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Health Freedom Event - February 8, 2009 - Flemington, NJ

Don’t Miss This Special Event!

Ralph Fucetola JD will be speaking with other health freedom advocates at a Health Freedom "Day of Consumer Awareness" - Hunterdon Central High - 1 PM to 4 PM (84 Route 31, Flemington, NJ, 08822) - Sunday, February 8, 2009.


Hundreds are expected… if you are in the area, please join us! About 48 hours after the rally, check our YouTube Channel for the video report -

Here is what the Hunterdon Holistic Society announced:

"Consumer Alert!

Your rights for health care choices are being eroded!

We cannot stand by and do nothing.

Hunterdon Holistic Society, Natural Awakenings Magazine and a group of concerned citizens present a day of consumer awareness.

~ NJ Bill S1941 and A2933 - this law would make it illegal to seek nutrition information from nutritionists.

~ Codex Alimentarius - this UN-sponsored global food standard could make it illegal for you to use vitamins and supplements

~ Mandatory vaccinations - NJ has the greatest number of mandated vaccinations in this country. Additionally, as of Jan. 1, without a mandated flu shot, children will not be allowed to attend public school.

We have invited three experts to address these topics and tell us what we can do to preserve our right to choose. We CAN make a difference! Join us...

Sunday, February 8, from 1 - 4 pm at the Hunterdon Central Regional High School , Flemington, NJ"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Change" - the FDA's Plan to Destroy DSHEA


Before discussing the Vitamin B-6 ban, let's quickly review FDA's policies and initiatives that threaten health freedom.

First, in 2007, Congress awards FDA for its failures by increasing its power. This was done through Sen. Kennedy's FDA "enabling act" although the Health Freedom movement did get the "DSHEA product savings clause" 1011 added to the bill.

Second, in 2008 FDA asked for public comments whether the savings clause applies to section 301(11) of the act, that gives FDA authority to ban foods that are being studied for use as "treatment of disease." We of course submitted our comments objecting to this evisceration of DSHEA and thousands of Natural Solutions Foundation's Mouse Warriors did likewise.

Third, a prior "Citizens Petition" from a pharmaceutical company is used by FDA as the excuse to ban a specific form of B6 (Pyridoxamine) to negate the 1994 NNFA Grandfather List of Dietary Ingredients for DSHEA and open all supplements to similar bans is introduced.

Fourth, comments are sought on the idea that FDA can ban any nutritional product it likes from interstate commerce despite specific legislative prohibition preventing the FDA from doing so for products covered under DSHEA - that is, dietary supplements and herbs in use before June, 1994. Such products are "grandfathered" in after inclusion on a list prepared by the NNFA (now NPA) at the request of the FDA when DSHEA was passed. Natural Solutions Foundation and thousands of net roots supporters remind FDA that such actions are illegal under section 311(11) of the 2008 FDA Reorganization act following successful Natural Solutions Foundation efforts to maintain language protecting DSHEA products in the bill when in the Congressional conference committee.

Fifth, in Europe, the EFSD meets to discuss maximum permitted levels (MPLs) of nutrients -- (1) some countries support what the the Codex Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, ratified July 4, 2005, prohibits: MPLs based on a multiple of the biologically unsound, extremely low Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA), (2) the EU wants upper limits based on "Risk Analysis" that would limit levels to below that needed to have any biological effect [even a beneficial one] following the World Health Organization's Guidance to Codex Alimentarius on how to apply the toxicological method of Risk Analysis to nutrients and (3) certain advocacy groups support a limit based on a safety analysis, which could lead to similarly low levels. The fourth position, which Natural Solutions Foundation champions, is based on the principle of biochemical individuality, supported by extensive clinical and scientific data through orthomolecular science, is that there is, and must not be, any upper limits set for foods: nutrient supplements are foods!

Sixth, based on another one of those "citizens petitions" from favored "consumer" groups, EPA has expressed its intention to ban topical nano silver, despite having previously approved it for topical use as a safe, effective sanitizing agent with no negative environmental impact! If forbidden as an "untested pesticide" The equipment used to produce nano silver is also to be banned as an "untested pesticide"! Once topical nano silver is banned, how long will it be before ingested silver supplements will also be banned?

Seventh, FDA seeks to eliminate all nutrients and objects from health use which have had any study about them published of any sort whatsoever - this is the ultimate import of the dangerous section 301(11) of the act.

Eighth, FDA/CODEX seek to eliminate all nutrients which have not had met an artificial "significant scientific agreement" standard that violates DSHEA's commercially reasonable standard of "competent and reliable scientific evidence."

And on it goes...

But back to Pyridoxamine. FDA's "response" as noted above, to the position that DSHEA protects dietary supplements from the unfair tactic of some pharmaceutical company conducting a "study" of the ingredient for medical use and then using that to ban the competing natural substance, was to throw down the gauntlet at the feet of the industry and ban a legal, grandfathered nutritional supplement ingredient. Here is what the Natural Produces Association said about the ban:

FDA responded "to a citizen petition filed on behalf of a pharmaceutical company. FDA has determined that products containing pyridoxamine, a form of vitamin B6 (the letter specifically cites 'pyridoxamine dihydrochloride or any other compound containing pyridoxamine") are not dietary supplements within the meaning as indicated by DSHEA...' and 'may not be marketed as such.' In a confusing twist, the agency goes on to clarify that although pyridoxamine is a dietary ingredient ...FDA has determined by the petition that pyridoxamine is excluded... because: 1. Pyridoxamine is authorized for investigation as a new drug ... and 2. there is no "independent, verifiable evidence" of prior marketing of pyridoxamine as a food or dietary supplement; this includes the Natural Products Association's (developed as NNFA) list of grandfathered ingredients. ...this development presents a number of problems, including the agency's interpretation of §301 (ll) of the FFDC Act"

NPA asked for help proving that Pyridoxamine is in fact "grandfathered" under DSHEA, that is, it was sold to supplement the diet or was part of the food chain in June, 1994. For over 20 years the industry has relied on the NNFA grandfather list, now deemed no longer "evidence" by FDA fiat, without hearing, or court oversight.

Here is the gist of my response back to NPA about this ban of a legal, grandfathered nutritional supplement ingredient:

I work with [name of company redacted], one of your NPA members. At our President's request I've been reaching out to some of the "old hands" in the industry [such as Dr. Fleischner] about the Pyridoxamine ban and DSHEA grandfathering. [the President and I are co-trustees of the Institute for Health Research, - I am also a trustee of Natural Solutions Foundation,]

Here is what Dr. Albert Fleischner, PhD responded:

"Pyridoxamine has always been regarded as a vitamin and is listed in the early
Remingtons and USP as such."

Dr. Fleischner is a pharmacist and formulator [MS and PHD from Rutgers and formerly an operating officer for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies].

Meanwhile, the good folks at [a well known foundation] have also contacted me about this issue and I hope we can all work together to stop this obvious misapplication of 301(11).

Late last year when it became apparent that FDA was seeking to ignore the DSHEA savings language in the 2007 FDA "enabling act" (Section 1011) we reacted by urging opposing comments to be filed with FDA under Docket No. FDA-2008-N-0389

See may blog entry..

So FDA's response to the comments supporting a broad reading of Section 1011 has been to test how far it can push the industry, by banning Pyridoxamine.

How far can it push the industry? It's been our opinion at Natural Solutions Foundation that the industry has failed to see the "writing on the wall" and has failed to rally to protect its fundamental interests. Is it finally ready

The November 2007 Congressional study of FDA showed that it is a failed agency; its efforts to "regulate" nutritional products and natural remedies through the 2006 infamous anti-CAM draft guidance was called "an abuse of FDA authority" by Dr. Ron Paul.

It's our opinion that what we - industry and the consumers of the United States, need to protect their access to high potency supplements is a concerted campaign to Divest the FDA of Food Authority. Congress has, at least three times before, divested FDA of authority it was misusing, when DEA, EPA and CPA were created.

Can the industry survive more FDA mis-regulation?

How much more FDA mis-regulation can the industry survive? How much more FDA-mis-regulation will consumers tolerate? Are we ready to act? Click here () to indicate your interest in attending a joint industry-consumer webinar (date TBA) on ending this reign of terror for food supplements. And visit to join the distribution list of the safe, secure and highly informative Health Freedom Action eAlert.

So there we have it: either the FDA is divested of food authority or we will, bit by bit, lose our access to high potency, advanced nutrition.

For more on Divesting the FDA see:

Here is the version of this posting used for the January 31, 2008 Health Freedom Action eAlert:

[My thanks to Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine for helping with this blog entry.]

Friday, January 23, 2009

So is Codex a Threat to Dietary Supplements?

We were recently asked again if the UN agency, Codex Alimentarius (the world food code) was a threat to dietary supplements; was there as deadline after which Codex would prevent us from buying supplements? Here is my answer:


...if you look up the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, adopted by Codex in 2005, it begins, "Most people who have access to a balanced diet can usually obtain all the nutrients they require from their normal diet. Because foods contain many substances that promote health, people should therefore be encouraged to select a balanced diet from food before considering any vitamin and mineral supplement"

The VMG is at:

When you read the VMG carefully, the prejudices against supplements stated in the very first sentence above are reinforced by a general attitude that treats food supplements as though they were industrial toxins (while elsewhere Codex allows all sorts of real industrial toxins in the food supply).

Codex guidelines are not "law" but they are "presumptive evidence" in WTO disputes. So it is the World Trade Organization that enforces Codex. For Codex to have domestic impact, local law has to be amended to meet the Codex guidelines. In the US, DSHEA still protects us from the full impact of Codex, though the new administration seems to be moving in the direction of "HARMonizing" our laws with Codex, which as long been FDA policy.

I've discussed how countries can opt out of Codex in a YouTube video called the "Codex Two Step" - see:

In connection with the "Codex Two Step" Natural Solutions Foundation sponsored our own "nutrient friendly" version of the VMG for countries to adopt, which would not restrict supplementation:

So while at present there is no specific deadline date when Codex will take away our right to access high quality, high potency nutrition, the inexorable pressure continues through Codex, through the North American Union cooperation agreements among US, Mexico and Canada, and through a number of other threats.

At the end of 2006 the threat was the FDA's anti-CAM draft guidance document that Dr. Ron Paul called "an abuse of FDA power..." We beat this back (it has still not been finalized by FDA) with hundreds of thousands of comments posted on the FDA site before it crashed.

In 2007 the threat was Sen. Kennedy's FDA enabling act, to which was added a "savings clause" protecting DSHEA (dietary supplement) products; we worked to keep that savings language in the final act, when it looked like it might be lost in the congressional conference committee.

Last year, 2008, FDA asked for "comments" on whether that savings clause really restricted their enhanced authority to ban interstate shipments of nutrients, proving the wisdom of persevering -- had we not fought hard to keep the language in the Act, FDA would be moving even faster against nutrition.

During the same year other FDA initiatives threatened further "HARMonization" while the EPA moved toward banning Nano Silver products.

See: Defending Nano Silver:

And then there's NAIS - the national animal identification system and recent efforts to control heritage seeds as well, which some see as parts of a developing regulatory structure that will of necessity restrict access to wholesome nutrition and natural remedies.

We've opposed all these moves and will continue to do so. It isn't just Codex that is a threat to free access to nutrients and natural remedies.

But so are the FDA, the EPA, etc. This year, 2009, needs to be the year when the FDA was divested of its food authority. More about that later...

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Foundation Trustee

PS - Since most people in the world do not have "access to a balanced diet" as the VMG pretends to presume, what is the real purpose behind the regulation? Is it not reasonable to presume that it is not a benign purpose? See Dr. Laibow's brilliant expose of the evil intent behind Codex and all such restrictions, "Nutricide" at:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Health Freedom War Stories

Guest Blog from our Probiotics Guru Eleanor Dunne (

Health Freedom War Stories

The FDA is a government-funded organization paid for with our tax dollars and designed to insure that nothing negative goes into our food and drugs. Why then are so many of today’s drugs killing people and our food and drink unfit for human consumption? Why then is the FDA permitted to take special favors from the pharmaceutical industry? Let’s take a look at some of the situations that are occurring today.

The holistic community is not permitted to say that it can “treat, cure or prevent” a disease. What ever happened to our freedoms of speech and association, guaranteed by the First Amendment? In my experience, drugs are merely a band-aid on a symptom and cannot cure anything. Drugs simply set you up for more drug taking. Doctors die at an average age of 58 years. This means that most of us frequently outlive our doctors! Think about this, the pharmaceutical industry does not make money on healthy people.

A number of years ago I gave a talk at my local Kiwanis Club where I mentioned that I use 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide as one of the therapies that may benefit me and that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had banned its use. Someone in the audience challenged me, so I called the FDA in Washington, D.C., to inquire further and asked if they had banned its use. “Oh no” was the answer, and proceeded to ask me where I was currently purchasing it. I very foolishly told the spokesperson for the FDA that I was currently buying it at a major vitamin and nutritional supplement company in New York. Upon further research, two weeks later I was told by that same company that they could no longer sell it because the FDA had blocked it. Moreover, another large well known vitamin/supplement supplier had already been told to stop selling it.

Some years ago I was involved in a car accident and I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel syndrome. I knew that it was a B6 deficiency and was told not to use more than fifty mg as my physician feared further damage by sensory neuropathy. For two months I took the B6 and B Complex and went back to the doctor who told me I still had Carpel Tunnel. I went back to my books and found that sensory neuropathy was the end result of taking one to two thousand mg of vitamin B6 a day for two years. I figured I could take 600 mg. a day along with 200 mg. of B Complex and still be safe. I then put them in the coffee enemas. One week later I went back to the doctor and there was no Carpel Tunnel.

After realizing the benefits of coffee enemas, I decided to call Fleet Enema to see if we could create healing enemas using my methods. I spoke with a researcher and was asked how it was that drinking coffee did not do the same thing. I explained that it was going through an enzyme bath and an acid bath and exiting through a ruined digestive system. That made sense to him. I then asked if we might collaborate on my coffee enemas?” “No” he replied. “Why not?” I asked. “The FDA would come and shut me down.”

I recently made the mistake of writing a letter to George Bush to suggest we make some changes to correct the problems with the FDA. I copied everyone and every company I could think of and received no reply from anyone. Within a few months I found the only company that made the 500-ppm colloidal silver had been bought out by a pharmaceutical company and that product now requires a prescription from a doctor. What doctor will know enough about it to prescribe it? I wonder why.

One of the therapies used to restore the digestive system is nutrient silver as it allows the yeast back in the upper intestine where it belongs. It is a natural antibiotic and antihistamine. I believe it works best when it is 500 ppm. When dealing with HIV you need 1100 ppm and with AIDS you need 2000 ppm. I was using Innovative Products and all of a sudden could not get the greater concentration. I did some investigating and found that they had been bought out by a pharmaceutical company and you now need a doctor’s prescription to get it. This is illegal.

I had a student with cancer who invited me to go with her to her oncologist. When he found out what my specialty was, he told her that if she worked with me he would not work with her.

Recently, one of the preachers at the Institute for Spiritual Development fainted at church. She was taken to a hospital where they ultimately inserted a pacemaker. It turns out that she has Lyme Disease. She had to undergo secondary surgery to remove the unnecessary pacemaker.

A chiropractor went on a boat recently and a rough wave pushed him up against the railing, bruising and breaking some of his ribs. He was taken to a hospital where they treated his ribs. Later that night he died from a ruptured spleen. They had missed the life-threatening trauma at the ER.

My sister-in-law was being treated for breast cancer and she was given chemotherapy. The nurse missed the vein and the solution went into her tissue instead of the vein. It proceeded to destroy her arm and the doctors decided she should have surgery to remove the arm. The night before the surgery, she died.

And on it goes…. Until we stop it and DIVEST THE FDA of its misused authority; what Dr. Ron Paul has called its “abuse of power…”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all … are endowed … with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ... That whenever any form of government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it..” Declaration of Independence

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Defending Nano Silver

In the Defense of Nano Silver: Comments to EPA Needed

Health Freedom Action eAlert - take action here:

More information:

Comment due date extended to March 20, 2009!

Those “internationalists” who want to see humanity culled by the "inevitable" pandemic about which we at Natural Solutions Foundation have raised the alarm these past months cannot succeed so long as a general immune system support nutrient exists around which dangerous pathogens cannot mutate. So long as we have a nutritional defense to the pandemic UN and other authorities tell us will happen “soon,” we now doubt it will actually take place as quickly as forecast.

That protective nutrient is nano silver, in the presence of which none of the naturally deadly or even weaponized pathogens can survive. So it was to be expected that major attacks on silver would predate the actual start of the pandemic. Years ago the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, forbade any health claims about silver (through our Health Freedom Action eAlerts we have, however, made millions of people aware of the protective benefits of silver). And now the Environmental “Protection” Agency, the EPA, weighs in with potentially devastating regulations of topical uses (see docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650).

Yes, that "final" attack has started and if successful -- if nutrient and topical silver are removed from the market -- you can be sure the pandemic will soon follow.

Natural Solutions Foundation has determined to make the defense of nano silver a major effort this year. I have volunteered to focus on protecting access to silver as Coordinator of our new Defense of Nano Silver program. Now that silver has been shown to be safe (even massive over-use only causes, in two recorded cases, a benign skin discoloration), silver must be protected from political attack to remain available to the public, ultimately, to prevent the pandemic only the most cynical New World Order depopulation fanatic would ever want to see happen.

We believe our efforts focused on educating decision makers and the public about the nature of the false attacks on silver and the benefits of silver in the current heightened threat environment will go a long way toward protecting the public from a potentially devastating world pandemic. We urge all silver purveyors to become company sponsors of Natural Solutions Foundation to support these efforts. Please email me if your company is ready to “step up to the plate.”

The current efforts to protect nano silver are clearly insufficient to withstand current and likely future attacks. Therefore, I have resigned from the Silver Safety Committee, on which I have served for 8 years, to free up more time for direct action to protect silver and with it, Health Freedom, as part of the Natural Solutions Foundation's International Decade of Nutrition.

The trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation feel strongly that nano silver is a perfect test case for our Health Freedom: with it, weaponized or naturally pandemic threats are reduced through safe, natural home remedies; silver solutions have been used for centuries by knowledgeable individuals. At the same time, pharmaceutical and medical control and profits are reduced. Without it, we are at the mercy of the weaponizers and of the profiteering habits of Big Pharma.

Nano silver is, in a very real sense, intimately connected with our collective and individual health, freedom, and perhaps, survival.

We ask everyone to join us in telling the EPA to leave nano silver alone. This is yet another case where unnecessary government regulation is being forced on us, with “unintentional” dangerous results.

Here is the link to the EPA “petition” – www .epa .gov/EPA-PEST/2008/November/Day-19/p27204.htm

Here is the link to our Action Item so you can make your voice heard by the EPA:

Here are the comments the Foundation submitted to EPA today:
Docket ID EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650
Long Title EPA Response to ICTA Petition on Nanotechnology

Document Information
Document ID: EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650-0001
Document Title: Petition for Rulemaking Requesting EPA Regulate Nanoscale Silver Products as Pesticides

Submitter Information
Organization Name: Natural Solutions Foundation
Submitter's Representative: Ralph Fucetola JD
Comment Tracking Number: 80813e49


The Natural Solutions Foundation, founded in 2004, is an international NGO (Non Governmental Organization) focused on health freedom. We are active and registered in several countries and a not for profit 501(C )(3) tax exempt organization in the United States. The Mission of the Foundation is to discover, develop, demonstrate and disseminate natural solutions to the problems facing us and threatening our health and freedom, achieving and maintaining a healthy self, community and world. Our primary web site is We have over 190,000 people on our opt-in Health Freedom Action eAlert system.

We have reviewed the "petition" seeking to have EPA "regulate" topical use of nano silver as a "pesticide." The regulations sought are unnecessary and harmful to the public good.

Silver products have traditionally been used for their cleansing benefits. Even the old idea of "being born with a silver spoon in your mouth" is testament to the traditional protective benefits of silver. Silver utensils are one example of silver use that dates back thousands of years. The modern application of silver to counter tops, food containers and the like is merely a continuation of that traditional, natural use.

We see no convincing evidence that there is any potential of imminent harm to the public from the continued use of silver, topically or otherwise. Therefore there is no rational basis upon which to regulate silver as a "pesticide."

We request that the EPA deny the "petition."

Revised Docket No. EPA-HQ-OPP-2008-0650-0506
Revised direct comment page (for extended 03/20/09 deadline)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vote "Health Freedom" on, Round Two

I urge everyone to follow Gen. Stubblebine's suggestion and Vote for Health Freedom from January 5 through 15, 2009 on This is an important message from Natural Solutions Foundation to health freedom advocates world-wide.

Voting instructions:

More information: Health Freedom is Our First Freedom

Below: (1) Health Freedom is our First Freedom
(2) Gen. Stubblebine's letter


Health Freedom IS Our First Freedom

Health Freedom - Our First Freedom!

More information:

Health Freedom means the right to control what happens to your body, choosing your own health path, making our own health choices. Please vote for health freedom so we can have:
Access to high potency nutrients and supplements
Protection from Codex
Absolute medical privacy
Meaningful organic standards
Access to raw milk, bitter almonds and other health aides
Irradiation -ree foods
Freedom from:
- Unlabelled GMO foods
- Coerced vaccinations and other medical treatments
- Involuntary experimentation on foster children, prisoners and civilian populations
- Chemtrail spraying
- Coerced surgical or other procedures like circumscision or electroshock
- Human or animal chipping

Freedom to:
- Choose health practitioners who offer the treatments we want
- Farm and process food
- Provide information about the relationship between health and foods/nutrients
- Drink municipal water free of fluoride and other toxins
- Receive insurance coverage for natural medicine
- Divest the FDA of all food regulation.
- Sue drug and vaccine manufacturers for damages caused by their products
- Use natural methods to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure diseases as we choose
- Protect our children as we, not authorities, see fit.

"Dear Health Freedom-Involved Persons and Leaders:

"The Natural Solutions Foundation is writing this letter offering you a unique and important opportunity to bring Health Freedom into the well-deserved limelight of national and international attention. We have a unique and narrow window of opportunity, from January 5 - January 15, 2009 provided to us by the clever and innovative use of the internet by

"During that time, visitors to the site will be able to determine which of the ideas presented are important to them and vote for those ideas. The top ten ideas will be presented to President Obama on Inauguration Day (and announced at the National Press Club). When we found out about it, the Natural Solutions Foundation instantly asked all of our many supporters and friends to jump on the opportunity. Perhaps you saw our email about this vote. Between the evening of December 30 and close of voting December 31, 2008, we were able to catapult Health Freedom from 98th place to 3rd place, qualifying Health Freedom for the second, and final, round of voting.

"Three organizations were mentioned on that page. To my knowledge, only ours brought attention and focus on the issue but the first stage victory we won is not ours: it belongs to Health Freedom. Despite the rather astonishing fact that there were people among those receiving our information who actually chose to use the opportunity to attempt to siphon off votes from the rapidly increasing total of the page that we were championing, we are hopeful that the long history of fruitless and destructive feuding and competition between members of the Health Freedom community will come to an end with this outstanding opportunity and we can all agree on one thing: that Health Freedom MUST come in as idea number 1 since Health Freedom IS Our First Freedom. All other freedoms derive from it. If we are not the owners of our bodies, then we cannot consider ourselves free men and women, nor the legitimate custodians and guardians of our children.

"During this round of voting, no additional pages can be added so either you and your organization are, literally, "With Health Freedom or you are lost in outer space". We have talents and skills in this group that are tragically diluted and inactivated when attacks and warfare deflect us from what must be our goal - our only goal: establishment of real Health Freedom in the US and elsewhere. Is there really any other goal for groups and individuals that present themselves as Health Freedom advocates? If there is, are they really Health Freedom advocates?

"So the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation urge you to join us in propagating this opportunity as widely as you can, putting any imagined or real differences between us aside at this historic moment. Flagellating those differences has never served Health Freedom well. We do not need to behave hostilely toward one another. The other side is quite happy when that takes place: why anyone in the Health Freedom Movement would want to give "aid and comfort" to the enemy is beyond me. There are few of us and many of them. We are lightly funded while they have more resources than we can imagine. Please ask your lists, your friends, your groups, your contacts, your associates and everyone else you can think of, to:

"1. Visit and vote for Health Freedom by clicking on the box in the upper left hand side of the page that says "Vote". Please let them know that leaving a comment or trying to set up another page is NOT a vote for Health Freedom. ONLY clicking on the box counts as a vote for Health Freedom.

"2. Visit and sign in if already registered, or sign up for an account if not. Then ask them to go to so that they can leave a comment. When enough people have done that, we can have the information sent to the entire network of 10 million care2 members, asking them to vote, too.

"3. Let me know when you would like to hold an electronic Leadership Meeting to move forward finally as a united movement so that we can accomplish our goal: the institution of choice for everyone on the planet about what happens to their bodies in sickness and in health.

"Yours in health and freedom,
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.)
Natural Solutions Foundation"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Health Freedom" Reaches First Goal on, a web site associated with supporters of the incoming Federal administration, conducted a post-election public vote on issues to recommend to the new president. The vote ended at midnight, December 31st.

In the Health Care category, a "last day" effort through the Natural Solutions Foundation Health Freedom Action eAlert system resulted in "Health Freedom" reaching the third place position, guaranteeing it a position in the final selection round.

Here is a link to the Health Care page:

This is a great way to start the New Year!