Friday, March 15, 2013

Opposing Depopulation Agenda 21 with
Agenda 1 - Reservation of Rights

"You Are Under Attack! Here Are the Choices:
Defeat Agenda 21 and Live -- or Die as a Slave."

"We are facing well-orchestrated global assaults designed to enslave, dominate and destroy us individually and as people.  We have no choice but to fight back.  One of the Principles of War, however, teaches us to choose the terrain upon which we fight. What we do have is a choice. I invite you to commit yourself to this battle as I have."  General Bert Stubblebine (US Army, ret.), President, Natural Solutions Foundation

Agenda 21′s Real Goal: "Think Globally, Enslave Locally."
Our Response: Think Globally, Resist Locally!

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Defeating Agenda 21
Strategy & Tactics
Under General Bert's strategic direction we have begun to build a world-wide alliance of the many diverse groups resisting Agenda 21. These are people who "Think globally and resist locally." They know their local schools, land planning and agriculture agencies are, for the most part unknowingly, implementing Agenda 21. 
These are the people like you who have begun to communicate through the new online forum we set up:

  You are also the people who are attending our every-other-Monday online Workgroup meeting. Sign up We are all becoming more aware of the penetration of Agenda 21 thinking. I'm beginning to see the sinister hand of the globalist agenda everywhere. Take for example a short segment on NPR earlier today. A famous Pakistani author was interviewed about his new novel. He casually mentions that, recently, for the first time, over half of the human race lived in large urban areas. And, he continues, by 2050 eighty to ninety percent of all [remaining] humans would live in big cities. This is, of course, pure Agenda 21. 
What is to be done? That is, to a great extent, up to YOU! Agenda 21 can be defeated, at the local level, and it will evaporate at the planetary level. We are just beginning to develop the strategies and tactics to make that happen. They've been working at their world control plan for decades, though its harsh implementation across the world, as we've been reporting, as been greatly accelerated over the past five years, in "response" to the world economic crisis engendered by the reckless fiscal policies of the same elite that now seeks total control, as the "cure" for the disease of crony corporatism they've created! We've seen parts of the picture over the past years: noting how Codex Alimentarius seemed to fit into a depopulation agenda; identifying the Genomicidal Technologies hurting our world; defining the Genome Disruption Syndrome caused by the toxic assault of the Five Big Lies. Now we see the full picture: they are all connected as Agenda 21.
As Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD (Foundation Medical Director) said, "Imagine that you lived in a world where human rights prevailed and provided a harmonious balance with each other and the rest of the planet. What we call, Agenda 1 - Freedom Reservation of Rights."
That's where we are headed, with your help. Of course, what it takes is speaking out, informing everyone you can reach, mobilize them to take the Action Items, subscribe to the Health Freedom Action eAlert here,, and making Agenda 21 quite literally, vaporize!