Friday, January 7, 2011

FDA Seeking to Outlaw IV Vitamin C, Other Nutrients

FDA Seeking to Outlaw IV Vitamin C, Other Nutrients
Rep. Ron Paul, MD: As an agency, FDA engages in "abuse of power..."

"FDA: Leave Our Nutrients and Supplements Alone!"
Action item:

The FDA (the Food Destruction Agency) not content with its new power to control and industrialize our entire food supply, is, quite predictably, increasing its attacks on nutrients. Although the mis-named Food Safety [sic!] Modernization Act excludes nutrients, the FDA's rampage against natural health is by no means limited to degrading our food supply.

DSHEA, the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, which protects dietary supplements does not protect nutrients unless they are delivered in oral form. That means that intravenous, transdermal, nasal, suppository or other forms of nutrition are vulnerable to FDA assault in a particularly worrisome way. This latest action by the FDA makes that point clearly.

On December 28, 2010 FDA ordered certain small manufacturers to stop making injectable Vitamin C and several other injectable nutrients which are always used under a (holistic or Advanced health Care) physician's supervision by classifying IV Vitamin C, Magnesium and certain B Vitamins as "New Drugs".

The nutrients under attack, which form the basis of the popular "Myers Cocktail" and countless therapies for serious diseases, may be provided ONLY by compounding pharmacies under a specific prescription for a specific patient. This means that the cost of these nutrients will increase sharply.

It also means that the FDA, always hostile to compounding pharmacies and the independent use of nutrients, bio-identical hormones (now banned at the request of Wyeth/Pfizer, which manufactures dangerous synthetic hormones), the biologically active form of Vitamin B-6 (also banned at the request of a drug company) can pick off individual substances and attack compounding pharmacies at their leisure. This is a result of the power granted FDA in 2007 (section 301(11) of the Kennedy FDA Enabling Act) to ban interstate sale of any "food" ever studied for medical use, even if never so used.

Why, you ask, does FDA need authority to ban safe foods? Why does Congress think it has the power to grant such authority? Where in the Constitution does Congress have that power? And please, don't say it's in the "Commerce Clause" which grants the Federal Government the power to regulate Interstate Commerce. "Regulate" does not mean the power to forbid foods that people have always had the fundamental human right to grow, trade and use. It merely means to make commerce regular; to make fair and neutral "rules of the road" for Interstate Commerce. Under the 9th Amendment, the People have retained the right to grow and trade foods, including vitamins and minerals. As we Restore the Republic, that right must be respected again.

Manufacturing companies wishing to make and sell the now restricted injectible, inexpensive and life-saving nutrients will be forced to engage in full-scale drug approval testing for products that cannot be patented; this, the FDA knows, is economically impossible. The attack on Vitamin C comes on the heels of efforts by FDA to ban other nutrients, including forms of Vitamin B6 banned under the Kennedy Enabling Act.

If these restrictions stand, what nutrient will be next?

Please take the Action Item at this link, which tells the White House and FDA to leave our nutrients alone!