts’ new Sen. Scott Brown who was elected with Tea Party support — to pass S.510 the first time in the Senate. If these Senators hold firm, this will not happen again! If they side with the majority party, we expect the voters will remember. And even six years from now Sen. Brown will be held to the promises he ignored!

The email system’s action item against the Omnibus Budget-Busting Bill with S.510’s fake “food safety” bureaucracy tucked into it, is here: [superceded - see above]

Says General Stubblebine, President of Natural Solutions Foundation:

“The smell of victory is in the air… we must encourage the faint-of-heart Senators to persevere. And get ready to blast ‘em if they turn-tail to run! By the end of any battle, both sides are exhausted, but the side that perseveres just a little longer… wins! That is where we are now, and that is why massive Push Back is more important now than before! We are flooding the Senate with a clear message: No New Programs in the Continuing Resolution or Omnibus Bill; Strip S.510 out of any funding bill! Keep at it! Victory is within our reach. Keep pressing forward while you recruit your contacts to act with you now!”

Thursday, December 9, 2010

House Passes 'Food Safety' Hot-Potato Back to Senate

Action Item Updated:

For those of you who didn't follow the events on Twitter or C-Span, the House lame-duck "leadership" pushed the "Food Safety" Bill, formerly known as S.510 into the "Continuing Resolution" Funding Bill to keep the Federal Govt running for another year, pass this Hot Potato to Senate again Wednesday 12.08. The Senate could act Thursday, December 9th.

It is apparent how important this fake "food safety" bill is to The Powers That Be -- it is very unusual to attach a major regulatory initiative to the Continuing Resolution.

Why was this legislative maneuver wrong? Two reasons. First, the contents of S. 510 is anti-health, anti-supplements, anti-freedom, anti-small business and anti-clean food to say nothing of anti-sense. Second, the regulatory language of S. 510 should never have been attached to a Continuing Resolution, which is an administrative bill allowing the government of the United States to continue its activities by funding them.

The House vote appears to have been 212 to 205, with no Republicans voting for the bill. The next step is to continue inundating the Senate with voter outrage.

1. It is bad legislative practice to combine a controversial regulatory bill with the Continuing Resolution needed to fund govt activities.

2. It is unprincipled to push this bill against the clear will of the voters that the Federal govt is too big and must stop over-regulating.

3. A clean Continuing Resolution is needed so that Congress can decide to continue funding at a certain level without muddying the process with extraneous matters.

4. The vote was nearly a pure partisan vote, with no Republicans in favor of this maneuver, and only a few Democrats standing against the lame-duck "leadership." We will remember!

5. The People will keep a close eye on all GOP Senators and expect them to act from principle and not add this budget-busting bill, with its 4,000 new FDA agents to harass local food production and distribution.

We were "on the Hill" today to let our friends in Congress know that "CAM" health care practices (what we prefer to all "Complementary and Advanced Modalities") need to have a voice in the debate over health care and to re-enforce our opposition to S.510, the fake food safety bill.

We agree with Congressman Paul (who we also saw today) that it is bad legislative process to tack a a very controversial regulatory bill to the Continuing Resolution needed to fund govt activities.

This bill will impact dietary supplements. That is clear from the way the FDA used section 301(11) of the 2007 FDA "enabling act" to outlaw a form of Vitamin B-6, although Congress put a clause in that bill "exempting" DSHEA products.

FDA will use any new food authority to attack supplements and natural remedies.

Please help us stop S.510 as a tack-on via HR 1755 to HR 3082.

Action Item Updated:

Rion Paul and Ralph Fucetola

Friday, December 3, 2010

Kill the Bill! Vigilance Needed! S.510 Not DoA Yet!


"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty—power is ever stealing from the many to the few…. The hand entrusted with power becomes … the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continual oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot: only by unintermitted Agitation can a people be kept sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity." Attribution: Wendell Phillips, speech in Boston, Massachusetts, January 28, 1852.—Speeches Before the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society, p. 13 (1853) -

Yes, "Eternal vigilance... [and] unintermitted Agitation..." are needed to keep the fake "food safety" bill S.510 and its ugly companions, the criminalization-of-food-speech S.3767 and the discredited dietary supplement "safety" bill S.3002 at bay...

A desperate Senate lame-duck majority sees its last chances to impose Food Fascism on America dwindling fast. The authors of this horror, primarily Reid and Harkin, can be expected to try any maneuver in their parliamentary-bag-of-tricks to sneak S.510 (and perhaps the other bad bills) through Congress during the waning hours of the session... and they have about two weeks to do so!

Says one commentator: "Senate sponsor of "the most dangerous legislation in history" - S 510 - Sen. Tom Harkin (IA) insists they'll find a way to get this FDA food control package through - despite the fact that the House has pointed out its unconstitutionality - (Due to King Harry's Senate passing a law full of new taxes) a job reserved by the U.S. Constitution for the House of Representatives only."


Says Harkin: “nothing is going to kill this bill.”

Let's show him how wrong he is: Please continue to use the Action Item below to bombard the House (which is now the best hope to Kill the Bill) -- Just Vote NO!

Action Item:

Monday, November 29, 2010

Senate Votes Food Fascism Closer; Opposition to S.510 Grows!

UPDATE: On 11.30.10 the US Senate voted to end Food Freedom. Tell your Congressperson not to make the same mistake that the Senate made: VOTE NO ON S.510! Action Item Here:

At about 7 PM Monday the Senate voted cloture on germain amendments, 69 to 26 with significant GOP support. Don't forget!

This sets stage for final vote Tuesday. Prior cloture vote was 74 in favor, so we are making headway. PUSH BACK CONTINUES! The other side lost votes because of our continual electronic hammering. Let's Push Back a whole bunch more before the voting resumes!

Sen Coburn says: bill will raise food prices; add 1.5 billion to deficit; add unfunded state mandates. His substitute amendment is 1/5th the size and, he believes, would protect food safety without increasing FDA power & cost.

Please continue to call and email your Senators. Our email system seems to have reached maximum at about 15,000 per hour, so if you have a hard time getting in, please keep on trying! Call and email as often as you can!

After limiting debate on Dr. Coburn's substitute amendment which would at least remove some of the worst provisions of S.510 (such as secret "national security" guidelines) the Senate vote against a "nongermain" amendment to repeal the Health Care Law provision requiring 1099 forms for small transactions was to have been a sop to the Tea Party. Similarly, a watered-down version of the Tester amendment was included in the Managers' bill, but, as we've shown elsewhere, it is offers a false hope of protection in inflationary times.

The ad hoc coalition against S.510 of health and food freedom advocates (such as Health FreedomUSA and Citizens for Health), garden, farm and ranch groups, both major Tea Party groups, the Oath Keepers, Downsize DC, Campaign for Liberty and others will not be fooled and we will remember!

We the People will continue to oppose S.510, hoping a few more Senators will want to avoid being retired, but if it passes the Senate, we will oppose it in the House/Senate Conference and will petition the current White House occupant to veto it. If he fails to do so, we will support defunding it in the new Congress!

We, the freedom forces, asRE so fortunate to have you and people like you allied together. Evil forces are routed by respositories of hope coupled with action - which is what we are! It's not over yet... up to 15,000 emails an hour are telling decision makers: NO! S.510!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Election is Over... What Do We Do Now?

The election is over; the Tea Party had a significant impact [without the Tea Party the GOP might have won a few dozen off-year seats in the House, but not the historic shift we saw last night in the House].

Without the Tea Party things would have continued pretty much as before... the Tea Party success allows the Freedom Movement to move ahead with increased confidence!

The question before the Freedom Movement is: What do we do now?

IMHO, three very important steps:

1. Continue to organize; especially organizing on the state and local levels. We need to bring our agenda: Freedom for the People and the Economy to all levels of govt. It's not just the Fed govt: the state govts regulate, tax and spend far too much too!

2. Keep the GOP as honest as we can expect any tax-supported political party to be. I quit the GOP in 1969 and have been a supporter of libertarians since then; I rejoined the GOP in '08 at the behest of Ron Paul. I do not trust the GOP and I suspect that a Third Party will ultimately be necessary if we are truly to restore the Republic.

3. Support important Freedom Issues. We need to become more issue oriented to create positions that the GOP and others who want our support need to back.

The first of these issues needs to revolve around Health and Food Freedom. Why? Because while repealing Obamacare is a key, it may not be immediately attainable, so we need to attack it at its "edges."

A couple days ago at the University of Indiana Dr. Ron Paul said, "I don't think the FDA protects us; I think the FDA exists for the drug companies. That's what I think... Now the FDA wants to get into regulating every single thing you eat... and regulate everything that might be holistic medicines and vitamins and they want worldwide regulations... I try to teach others including my patients that the use of prescription drugs is very dangerous...." Minute 39/40 at

During this Lame Duck period, the statists will seek to pass the fake "food safety" bills, S.510 and S.3767 which seek to nationalize all food regulation and to restrict, control and ultimately prohibit all natural, independent, local, community and family farm operations in favor of the worst of the Bigs: BigAgBiz, Big Chema and Big Pharma (which are really all part of the same failed bankster unfreemarket).

Here are our Talking Points about those bad bills:

The Lame Duck Senate led by Harry Reid is poised to force these Food Fascism Bills through the Congress when the Senate comes back into session on November 15th.

We the People need to teach Harry another lesson and STOP THE FAKE FOOD SAFETY BILLS!

PLEASE take the Action Item below, to tell the Senate to keep the hold that Dr. Coburn (R-OK) has on the bills. These bills are NOT "noncontroversial" bills that can be foisted on We the People through the Senate's "unanimous consent" procedure!

We need to "hit the ground running" on Freedom issues and make sure Congress hears us!

When the Obama administration spent $6.4 billion on its plan in '09 to force every American to be shot with the dangerous Swine Flu Vaccine, 3.5 million emails to decision makers stopped that plan and stopped the engineered "pandemic" the vax would have triggered.

That is called PUSH BACK! The Tea Party needs to become the Party of Push Back!

The Election is Over; the Struggle Has Just Begun! Please join us Sunday mornings, 9 to noon Central, for Dr. Rima Reports on Oracle Broadcasting:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cautions for CAM Wellness Practices Webinar

Vitamin Consultancy

Do you have a CAM 'Alternative' health practice? Do you provide nutrients, remedies or health related items to clients? Do you have questions about your legal rights and limits, or need information about how best to run your health care business? Are you aware there are words you cannot use and statements, although true, you cannot safely say to clients?

Hiring an attorney, one on one, to review these issues could cost you hundreds of dollars; making a mistake could cost you thousands. I invite you, instead, to learn from my Webinar, Cautions for CAM Wellness Practices.

I am Ralph Fucetola JD, known as The Vitamin Lawyer, because much of my 36 year legal practice centered around helping people in CAM practices, nutrient purveyors and advanced healthcare teachers. Today I am a Trustee of Natural Solutions Foundation and other NGOs. I can keep you out of trouble and operating smoothly so you can fulfill your mission to help others.

This $99 PEL [Practical, Ethical & Legal] Webinar runs about an hour and a half through 32 slides. It includes an 18 page eBook of information and forms all of which would cost over $500 if one on one. Webinar archived through WebEx.

Sign-up here:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Criminalizing Food Distribution - S.3767

Here's a note I just emailed to some of the leading lights in the health and food freedom NGOs and media

The Senate Judiciary Committee considered S.3767 in its Executive Business Meeting today.

While Senator Leahy continues to push his bill through the Judiciary Committee (of which he is the Chair) the Senate leadership had to acknowledge wide-spread public opposition to criminalizing food distribution. The Committee's web site states the following action on the bill:

"S.3767, Food Safety Accountability Act (Leahy, Klobuchar, Franken, Durbin, Feinstein) Ordered Reported By Unanimous Consent. "S.3767, Food Safety Accountability Act (Leahy, Klobuchar, Franken, Durbin, Feinstein) - Ordered Reported By Unanimous Consent. Substitute Amendment HEN10891 (Leahy)"

Leahy's substitute amendment adds the following words to the definition of the crime.:

"...and with conscious or reckless disregard of a risk of death or serious bodily injury..."

Thus, what would have criminalized any distribution of food where FDA, FTC or other govt agency later decided some rule, regulation, guideline or standard had not been met to the satisfaction of the bureaucracy, the added language at least references more traditional standards of criminal liability.

While this is a partial victory for the forces of Food Freedom, we must redouble our efforts and defeat S.3767 and S.510 just like we defeated S.3002... with massive Push Back!

We've amended our Action Item to take this into account. Earlier today, more than thirty email messages a minute were being sent to Senators and other involved decision makers... so our voices are being heard!

So, what do we want?

Maybe, if Congress wants to criminalize distributing things that are harmful to the public... maybe it should criminalize "knowingly" introducing dangerous drugs (including vaccines) into commerce! But, then, there might be a lot of drug company executives and maybe even some FDA officials who would face criminal charges...

Certainly, we need to continue to oppose S.3767, the bill that could criminalize commercial speech about food (or at least food distributed in interstate commerce) whenever FDA or FTC decides subsequently that the claims about the food were not substantiated to the liking of some bureaucrat.

The "serious" harm amendment (HEN10891) added by the Judiciary Committee on September 23, 2010 is not sufficient to protect food distributors from bureaucratic harassment.

We the People need protection against over-zealous regulators who will destroy small producers while big companies can afford the legal talent needed to escape penalties.

On Thursday, September 23rd the Senate Judiciary Committee considered this bill, which was only introduced a few days before. This bill should not be rushed through the Senate at this late point in the session.

It would make a major change to criminal law and might be amended to include the language of discredited "food safety" [sic[ bills, such as S.510 or S.3002.

Such changes should be debated, considered and decided by the new Congress about to be elected.

This bill and all fake "food safety" bills that will attack our Food Freedom should be tabled and not adopted by the Senate.

Instead, our communities need to be protected by law from Federal Government interference in local and natural food production and distribution. We need a Food Freedom Amendment, such as we proposed last year when the House was considering its version of S.510 and which we have continued to urge:

Food Freedom Amendment

"No provision of Federal Law giving regulatory oversight to any Federal department or agency shall be deemed to apply (a) to any home, home-business, homestead, home or community gardens, small farm, organic or natural agricultural activity, (b) to any family farm or ranch, or (c) to any natural or organic food product, including dietary supplements, as protected under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.”

Food Freedom is part of the Liberty that all free people have a right to expect. Legislators ought to protect that freedom from the bureaucracy they foist on us. Local oversight of local food production would be far superior to big govt poking into all our local activities. Reducing central govt power would enhance the overall health of our society.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

S.510 Companion Bill (S.3767) to Reintroduce Criminal Penalties

Yesterday, in the waning days of the 111th Congress, as We the People prepare to throw the rascals out, Big Agra Biz' friends in Congress have taken the unusual late-session step of introducing a criminal penalty bill.

The bill reintroduces a 10 year jail term for anyone who sells what the govt later decides was "adulterated" or "misbranded" food, a provision which had been removed from the House-passed (sic) "Food Safety" version last year (HR.1279). Yes, Dietary Supplements would be covered under this provision. The political insiders plan, our contacts tell us, to add S.3767 to S.510 so the penalties can be in the final bill approved by the House/Senate conference committee, if We the People allow S.510 to pass the US Senate!

In the nutrient industry the old procedure was that FDA would send a warning letter telling a company its claims were illegal and the company would either change its claims or defend them... if this bill passes FDA can simply start by bringing criminal charges any time it determines that a claim is not allowed, since that would make the product "misbranded."

Here is what the bill actually says:

"S.3767 -- Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010 (Introduced in Senate - IS)
111th CONGRESS - 2d Session

To establish appropriate criminal penalties for certain knowing violations relating to food that is misbranded or adulterated.


September 13, 2010

Mr. LEAHY (for himself, Ms. KLOBUCHAR, and Mr. FRANKEN) introduced the following bill; which was read twice and referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


To establish appropriate criminal penalties for certain knowing violations relating to food that is misbranded or adulterated.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010'.


(a) In General- Chapter 47 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

`Sec. 1041. Misbranded and adulterated food

`(a) In General- It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly--

`(1) introduce or deliver for introduction into interstate commerce any food that is adulterated or misbranded; or

`(2) adulterate or misbrand any food in interstate commerce.

`(b) Penalty- Any person who violates subsection (a) shall be fined under this title, imprisoned for not more than 10 years, or both.'.

(b) Technical and Conforming Amendment- The table of sections for chapter 47 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

`1041. Misbranded and adulterated food.'."

To stop this bill from being amended into S.510, and to keep S.510 on hold, go here: The Empire Strikes Back: President Supports Forced Industrialization of Food

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fake "Food Safety" Bill S.510 Remains a Threat when Senate Returns

They say "no person's life, property or liberty are safe when Congress is in session..." and to that we must add, nor is our right to grow and use our own food, as families and communities.

For more than a year, the plan to capture - and kill - clean, local, organic, independent and safe farming has been wending its way through Congress, supported by the party in control of the White House and Congress, as well as the too-big-to-fail AgraBiz industry.

Last year, the devastating HR 1279 passed the House, although working with patriots like Ron Paul, We the People put up a good battle, delaying it for quite a while. However, at the end of the day, a good battle followed by a loss is still a loss.

Then the field of battle shifted to the US Senate's version, S.510, where we've held the forces of Big Agra and Big Govt at bay for nearly a year...

During one memorable weekend in November 2009 over 150,000 emails to Senators tied the bill up in the HELP committee with its chairman, Senator Tom Harkin remarking about the "thousands" of emails. He promised that the (sic) food safety bill would not impose Codex Alimentarius restrictions in the USA.

We didn't believe him and when, in February, Senator McCain introduced the "companion" so-called "dietary supplement safety" bill, S.3002, we mobilized the Health Freedom "Mouse Warriors" and in one month and one day, and several hundred thousand emails, later the Senator was forced to withdraw support for his own bill, opining (and whining) that its major points could be covered by (hiss, hiss...) S.510!

Then in mid-July, the congressional majority leadership issued its "short list" of bills it wanted to push to passage before the August recess. The good news was: S.510 was not on the list!

The bad news is that the bill's handlers could "sneak it through" the Senate as a "unanimous consent" non-controversial matter when the Senate returns in September!

That is, unless opposing Senators put a "hold" on the bill, which means it cannot be treated as non-controversial. On the way to recess, the Senate HELP committee reported the bill out, without the amendment from Senator Tester that would have offered a bit of protection to family farms and ranches, home and community gardens, farmers markets...

Please send the Action Item below to your Senators, demanding that the "hold" the bill! How does a Senator do that? The Senator has one of his or her staff members call the staff of the Senate Cloak Room (yes, there still is a Senate Cloak Room, but now it has a staff! Ah, bureaucracy! The staff is responsible for non-controversial, unanimous consent bills. That's where this bad bill stops!

Natural Solutions Foundation,, suggests that you write your Senators to tell them about the overwhelming sentiment of their constituents who, like you, are adamantly opposed to the passage of S510 or any other legislation which industrializes the US food chain, damages independent and organic farmers, community gardens and markets, and make food less safe, much less safe...

URGENT Action Item: Stop S.510!

My co-trustee at Natural Solutions Foundation, Dr. Rima E. Laibow MD made this YouTube video where she discusses the issue:

Dr. Laibow: Stop S.510 Now!

For full Estimate of Situation, see:

You can follow this issue at with these hash tags: #HealthFreedom #FoodFreedom #DrRima #NoForcedVax

Friday, June 25, 2010

Push Back Victory! FTC Denied Expanded Power

"Wall Street Reform" Bill to be Signed by President --
Does Not Include FTC Power Enhancement

We warned about the potential for a general grant of FTC "rule making" authority to restrict our access to natural solutions -- to nutrients and remedies -- under the guise of "consumer protection" which would create such barriers in the marketplace as to destroy the generally small producers of natural products.

The Action Item regarding this issue resulted in about a hundred thousand messages to decision makers... and they listened!

The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 (H.R. 4173), adopted by the House of Representatives and by the Senate as S.3217, could have include language -- offered by Rep. Waxman [D - CA] -- giving more power to the Federal Trade Commission to make "general rules" for interstate commerce that could have been used to restrict truthful information about dietary supplements, by requiring expensive, "drug company" level clinical trials before vitamin companies could make claims about their products. This "reform" could have handed-over the natural products industry to Big Pharma, which, over the past few years, has bought up most of the larger industrialized vitamin companies. The new rules could have been a "barrier against entry" driving many smaller companies out of business.

Instead, reports are, the final bill to be signed by the President does NOT include such general rule-making power.

Please continue to provide your generous support for efforts like this! We need your help and rely on it to achieve victories like this!

Article on "FTC Denied Expansion of Powers" -

The original Action Item:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Does Wall Street "Reform" Threaten DSHEA Products?

As most health freedom advocates know, the two most powerful "consumer protection" Federal agencies, the FDA and the FTC are not friendly toward natural products, including dietary supplements protected by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). Before that law, such products were under severe attack, so much so that FTC sought in 1975 to use its rule making power to effectively ban such products. By 1980 the public outcry caused Congress to restrict that power, and then in 1994 DSHEA was adopted, protecting our right to truthful information about nutrition.

Thus when a number of astute "old hands" in the industry said the new Wall Street "reform" * bill had language hidden in it that could threaten natural products with new general rule making power for the FTC to abuse we paid attention.

We've opposed this bill on that basis, with many thousands of messages to Congress demanding protection in the bill for DSHEA products.


Now along come some suggesting there is no problem here (somewhat the way some "old hands" thought John McCain's justly maligned and now happily defunct "Dietary Supplement Safety" bill, S.3002 was no threat). We're told there is no FTC empowerment language. We did our due diligence and researched the actual bill, S.3217. Go to and put in the bill number, open up the .pdf version and search for the name "Federal Trade Commission."

You'll find what I found:

I've reviewed the 1522 page .pdf file of the version of the bill considered by the US Senate. The terms "Federal Trade Commission" occurs on 26 pages. Five pages discuss FTC authority.

Page 1375 contains the smoking gun:

Notwithstanding subparagraphs (A) and (B), the Federal Trade Commission shall continue to have authority to enforce, and issue rules with respect to—
(i) the Credit Repair Organizations Act (15 U.S.C. 1679 et seq.);
(ii) section 5 of the Federal Trade Commission Act (15 U.S.C. 45) * and
(iii) the Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act (155 U.S.C. 6101 et seq.)."

Section 45 of Title 15 states:

"Unfair methods of competition in or affecting commerce, and unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce, are hereby declared unlawful. "

Notice how carefully the new law is stated, "continue to have authority to enforce, and issue rules..." -- so it will "continue to have authority to enforce..." -- notice carefully how it is worded, "..., and issue rules..." Thus "continue" applies to enforcing existing rules, dating from the 1970s or issued under limited laws passed by Congress (as they have done with regard to, for example, direct marketing) while "issue rules" is a new power which relates, tucked in section (ii) to the agency's general Section 5 authority!

So FTC now has authority to enforce and issue rules with respect to "unfair or deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce..."

That is general authority to control all interstate commerce without further authorization from Congress!

I therefore conclude that the bill does threaten natural and DSHEA products.

One of my colleagues, Counsel Jim Turner of Swankin and Turner, Washington DC attorneys, puts it this way:

"My understanding is that the FTC was stripped of this authority in 1980 and this is an effort to restore that authority. It has broad implication for example if what I understand is true then this is the authority that FTC used in its effort to ban the words 'organic, natural and health food' from all commerce. It is not good if this is happening."

June 2, 2010 Update: this cogent comment from Gretchen DuBeau of Alliance for Natural Health,

"My initial thought is that issuing rules in itself isn't terrible as long as the Magnuson Moss Act** isn't rescinded, as happened in section 4901 of the companion house bill. With all of those safeguards in place, FTC has difficult hurdles that prevent them from issuing controversial rules, such as formalizing their internal procedures re dietary supplement advertising. However, if section 4901 makes it into the final bill, coupled with the provision you pointed out, we might have a recipe for disaster!"

* In this case "reform" means a multi-trillion anti-market bailout and a slap on the wrist...

** The Magnuson Moss Act, passed in 1975, is the federal statute that governs warranties on consumer products. According to the Act, ambiguous statements in a warranty are construed against the drafter of the warranty.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

American Rally for Personal Rights - May 26, 2010

The American Rally for Personal Rights is scheduled for May 26, 2010 in Chicago. Some very good people will be there, speaking up for the rights of all people to vaccinate themselves and their children as and if they choose. We all agree, free people need to be free from coerced or forced vaccination!

The organizers say, "The breadth and depth of speakers assembled promises to be compelling, and include many people and perspectives on vaccination choice that have not been explored before, this is information that no one faced with the decision on whether or not to vaccinate should miss."

There are several ways to participate in the rally. You can join the rally-goers in Chicago's Grant Park on May 26th from 3pm to 5pm or you can join one of the satellite rallies that are being held on the east and west coasts.

The organizers state: "If out of town travel isn't possible, we are bringing the rally to you online so you can be a virtual participant! Watch the rally on the web site, or invite friends over and throw a House Party for Personal Rights. Make your presence felt in Chicago, even if you can't be there, by ordering balloons to represent your family at the rally in Chicago."

"As public health officials and politicians become more intent on forcing an over sized, poorly tested and largely unproven vaccine program on the American public, it is vital that we put the establishment on notice that we will not be forced into medical interventions that we do not believe are in our best interest or in the best interests of our children."

Rally on May 26th!

And in the spirit of the Rally, I offer a link to Dr. Rima E. Laibow MD's rousing folk song, The Health Freedom Trail:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Health Freedom Under Increased Threat

There is so much going on right now regarding Health Freedom... the attacks by the Powers that Be are, as Bill Faloon of Life Extension Foundation stated in an urgent message on 04/29: "The threat of a regulatory stranglehold over dietary supplements has intensified."

We have at least three dangerous bills pending in the US Senate, any one of which could be a real disaster for Health Freedom.

S.3002 - the happily stalled McCain bill. We pushed back against this one so hard that even McCain withdrew his support from his own bill just one month and a day after introducing it! This took about 300,000 emails. However, the Senator from Arizona is still hovering around, trying to get parts of his "HARMonization" with Codex bill terms into the other pending bills.

S.510 - the fake "Food Safety" bill. The "natural products" industry shills and astroturf groups are now backing this disaster, after promises of a Manager's Amendment to exempt DSHEA products. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Over a million and a half emails continue to pour in, demanding real protection in these words:

"Rule of Interpretation - No provision of this act shall be deemed to apply (a) to any home, home-business, homestead, home or community gardens, small farm, organic or natural agricultural activity, (b) to any family farm or ranch, or (c) to any natural or organic food product, including dietary supplements regulated under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994."

Action Item:

S.3217 - the Senate version of the financial institution "reform" law. California Rep Waxman included more power for the FTC to abuse in the bill that passed the house. Congress took away from FTC in the 80s its general rule making power, due to abuse. Now, in the "new" socialist DC environment, the agency is about to get the power it wants to force Dietary Supplement companies to meet drug-company substantiation standards that are totally inappropriate for food products and that could destroy small nutrient companies.

Action Item:

And the above does not include such extraordinary assaults on Health and Health Freedom as are embodied in the new nationalized illness payment system... but that's going to get repealed sooner than its proponents can imagine! These other legislative assaults therefore demand our attention -- we need millions of emails to the Senate to push back and stop them!

As all this is occurring, a Codex Alimentarius (the World Food Code) committee on nutritional labeling is meeting in Canada perhaps defining the fate of world food trade for decades to come. Health Freedom is at stake there too. See Dr. Laibow's daily video reports from Quebec City here:

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fake Food Safety Bill Still a Threat

This email exchange raises some of the issues that suggest the pending fake "Food Safety" bill -- S.510 -- is being engineered by the "Bigs" -- Big Pharma, Big Agra, et al, to do exactly what we've feared: nationalize all food production.

The key here is the curious comment on Snopes that the bill "only" controls Interstate Commerce. Any student of US Constitutional law knows that the Federal courts have, for over 75 years, given such a broad definition to that concept that ALL food production is covered (including in recent cases, home gardens), so when Snopes says "don't worry..." it's time to worry!

Action Item: tell the Senate that we want S.510 defeated. We want, at a minimum, very strong protective language as stated in the Petition:

------ Original Message ------
Received: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:55:06 AM EDT
From: N... H...
To: Ralph Fucetola JD

Subject: Mr. Fucetola: Alert -- Bill which could impact community gardens

> Dear Mr. Fucetola,
> There seems to be some confusion regarding this legislation. S.510. Snopes here sort of debunks it. It would appear though that the legislation Snopes refers to is a different one (HR 875/S425 Could you possibly clarify for us?
> Thanking you in advance for your kind efforts,
> Susanna in Ft. Lauderdale
> Mouse warrior and friend of NSF (and Dr. Rima)
> > *Subject:* Re: Alert -- Bill which could impact community gardens
> >
> > Thanks for the heads up, but according to Snopes, there isn't much to worry about. The focus of the bill is to ensure the safety of food in interstate commerce.
> >
> >>

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 12:35 PM, Ralph Fucetola JD <> wrote:

The "food safety" bill that actually passed the House last July was HR.4739 -- it has an exemption for direct farm to consumer sales. No other protection.

The bill that was "marked-up" in the Senate HELP committee last November was S.510 which has no protection for anyone.

All of these bills can be checked on and doing so will show which was passed and which were not...

Various business groups are now supporting S.510 claiming that the "Manager's Amendment" includes protection for DSHEA products. That Amendment is not on so I cannot comment on it, other than to say that we thought the DSHEA exemption in Ted Kennedy's FDA Amendment bill in 2007 would protect nutrients from FDA abuse of power... but it hasn't (see the banning of one form of B-6 and the planned banning of another, both at the behest of "Citizen Petitions" from drug companies seeking to outlaw the competition).

Without strong protection and with unlimited power to FDA to issue whatever regulations it chooses (and the power to keep those guidelines secret!!) the only organic garden that will be left will likely be Mrs. Obama's!

Our bullet points on S.510 are at:

It is rather sad that Snopes is so often nothing more than a shill for the Bigs...


Ralph Fucetola, JD
Natural Solutions Trustee
The Vitamin Consultancy
All rights, public and private, reserved . . .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oath Keepers Endorsement Published

I am honored to announce that my endorsement of has been published at their site:

Thereat I wrote:

I pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States when I took the Oath as an attorney at law, in 1971, I pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States as an Officer of the Courts. Even though I’m retired from formal “practice of the law” the Oath I took is as sacred to me now as then.

As a Trustee of Natural Solutions Foundation I am inspired by our Foundation President, Maj Gen Bert Stubblebine (US Army Ret) who is an Oath Keeper [Link] to renew my Oath to uphold the Constitution by submitting this testimonial.

Never have and never would obey any order to violate anyone’s Inalienable Rights!

Ralph Fucetola JD

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: Medical Hero

I am reproducing Dr. Wakefield's statement regarding his persecution by the Vaccine Pushers. Our gratitude to Dr. Wakefield and his colleagues for standing up for the children and against the Big Pharma propaganda offensive.

April 05, 2010

Statement from Dr. Andrew Wakefield Regarding GMC Hearing Sanctions

On Wednesday April 7th, General Medical Council (GMC) lawyers will demand that I and likely two other doctors involved in the MMR-autism case should be erased from the UK’s medical register, removing our license to practice medicine. Doctors’ regulators have found the three of us - Professor John Walker-Smith, Professor Simon Murch and me - guilty of undertaking research on children with autism without approval from an ethics committee.
We can prove, with extensive documentary evidence, that this conclusion is false.

Let me make it absolutely clear that, at its heart, the GMC hearing has been about the protection of MMR vaccination policy. The case has been driven by an agenda to crush dissent that in my opinion serves the government and the pharmaceutical industry — not the welfare of children. It’s important to note that there has never been a complaint against any of the doctors by any parent involved in this case — only universal parental support and gratitude.

My colleagues, Professors Walker-Smith and Murch, are outstanding pediatricians and pediatric gastroenterologists. They have led the field of pediatric gastroenterology for decades, devoting their lives to caring for sick children. Our only “crime” in this matter has been to listen to the concerns of parents, act according to the demands of our professional training, and provide appropriate care to this neglected population of children. It is unthinkable that at the end of an unimpeachable career, Professor Walker-Smith would even consider unethical experimentation on children under his care.

In the course of our work, we discovered and treated a new intestinal disease syndrome in children with autism, alleviating suffering in affected children around the world. This should be cause for celebration. Instead, we have been vilified in the press, and demonized by a wasteful PR campaign by the Department of Health. The aim of this negative publicity was to discredit my criticism of vaccine safety research.

Sadly, my colleagues have suffered severe collateral damage in this effort to prevent valid scientific enquiry. They should be exonerated, and left alone with their reputations intact, in the certain knowledge that they have done only what is right.

The loss of my own medical license is, unfortunately, the cost of doing business. Although I do not take this loss lightly, the suffering - so much of it unnecessary - that I have seen among those affected by this devastating disease makes the professional consequences for me a small price to pay by comparison.

As long as a question mark remains over vaccine safety; as long as a safety-first vaccine policy is subordinate to profit and self-interest; as long as the benefits of vaccines are threatened by those who have compromised public confidence by denial of vaccine damage, and as long as these children need help; I will continue my work.

Dr Andrew Wakefield is an academic gastroenterologist, committed to understanding more about the role of intestinal inflammation and dysfunction in childhood developmental disorders. He is involved in a new initiative, focused specifically on issues of autism causation. His book Callous Disregard comes out in May 2010.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HHS to Media: "Censor Autism Debate!"

Do you still think you live in a Free Republic?

Here's one news item that shows exactly how far we've gone down the road to Fascism, pure and simple:

“There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We (the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services) have reached out to media outlets to try to get them not to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting.”

That statement was made by President Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius. It was made to Readers Digest and can be found here:

You may therefore conclude that the information you receive about autism and vaccines from the "mass media" and from the government is not complete and truthful. You may therefore conclude it is merely propaganda... or worse, it is part of a systemic "cover-up" of the autism and vaccine issues.

The Secretary misleading when she refers to "all scientific evidence" since she knows that contrary evidence is ignored and drug-company paid and bought "science" is given far more than its "equal weight."

In fact, this continued cover-up will condemn thousands of children to lives limited by conditions such as autism and other known results of the highly profitable, uninsurable vaccine business.

The lady is a monster. A Tyrant. A threat to all of our lives, liberty and health. She is, in fact, with her co-conspirators in the Media of Mass Deception, a child-killing mass-murderer.

But Secretary Sebelius, as destructive and death-dealing as she is, is not the core of the problem. She is a puppet, albeit a highly paid puppet, for the controllers, the genocidalists, the Big Pharma Fiends.

She is, after all, doing their bidding. It is they who want to inject these deadly materials into our bodies, since they reap the profits from our accelerating and continuing illness.

And that is the Truth we must speak to power if we are to stop this madness.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

McCain/Dorgan - Hartkin/Hatch "Compromise" Threatens Health Freedom

An Open Letter to the Health Freedom Movement:

See: Natural Products Association Welcomes Senate Deal

NPA sounded the alarm about the McCain/Dorgan anti-DSHEA, pro-HARMonization-with-Codex bill, S.3002 the day it was introduced, February 4, 2010.

We immediately saw the connection between S.3002 and the pending fake "food safety" bill S.510 and focused our response on both bills, generating over 390,000 emails to Congress and decision makers during the one month and one day it took for McCain/Dorgan to back-off to Health Freedom Movement "Push Back." That brought the total number of emails our system generated against both bills, since the push to pass the House version of S.510 (HR.3749) in July to over 1.3 million!


We had previously stopped S.510 with a 150,000 email blitz on the weekend before the Senate HELP committee "marked-up" the bill on November 18th (expecting it to be brought to a vote immediately). On that day Hartkin, as chairman, spoke and the committee web site posted his comments. The bill was postponed.

Mentioning “public concerns” and the committee’s alleged desire to protect family farms and organic agriculture, Hartkin confirmed (about minute 58.5) that Codex Alimentarius (the so-called World Food Code) does not trump the Dietary Supplement Health and Safety Education Act of 1994 (the law that allows the USA to have the most potent nutrients and most vibrant nutrient market in the world) “DSHEA … governs the law here, not Codex standards…”

Chairmen Harkin further stated: the provision in bill that requires FDA to “make recommendations including whether to harmonize with Codex does not signal any intent to move in a different direction on DSHEA…”

When McCain/Dorgan introduced S.3002 we saw what was planned... and we were right. S.3002 was pushed just so it could be dropped for S.510 amended. Then the opposition would be confounded and the food fascism bill would be passed, dragging all foods, including dietary supplements, into the Codex "approved ingredient" restrictions.


NPA acted out its role in the S.3002 stalking-horse maneuver. Now it joins McCain/Drogan to support the worst of all possible situations: a beefed-up S.510 that will sacrifice the freedoms we won with DSHEA. The exact opposite of what Hartkin said in November. NPA says it supports "reasonable measures to strengthen the regulation of dietary supplements" -- but if you look at what McCain/Dorgan want to include in S.510 you'll see hidden there the "accepted ingredient list" from S.3002 that raised the Red Flag for the health freedom movement.

If you didn't get it before, you need to get it now: S.510 MUST be defeated.

Trading our common law freedoms (the DSHEA "grandfather" clause) for a Codex-compliant "accepted ingredient list" will get us what it got Europe, where 80% of the ingredient dossiers have been rejected by the EU food "safety" agency.

That's what the NPA's members face: the loss of 80% of their products! So who does NPA really represent?

Various "letterhead" health freedom NGOs jumped on the bandwagon and brought extra weight to the efforts we made in stopping S.3002. Now these same organizations need to reject the "compromise" and demand NO HARMonization with Codex!

It's time to hold Hartkin to his word. It's time to see if Hatch is really a friend of dietary supplements.

I know what Health Freedom USA is going to do: we'll do what we do best, mobilize mass public support for Health Freedom. What will you do?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

McCain/Dorgan Bill Dies; Its Evil Intent Remains

If you've been following the saga of the so-called "Dietary Supplement Safety Act" or DSSA, S.3002, which would have sacrificed our dietary supplement freedoms for the false "safety" promise of Codex Alimentarius restrictions, died, as it should have, just a month and a day after it was submitted on February 4, 2010.

Huge Push Back from the often fractious Health Freedom Movement (led by's 390,000 emails to decision makers over a couple weeks) showed Senators McCain and Dorgan the error of their proposal... or did it?

We've reported on the developments in this matter several times on this blog and on the blog. We warned that DSSA, by substituting a Codex-compliant "Accepted Ingredient List" promulgated by the bureaucracy for the current law, DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) and its determination that dietary supplements are foods and as such are generally considered safe if used as directed, would, like the allowed ingredient list now in effect in the EU, take up to 80% of dietary ingredients off the market... exactly as is happening in Europe now.


But, they haven't given up. Earlier today the senators let "the other shoe drop" and in a letter to Senators Hartkin and Hatch, asked that the HARMonization language be inserted into the other fake "safety" bill before the Senate, S.510 which would force the industrialization of what's left of natural, family and community food production. A very bad bill by itself; an even worse bill with DSSA added!

Here is what the senators want, with my comments in [brackets]:

* requiring all dietary supplement manufacturing, processing and holding facilities to register with the Secretary of Health and Human Services; [Food companies already have to register and dietary supplement facilities, as food facilities, already register under food security laws; this authority superfluous.]

* giving FDA mandatory recall authority if a dietary supplement is adulterated or misbranded; [Already in the law; just a year ago FDA banned a form of Vit B6 under its already existing Section 301(11) authority; another superfluous grant of power to an agency that Dr Ron Paul says "abuses power..."]

* requiring FDA commissioner to publish new dietary ingredient guidelines; [This is the heart of the attack on dietary supplements; it refers to the authority McCain and Dorgan wanted to give FDA to establish the Codex-style approved ingredient list, gutting DSHEA.]

* mandating that FDA notify DEA when a new product contains a synthetic anabolic steroid. [More window dressing; dietary supplements do not contain drugs -- they contain food ingredients and there are no foods that are "synthetic anabolic steroids" so this is another meaningless provision.]

Clearly we were right when we called S.3002 a stalking horse for S.510. They wanted to see how we'd react. And we did. Now they're back to Plan A. Shove Codex in through S.510.

This is something we simply cannot allow to happen. Therefore, we need to drown the Senate in emails. Please go to our Action Item and send the updated message to your Senators.

Time to Push Back again! Time to turn Push Back into Take Down!

Not yet time to celebrate. We can't have Health Freedom without Food Freedom! And we know that the promise of gaining alleged "safety" by giving up freedom never results in more safety and always results in less freedom!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fake Food and Supplement Safety Bills Remain a Threat

Take Supplements or Herbs? Not For Long if McCain Has His Way! McCain Bill S 3002 to Kill Supplement Access Generates Huge Opposition!

Take Action Now for Each Member of Your Family and Pass It On to Everyone You Know -

03/07/10 Push Back Update: Has McCain withdrawn his support from S.3002? See:

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul warned us a couple years ago that the FDA was an "abuse of power" agency. Thus, there is a deeply welcomed Internet furor building over Senator John McCain's new bill [S.3002] to restrict dietary supplements while giving the FDA more power to abuse.

And, as always, Natural Solutions Foundation is at the head of the Health Freedom Parade: - our Action Item has been posted on the pages of web sites such as and! There are other Action Items following our lead by at least half a dozen organizations. That's all to the good. Take them, too! In the past two weeks at least a half million messages have gone to the Senate, FDA and President: "Leave our Supplements Alone!"

The trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation,, have been warning for years that federal government power brokers have a plan to force Americans to give up their health freedoms and submit to centralized, internationalized restrictions on what we can choose to nourish our health and that of our families through the UN's Codex Alimentarius (the so-called "World Food Code"). It is, after all, the same plan being used to destroy the dollar and our other freedoms. GMOs are part of the problem as are dangerous vaccines, but right now the immediate threat lies in two companion phony "food safety" bills in the US Senate.

WE Dare Call It "Conspiracy"!

If you've been following health freedom in recent years you've seen some of the extraordinary reports by our own Dr Rima -- -- from the international Codex Alimentarius meetings where attacks on health and freedom are often launched. Five years ago she warned about "Nutricide" - the intentional destruction of the body of knowledge about nutrition and health and the equally intentional deaths of large numbers of people through food manipulation.

Well over a half million people have seen that presentation. In that video she warned that the plan was for Codex controls to be implemented by the end of the first decade of the new millennium. Mandated under nutrition was to be instituted through Codex and billions would die of what WHO and FAO call the "preventable, non-communicable epidemic diseases of under nutrition: cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke diabetes and obesity". This past November you saw Dr Rima expose the genocidally low "daily reference values" Codex wants to impose on nutrients. See: - The Theater of the Absurd.

While your "Push Back" last year stalled Sen Tom Harkin's disastrous "Food Safety" [sic] bill, S.510 (companion to the House version, HR.2749, passed last July), that would have led to the suppression of family farms and ranches, natural agriculture, community gardens, farmers' markets, heritage seed-savers and the like, there is an effort being made by the usual power brokers (e.g., Big Pharma's lackeys in both parties in the US Senate) to move their agenda forward by introducing yet another bogus "food safety" bill, this time S.3002, the "Dietary Supplement Safety [sic] Act" (DSSA) which would mandate the most important part of the Codex nutrient control system, the "accepted ingredient list" for the US and give the already bloated and deadly FDA power to take any nutrients off the market, reneging on existing legislative protection for them which is found in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) passed by a unanimous Congress after massive public outcry.

This would be, in fact, exactly like the system imposed over the past few years in Europe, resulting in the complete loss of many nutrients (vitamins, herbs, minerals and amino acids) and, for those that remain, tremendous reductions in potency., a leading wellness industry site, reports that the European Food Safety Agency has rejected 80% of the "dossiers" seeking ingredient approval. Eighty percent of our nutrients could be taken off the market too!

We know for sure that high doses of fluoride will be permitted, but real nutrients are to be reduced, as they are in Europe, to totally ineffective levels. What's left? Pharmaceuticals. Period.

That's what Americans face - for sure- if the disastrous McCain bill is adopted. The McCain bill (and the Harkin bill) fit nicely into the Obama Administration's plan for nationalized health care.

We predict that something even worse is actually intended to take place: McCain's bill will be merged with the companion Harkin "safety bill" S.510 and both our foods and our supplements will become subject to more political power for the FDA to abuse.

This is, you will recall, the same FDA that regularly approves drugs which prove so deadly that, within just a few years, half of them are quietly removed from the market. The same FDA which whitewashes mercury in vaccines, protected vaccine manufacturers from all liability, allows profound personal conflict of interest in the regulators who approve drugs and vaccines, refuses to allow honest GMO labeling....

Need we go on? This is one of the most dangerous and corrupt agencies in the US, and these bills would give it enough power to destroy what remains of either health or freedom, all at the behest of companies like Monsanto, Merck and their malignant ilk.

McCain introduced the bill February 4th. The next day, the Natural Solutions Foundation sent an emergency Health Freedom Action eAlert to the list. We were, as far as we know, the first health freedom group to take action on this disastrous proposal by Senator McCain, who would seem to be securing his retirement pay with Big Pharma.

You've responded as we knew you would, riding your Freedom Mouse, generating over 350,000 emails to the Senate and President, since that Friday night, saying "NO!" to the fake "safety" bills. We've seen clear evidence on the Internet that this issue is "going viral!" This means people are sending this information to all their social, personal, business and other contacts, beginning the process of generating an avalanche of public sentiment against the restrictions these bills would impose. Thank you. Please keep doing so. The issue is by no means dead and our continued action is urgent.

Take this Action Item Once For Each Member of Your family:

Please email it to your contact list and ask them to do the same. Paste the link above into your email to your list.

Read More About -

The McCain bill, S.3002:

The "Food Safety" bill, S.510:

DISSING Health Freedom

With the McCain bill's apt acronym, DSSA ("DISS-sa") we see the agenda playing out to our detriment, unless we take every step possible to stop this gambit to force through fake food and supplement "safety" bills. If they pass, the only thing safe will be Big Pharma and Big Agribiz, Big Biotech, Big Chema and Big Medica profits.

Learning from Europe's Health Freedom Loss

Why is an "approved list" so bad? The "Accepted Dietary Ingredient List" is especially troubling since such a code provision moves us away from our Common Law Right to access the foods we choose to a Civil Law (that is, Codex Alimentarius) regulation of what we may choose. Under the Common Law what is not explicitly forbidden is allowed; under the Code ("Civil Law"), whatever is not permitted is forbidden. This "lawyer's distinction" is of the greatest significance in preserving our Liberty. Only those things on the list will be permitted. The list is very, very short and the doses are very, very low.

A spokesperson for the Life Extension Foundation wrote about another aspect of the loss of health freedom which this bill assures, the vibrant nutrient marketplace: "If it were not for the technological advances made possible by private enterprise, the adverse effects of governmental ineptitude would have rendered this nation insolvent decades ago. Said differently, if it were not for the increases in productivity and reductions in costs made possible by free enterprise, government waste and fraud would have already destroyed us. "

So it is very simple: take the Action Item -

Please take action once for each person in your family and enlist all your contacts to do likewise. What happens if you don't? The US will be "HARMonized" with the disastrous European Food Supplements Directive, under which, for example, colloidal and nano silver were taken off the market on January 1, 2010, homeopathic remedies are increasingly illegal to purchase in Germany, nutrients are less and less available and Europeans' freedom to chose natural, safe, effective treatments have been virtually destroyed.

We need to protect Health Freedom in America and take back Health Freedom in Europe!

It's time to turn PUSH BACK into TAKE DOWN!

Take down the fake "Safety" bills!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Are "Rife Devices" Grandfathered?

Ralph Fucetola JD
The Vitamin Consultancy

February 21, 2010

Declaration of Ralph Fucetola JD

Ralph Fucetola JD declares under penalty of perjury pursuant to 28 U.S.C. 1746 that the following information is true to best of my knowledge and belief and that if called to testify in this matter I could testify competently to these facts.

The following is my research opinion review of the United States vs James Folsom and the matters that should be considered in sentencing or re-sentencing.

The first serious question that must be asked if a fair and reasonable sentence is to be imposed in this case is, ‘Is there a hidden motive why the FDA denies the existence of any predicate Rife type device?’ That is, a Rife device that will qualify frequency devices for “significantly equivalent frequency device” status under the “grandfather clause” of the May 28, 1976 Congressional – Cosmetic, Food and Drug (Devices) Act (1976 CCFD Act)?

From my review of the trial information, it appears that the primary FDA Agent testifying for the Government’s case during the Folsom trial denied that such a device exists. Interestingly, while this denial was/is going on, and as a corner-stone of the Prosecution’s “closing rebuttal” was trial photo Exhibit # 600 revealing such a predicate – 1976 ‘grandfather clause’ device. The Prosecutor certainly did not know what was revealed in that photo, a photo that appears to have been taken April 2, 2003 showing the interior of Folsom’s storage unit with all the property and devices, including the “predicate” one, that were seized during the FDA raid against his business and property. That predicate device is now apparently located at the FDA’s Headquarters evidence room, San Clemente, California. And, significantly the FDA clearly implies no such device exists.

The record shows the Prosecution, under Court Order, in 2008, as part of “pre-trial discovery,” to allow Folsom and his attorney (at the time) complete access to all evidence, and very specifically that evidence held at FDA Headquarters, San Clemente. “Partial” access and discovery was made in the summer of 2008, however, no discovery access to the devices, device components, accessories, manuals, documents, etc., that were shown in the trial photo Exhibit # 600 was made available by the Government/FDA at this evidence room. This access and discovery was denied, even after “court admonishments” toward the Prosecutor because of the intentional “delays and obstructions” that blocked partial and complete discovery. This appears from the record.

I further note that frequency programs and device technology (offered by another), was “grandfather clause” FDA 510 (k) accepted in June 2007, as a TENS device for “pain and muscular relaxation.” The Scanar device, developed from the Russian space program and the Scio devices, both providing the elements of the Rife frequencies, were FDA 510 (k) approved/accepted as “bio feedback devices. Restrictions do apply (similar to those experienced by the Food Supplement industry) in the marketing of these devices and what can be stated to the customer as regards frequencies as they relate to specific conditions and body functions. What is essential is a Disclaimer that there is no intent to “treat disease” but rather that the devices my offer therapies that may benefit.

Such devices, in general, including the Folsom device, do not require 510(k) approval. Generally, devices “intended for human use…” must be registered, with certain exceptions, stated in the statute:

(l) Exemption from reporting requirements - A report under subsection (k) of this section is not required for a device intended for human use that is exempted from the requirements of this subsection under subsection (m) of this section or is within a type that has been classified into class I under section 360c of this title. The exception established in the preceding sentence does not apply to any class I device that is intended for a use which is of substantial importance in preventing impairment of human health, or to any class I device that presents a potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury.

Furthermore, the statute provides a definition of Class I devices:

(A) Class I, General Controls… (I) is not purported or represented to be for a use in supporting or sustaining human life or for a use which is of substantial importance in preventing impairment of human health, and (II) does not present a potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury…

It is my understanding that the Folsom device is not “for a use in supporting or sustaining human life or for a use which is of substantial importance in preventing impairment of human health, and… does not present a potential unreasonable risk of illness or injury…” The intent of the device is provision of pre-diagnostic evaluation for self-education and research purposes, to achieve and maintain a status of wellness, not to prevent impairment of human health, nor does such a device present any potential risk of illness or injury; it is the equivalent of a battery-powered, micro-amp device. It is not intended to “treat” disease but rather to provide the body with biologically compatible energy or to provide a therapy that may benefit.

The importance for having official Government/FDA acknowledgement for the existence of a “predicate” device will allow for Rife type device FDA “acceptance” under Sec. 360 of the 1976 CCFD Act -“grandfather” clause (for “medical device” or complete “exemption”). Meaning for a “Rife type device” to receive FDA acceptance under the 1976 CCFD Act “grandfather” clause there would be no requirement for the multi-million dollar expenses and time consumption for “double-blind” studies, etc., only the pharmaceutical companies can afford. This cost is only one of the many impediments and restrictions preventing pharmaceutical industry competition. This is the reason also no manufacturer within the Rife industry can afford or comply with the normal FDA 510 (k) requirements – it is impossible and therefore the “underground” element to get a low cost alternative health care modality out to the American people. There is no “level playing field” in existence between “Complementary and Alternative Therapies,” vs. “Allopathic/ Pharmaceutical Medicine.” It simply does not exist.

Currently, without use of the 1976 CCFD Act “grandfather” clause, all manufacturers within the Rife industry, would be required for FDA 510 (k) acceptance, to apply over and over again for each applicable body “health and wellness” or “medical” condition (for hundreds, if not thousands of conditions if each were applied) , for man or animal. The costs and processes would be prohibitive. However, if it can be officially acknowledged and accepted there exists a 1976 “predicate” Rife type device, as the Government/FDA is hiding in San Clemente) then all the above would not be required. A major efficacious low cost “health and wellness” frequency modality would then readily be made – “out in the open and non underground anymore” – available to the American people. And, as the beneficiaries of this technology they would then be the true winners – “not victims anymore.”

Is there a conflict of interest within the FDA regarding Alternative vs. Allopatic/ Pharmacological medicine? June 1996 President Clinton signed an executive order allowing all the “ABC” Governmental agencies to resource their own revenues. It’s well documented of the FDA’s mastered “mining of income” from the pharmaceutical industry. It is even reported from those within the FDA, even by FDA mid-level researcher Dr. David Graham who testified before Congress, that this government agency values the pharmaceutical industry as its’ own “financial fiefdom.”

Besides the Rife industry, past discrediting took place against other “alternative healing modalities.” The Chiropractic industry experienced the same until winning a major court case in 1991. The “food supplement” industry was fending off the unwanted encroachments of the FDA until the supplemental DSHEA Act was brought about as a compromise – sponsored by Senator Orin Hatch in 1994. Acupuncture, recognized in the Orient for thousands of years, was finally accepted by main stream medicine as one of the “healing arts” here in the U.S. in 2001.

There is a regulatory category of product or service in which these various modalities, including Rife technology, clearly fit that excludes them from the practice of medicine and thus from being medical devices or services. That category is what may be termed “therapies that may benefit.”
The Code of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association has also begun to acknowledge an independent use of the term “therapy” to describe non-medical health care services.

While "treatment which has no scientific basis" remains condemned (Opinion 3.01), under Opinion 3.04, physicians are free to "refer" a patient "for therapeutic or diagnostic services to another physician, limited practitioner or any other provider of health care services permitted by law to furnish such services, whenever he or she believes that this may benefit the patient." Thus, unscientific "treatment" is distinguished from "health care services permitted by law." "Treatment" -- which means the use of standard medicine and surgery to "cure" disease -- is distinguished from other health care services (therapies) which need only meet the lesser "may benefit" standard.

While physicians "prescribe" treatments for disease, therapies that may benefit; may be subject to "referral" thereby further indicating the distinction.  Thus, for example, energetic devices that support normal structure and function, even to support therapeutic outcomes, can be seen to complement licensed medicine, but not to be part of it, or held to its strictures, nor limited in its practice to licensed physicians. This is the essence of the case of Andrews v Ballard (USDC, TX, 498 F Supp 1038, 1980) is cited as a leading authority for the propositions that (1) a decision to obtain (in this case) acupuncture needle therapies from one not licensed as a medical doctor is a constitutional right encompassed by the right of privacy (p.1048) and (2) the provisions of the medical practices act, insofar as they limit the use of acupuncture needles to licensed physicians, are unconstitutional (p.1051, et seq.). This and other cases recognized a Federally protected right to access information about unlicensed products and services.

See also, Thompson v. Western States Medical Center - 01-344, decided on April 29, 2002 - 535 U.S. 357 where the Court said, "If the First Amendment means anything, it means that regulating speech must be a last - not first - resort… We have previously rejected the notion that the Government has an interest in preventing the dissemination of truthful commercial information in order to prevent members of the public from making bad decisions with the information… Even if the Government did argue that it had an interest in preventing misleading advertisements, this interest could be satisfied by the far less restrictive alternative of requiring … a warning that the [product] had not undergone FDA testing and that its risks were unknown."

Thus, since such therapies are not prescription services, members of the public may choose such services without the permission of their physician and as of right.

In the case of State v Biggs (46 SE Reporter 401, 1903) the North Carolina Supreme Court dealt with a person who was advising people as to diet, and administering massage, baths and physical culture. In the Biggs case, the defendant "advertised himself as a 'nonmedical physician'...[and] held himself out to the public to cure disease by 'a system of drugless healing'..." p.401. That Court held that there could be no "state system of healing" p.402 and while "Those who wish to be treated by practitioners of medicine and surgery had the guaranty that such practitioners had been duly examined...those who had faith in treatment by methods not included in the 'practice of medicine and surgery' as usually understood, had reserved to them the right to practice their faith and be treated, if they chose, by those who openly and avowedly did not use either surgery or drugs in the treatment of diseases..." p.402. Biggs was acquitted.

In the Folsom case, the Jury was not given the opportunity to understand the distinction between the “treatment of disease” which is a predicate for a device to be a “medical device” and “therapies that may benefit” which include such well-known modalities as acupuncture and biofeedback and some lesser know modalities such as energetic devices, including Rife devices.

Under these circumstances, Justice would be best served by considering Jim Folsom’s age and leaving him at home, under such restrictions as might be deemed to protect the public, but not to restrict his private expressive association activities which are beyond the lawful purview of the Federal government..

I declare that the above statements made by me are true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief

Very truly yours,
Ralph Fucetola, JD -
Attorney at Law in NJ – 1973 - 2006 – All Rights Reserved.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fake food and supplement "safety" bills and the future of healthcare.

03/07/10 Push Back Update: Has McCain withdrawn his support from S.3002? See:

The Federal authorities' program last year to purchase ($6.4 billion worth) of swine flu" vaccines, then to approve the use of those vaccines (by the FDA) and then to recommend their use (by the CDC) and then to distribute the vaccines, collapsed in the face of public refusal to believe there was a real pandemic, despite an unbelievable presidential declaration of national emergency. Perhaps even more important was public refusal to voluntarily accept the unsafety-tested, uninsurable flu vaccines.

Just so, the current plan to subject us to yet more control over our health and food choices by giving that failed agency, the FDA, yet more power to abuse, power over all foods and that class of foods known as "dietary supplements," has suddenly come to the fore.

Two bills are wending their way through Congress to enable the FDA's bureaucrats to tighten their incompetent grip on what choices people are allowed1. One of these claims to be a "food safety" bill, S 510 with Sen Tom Harkin as a chief sponsor, and the other is the so-called "Dietary Supplement Safety" bill, S 3002, chiefly sponsored by Sen John McCain.

Yes, these bills would give FDA even more power to abuse. It was Dr. Ron Paul who accused the agency of being a power abuser in 2007 and nothing has changed to negate that judgment.

The govt owned, approved, recommended and distributed vaccine program collapsed in the face of 2.8 million messages to state legislators and members of Congress demanding respect for our right to reject vaccination. The fake safety bills are stalled in the Senate, facing now over a million messages to Congress and decision makers. In just the past few days well over another hundred thousand messages have gone out.

The future of health care in America will not be decided by final congressional approval of some version or other of national health care, since there will not be enough resources available to fund that system. Rather, programs of nationalized food and natural product control, such as the Swine Flu Vaccine program, or programs of national regulation, such as the false "safety" bills will be the vehicle through which nationalized health control will be imposed.

We already see this with a peculiar clause in the last FDA enabling act to pass Congress, the Kennedy bill of 2007. That bill included Section 301(11) which gives FDA authority to ban the interstate commerce in any food ever studied for medical use. Now why would a govt agency need such a power? What business of govt is it what foods we can trade? Whose interests would such anti-market power serve? Well, let's see how FDA (ab)used that new power Sen Kennedy provided it. Last year FDA banned the interstate trade of a certain form of vitamin B6 because a drug company had studied it for medical use but decided not to use it, and asked FDA to ban it... why? For competitive advantage. For monopoly privilege. This is how FDA (ab)uses its power.

This is a good indication of what FDA would do with the additional authority the McCain and Harkin bills would give it.

Up until a week ago we had thought the "food safety" bill was safely bottled up in the Senate HELP committee where it has languished since its official "mark-up" prior to being brought to the flood of the Senate for a vote. Why was it stuck there? Because over 150,000 messages went to the Senate and president over the weekend before the "mark-up" meeting and even Sen. Harkin had to admit (it's on the taping of the November 18th meeting on the HELP committee web site) that the people were concerned. And he announced that the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) which had been passed by a unanimous Congress and which allowed the
development of the vibrant, high potency dietary supplement market in the USA, was still the law of the land. No congressional intent to change that.

Until last week, that is. Then John McCain showed us that he is on the side of the power abusers. His bill would in effect "HARMonize" our Dietary Supplement freedoms with EU/Codex international restrictions.

Unless, of course, there is enough public push back, as we know "Push Back Works!" And that push back has started. A week ago this past Thursday (on February 4, 2010) McCain announced the filing of S 3002. Emails were quickly exchanged among health freedom advocates. The next evening we had our first eblast out, to several hundred thousand Natural Solutions foundation supporters and they began to forward the message to millions of others. At the same time freedom advocates such as Citizens for Health were also reaching out with the same message to the Senate: "Do NOT cosponsor S 3002!" Such advanced healthcare luminaries as Gary Null put the link to our Action Item on their websites and thousands more sent messages to Congress.
Dr. Ron Paul's Campaign for Liberty also featured the link generating more viral action, while the people following continued to grow.

The Action Item is:

Our analysis of these bills, and how their seemingly "safety" language is just a guise for monopolistic intent, is linked from the Action Item page.

We, the trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation are so very pleased to see the health freedom movement responding together in this way. We see this issue becoming the touchstone for the future of real health care reform -- changes we can believe in, namely, no more "business as usual" with the biggest of the bigs, Big Agribiz, Big Pharma, Big Finance and Big Govt finally being excluded from the control over our food and freedom they so crave.

We have begun the transpartisan process of taking back our health and food freedom. And that is a very good thing.


1. This is the same agency that regularly approves dangerous drugs that must be taken off the market or greatly restricted; half the drugs so approved are shown later to have caused more harm than any potential benefit.