Monday, November 29, 2010

Senate Votes Food Fascism Closer; Opposition to S.510 Grows!

UPDATE: On 11.30.10 the US Senate voted to end Food Freedom. Tell your Congressperson not to make the same mistake that the Senate made: VOTE NO ON S.510! Action Item Here:

At about 7 PM Monday the Senate voted cloture on germain amendments, 69 to 26 with significant GOP support. Don't forget!

This sets stage for final vote Tuesday. Prior cloture vote was 74 in favor, so we are making headway. PUSH BACK CONTINUES! The other side lost votes because of our continual electronic hammering. Let's Push Back a whole bunch more before the voting resumes!

Sen Coburn says: bill will raise food prices; add 1.5 billion to deficit; add unfunded state mandates. His substitute amendment is 1/5th the size and, he believes, would protect food safety without increasing FDA power & cost.

Please continue to call and email your Senators. Our email system seems to have reached maximum at about 15,000 per hour, so if you have a hard time getting in, please keep on trying! Call and email as often as you can!

After limiting debate on Dr. Coburn's substitute amendment which would at least remove some of the worst provisions of S.510 (such as secret "national security" guidelines) the Senate vote against a "nongermain" amendment to repeal the Health Care Law provision requiring 1099 forms for small transactions was to have been a sop to the Tea Party. Similarly, a watered-down version of the Tester amendment was included in the Managers' bill, but, as we've shown elsewhere, it is offers a false hope of protection in inflationary times.

The ad hoc coalition against S.510 of health and food freedom advocates (such as Health FreedomUSA and Citizens for Health), garden, farm and ranch groups, both major Tea Party groups, the Oath Keepers, Downsize DC, Campaign for Liberty and others will not be fooled and we will remember!

We the People will continue to oppose S.510, hoping a few more Senators will want to avoid being retired, but if it passes the Senate, we will oppose it in the House/Senate Conference and will petition the current White House occupant to veto it. If he fails to do so, we will support defunding it in the new Congress!

We, the freedom forces, asRE so fortunate to have you and people like you allied together. Evil forces are routed by respositories of hope coupled with action - which is what we are! It's not over yet... up to 15,000 emails an hour are telling decision makers: NO! S.510!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Election is Over... What Do We Do Now?

The election is over; the Tea Party had a significant impact [without the Tea Party the GOP might have won a few dozen off-year seats in the House, but not the historic shift we saw last night in the House].

Without the Tea Party things would have continued pretty much as before... the Tea Party success allows the Freedom Movement to move ahead with increased confidence!

The question before the Freedom Movement is: What do we do now?

IMHO, three very important steps:

1. Continue to organize; especially organizing on the state and local levels. We need to bring our agenda: Freedom for the People and the Economy to all levels of govt. It's not just the Fed govt: the state govts regulate, tax and spend far too much too!

2. Keep the GOP as honest as we can expect any tax-supported political party to be. I quit the GOP in 1969 and have been a supporter of libertarians since then; I rejoined the GOP in '08 at the behest of Ron Paul. I do not trust the GOP and I suspect that a Third Party will ultimately be necessary if we are truly to restore the Republic.

3. Support important Freedom Issues. We need to become more issue oriented to create positions that the GOP and others who want our support need to back.

The first of these issues needs to revolve around Health and Food Freedom. Why? Because while repealing Obamacare is a key, it may not be immediately attainable, so we need to attack it at its "edges."

A couple days ago at the University of Indiana Dr. Ron Paul said, "I don't think the FDA protects us; I think the FDA exists for the drug companies. That's what I think... Now the FDA wants to get into regulating every single thing you eat... and regulate everything that might be holistic medicines and vitamins and they want worldwide regulations... I try to teach others including my patients that the use of prescription drugs is very dangerous...." Minute 39/40 at

During this Lame Duck period, the statists will seek to pass the fake "food safety" bills, S.510 and S.3767 which seek to nationalize all food regulation and to restrict, control and ultimately prohibit all natural, independent, local, community and family farm operations in favor of the worst of the Bigs: BigAgBiz, Big Chema and Big Pharma (which are really all part of the same failed bankster unfreemarket).

Here are our Talking Points about those bad bills:

The Lame Duck Senate led by Harry Reid is poised to force these Food Fascism Bills through the Congress when the Senate comes back into session on November 15th.

We the People need to teach Harry another lesson and STOP THE FAKE FOOD SAFETY BILLS!

PLEASE take the Action Item below, to tell the Senate to keep the hold that Dr. Coburn (R-OK) has on the bills. These bills are NOT "noncontroversial" bills that can be foisted on We the People through the Senate's "unanimous consent" procedure!

We need to "hit the ground running" on Freedom issues and make sure Congress hears us!

When the Obama administration spent $6.4 billion on its plan in '09 to force every American to be shot with the dangerous Swine Flu Vaccine, 3.5 million emails to decision makers stopped that plan and stopped the engineered "pandemic" the vax would have triggered.

That is called PUSH BACK! The Tea Party needs to become the Party of Push Back!

The Election is Over; the Struggle Has Just Begun! Please join us Sunday mornings, 9 to noon Central, for Dr. Rima Reports on Oracle Broadcasting: