Thursday, April 24, 2014

Health Freedom Requires a Revolution

True Health Freedom
Requires a Revolution, Not Just Reform!
Twelve Thousand Dead Babies Demand No Less!

Gary Johnson, former New Mexico governor and the 2012 Libertarian candidate for president, established Our America Initiative (OAI) to give voice to the people’s yearning for liberty. I spoke at a Players Club appearance by him late last year. More about that here:  

I’ve been asked to join the Health Freedom Advisory Board for OAI and happily accepted, in order to give voice to Global Health Freedom:

People in the health freedom orbit have been reaching out in several directions in recent months. The organic farmers’ and buyers’ clubs, the autism community, even our Amish neighbors, are all finding ways to work together on issues of health, food and freedom. I think libertarians need to play a central role in bringing a powerful coalition together, not just to tinker with our nationalized health care system that is clearly failing to provide health care or contain monopolistic pricing. 

Over a hundred thousand Americans die each year from FDA-approved, properly prescribed drugs, and  over 12,000 American infants are expected to die this year from the grossly mis-named Shaken Baby Syndrome. These children are actually being killed by severe Vaccine Adverse Reactions. See:

No, tinkering with Federalized “health care” will not save the babies. Only a revolutionary change of heart will make that difference.

Our goal must be a free market in health care. That means all the crony corporatists in the illness-management industry, all the pushers of deadly drugs and vaccines, all the government bureaucrats growing fat on human suffering must just “Get out of my way...” as John Galt famously said.

We can start with the bloated, overbearing bureaucracy that is the Food and Drug Administration. When this alphabet agency was formed there might have been some excuse for Federal regulation of both foods and drugs by the same agency (leaving aside the total lack of Constitutional authority for such usurpation of the States’ Tenth Amendment Police Power), since most medications were food-sourced. Today, with wholesome food and natural food remedies the main competitor of Big Pharma, and with the FDA a mere creature of the crony drug pushers, there is no excuse. Just like the DEA and the EPA were spun-off the FDA, food regulation, insofar as it exists on the Federal level must be divested from the FDA.

That is a first step. Our generation’s Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Ron Paul, offered a number of powerful bills in Congress when he served there that would make a real difference for health freedom. I wrote about these here:

Dr. Paul’s example is an inspiration to us all. He understands the proper Constitutional limits on Federal “regulation” (which means to “make regular” not to “forbid”) under the Interstate Commerce Clause. Here is how he applies that to the Raw Milk health freedom issue, in an interview I recorded a couple years ago:

Second step: a 43% FDA spending cut - every govt department needs to cut back to a balanced budget level. This means real spending cuts, not just a decrease in the rate of increase.

MD Licenses Should Not Limit Therapy - I've told my physician clients for a long time, "a license is a limitation." But now, we need to champion the good doctors and make sure they are free to practice the best medicine, and are able to offer Natural Solutions that lead to real health.

Malpractice Protection for MD Charitable Work - and I wouldn't mind seeing that concept extended. In my home state of New Jersey there is a strong charitable tort exemption.

Promote the use of Medical Foods instead of dangerous prescription drugs: -- Medical Foods are intended for the dietary management of medical conditions. State Medical Boards need to get with the times and free the good doctors to provide the best, natural therapies.

Rather than convoluted religious, medical and philosophical exemptions, end all vaccine mandates so people are free to make their own decisions. This simple step would save thousands of lives every year and remove the specter of Vaccine Induced Autism and Infertility from future generations. See:

The same must apply to all medical substances and procedures. High CBD Hemp Oil offers hope to many. It must remain lawful, http://tinyurl/CBDHempOil. Truly informed consent is necessary; we need to strongly support NGO initiatives like the Helsinki Declaration on medical experimentation.

Dialogue regarding the economics of health care in the post-ACA (“Obamacare”) world must continue. Coming together on health issues requires coming together on the financial issues involved. We must oppose the ACA as a bailout for Big Pharma and Big Insurance.

And of course the primary concern: the ACA is just a stepping stone to nationalized health care, which must become health care rationed by political determination (we all remember the special Section D in Soviet Hospitals, reserved for the partyarchy). In such a system, not only are the types of therapies I favor (holistic, natural remedies and noninvasive procedures) likely to be forbidden, but all that is not forbidden will be required. Show up at an ER and the first question will be, are all your CDC recommended shots up to date?

And while we mention the USSR, I urge support for the Health Freedom initiative to let health care providers "go on record" refusing to become complicit in political medical abuse:

The Health Keepers Oath must be our response to the most evil health care development of the new millennium: the so-called “Global Health Security Initiative” (GHSI) which is touted as a “public/private partnership” among the usual suspects: WHO, the US and other governments, and the crony NGOs that push dangerous drugs and vaccines world-wide. Whenever the word “security” is mentioned, watch out for your freedom!

GHSI is Global Medical Tyranny. The primary “theory” behind GHSI is that the most “cost-effective” way to prevent pandemics is to reduce world population! I kid you not, the global elite Fascists in charge of GHSI have quite openly published its Depopulation Agenda.

Dead babies, or babies never born, cannot be pandemic vectors. So, say the Elite, kill them!

Stand for health freedom and against the globalist depopulation agenda: http://tinyurl/EndGHSI .

There is much to do to re-establish health freedom as a primary human right. 

We must oppose all the crony corporatists and their allies in govt. We must work for a change of heart, a revolution in how people perceive their own autonomy. 

Freedom starts with the personal choice to be free.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Proud Anti-Vax! New Podcast Video

Be A Vaccine Refuser With Me!

Here is a new video podcast featuring Dr. Rima and the Vitamin Lawyer.