Thursday, January 28, 2021

Free Douglass Mackey

 Blogger Known as "Ricky Vaughn" 
Arrested by Feds for 2016 Thought Crime

[Douglass Mackey] A Florida Man Arrested 
Over 2016 Election Memes Designed To "Trick" Hillary Voters  

Beware of "Speaking Your Mind" in the Banana Republic formerly known as the United States of America.

 Apparently the Regime Department of Justice believes this is a crime. Note carefully the words used.  Emphasis added to show that the Regime seeks to criminalize speech and association in violation of the (former?) Constitution, and especially the First Amendment, which the Supreme Court during an earlier political era had held to have a "favored" position in the legal system of the aforesaid Republic:
  "Starting in at least 2015, MACKEY participated in numerous Group DMs. These groups, which at times included dozens of individuals, and at times had overlapping membership, served as forums for the participants to share, among other things, their views concerning how best to influence the Election. Among other things, MACKEY and the members of these groups used the Group DMs to create, refine and share memes and hashtags that members of the groups would subsequently post and distribute."

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Rubicon or Reichstag at the Capitol?

"The Revolution Will Be Televised."

What happened at the Capitol yesterday was likely triggered by False Flag agents.  

Zero Hedge has identified that with photos. [1] To all our sorrow, an unarmed veteran, Ashley Babbitt, was killed by government agents in the Capitol.

What happened was, unfortunately, a False Flag which fooled the patriots there.  It may have been exhilarating while it happened, and second guessing it won't bring back Moment, the result is that the Demoncrats and RINOS are gloating; they think they have their Reichstag Fire.

When President Trump told the crowd on the morning of January 6th that he would, as I took his words, walk with them to the Capitol, and then did not, he made two mistakes.  

First, he should have known that there would be agents provocateur waiting to mislead his supporters. There was no significant security at the Capitol.  While the White House was surrounded with crowd control barriers, nothing much but yellow ribbons blocked the  way to the Capitol.

The patriots should have kept away from a Congress that was looking for any excuse to crack-down on the Deplorables.  

Second, having said what he said, he should have been like "Yeltsin on the barricades" and done as he said.  I don't think his motives were wrong, just that he didn't think it through to see how the Left would use what happened. 

Nonetheless a Rubicon has been crossed. Not by Trump who will now be (?) welcomed into the Retired Presidents Club, but by the patriot movement. 

False flag or not.  

It might be time to re-read Yeats poem on the failed Easter 1916 Irish rebellion against the British. That was followed by the successful rebellion of 1919-21.

Yes, "A terrible beauty is born."  [2]



Why did they take the building? 
Because they were patriots and had enough.  
Why did they evacuate the building? 
Because they are patriots and law-abiders.  
What was their mistake?


After the patriots failed to keep control of the Capitol, after Trump threw the Liberty Movement under the bus, I re-read Yeats' poem Easter 1916 -- it's worth reading in the context of the past few days: Then I wrote a blog entry entitled: Rubicon or Reichstag? I believe the events of January 6th, now being used by the Deep State like the Reichstag Fire was used in 1933, will prove to be a real turning-point for the Liberty Movement. A Rubicon has been crossed. Electoral politics or reliance on the Courts will not save American Liberty and the Constitutional Republic. There is no legitimacy remaining in the Federal System. It is over. All we have left, in the words of Walt Whitman, is to "Obey little; resist much." The Stars and Bars paraded through the Capitol is not unlike the raising of the Old Russian Flag over the Kremlin in '91. No turning back now. The coming forced vaccination with the barely tested, gene-altering Agenda 2030 "COVID" vaccine will be the next test of the Liberty Movement's resolve. It is likely to be, as the illegitimate "President Elect" promised, a "dark winter."