Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Third Party FDA GMP Virtual Compliance Audits

New Vitamin Lawyer Service: Virtual GMP Compliance Audits!

Over the past couple months FDA "label owner" inspectors have been asking, "When did you audit your manufacturer for GMP compliance?" and then the agents add, "The FDA does not guarantee GMP compliance by manufacturers; that is your responsibility..."

Therefore, to better serve the natural nutritional market, I have created a Virtual Audit program where the Manufacturer takes me on a Skype video tour of the facility, meeting certain criteria that I have from the GMP regulations (a 194 point checklist).

I then prepare the full report, with images from the video; about 30 pages.
This service takes about 4 hours of my time so I can offer it to my current clients for a special intro educational investment of $997.00 (regularly $1,497).