Friday, January 15, 2010

NY & NJ Reinstate Flu Vax Mandate!

As the New Year starts and while both FDA and CDC try to frighten us with no-longer believable "Swine-Flu-Pandemic Third Wave" tales...

"And you old folks, don't forget to get your jab! The government pays for it!" But, weren't older folks supposed to have had some immunity to the "Swine Flu" from having lived through the 1976 "Swine Flu" fiasco? Isn't that why it was children and pregnant women first to be "offered" the vaccines? And then health care workers, such as the New York plaintiffs in our "Stop the Shot" lawsuit.

You may recall that federal law suit ended when the New York health care worker flu vaccine mandate itself was suspended for alleged lack of vaccines. No vaccines, no mandate; no mandate, no court case.

See: [Video Report]

Well, they're back! "Governor David A. Paterson today announced that the State Department of Health (DOH) is reinstating the requirement that hospitals offer the H1N1 flu vaccine to the caregivers of newborns in intensive care and hospital patients who are 65 years of age or older. The reinstated requirement was made possible by increased supplies of vaccine." [While the present and future scope of the reinstatement of the suspended mandate is not clear, it covers at least health care workers in newborn IC and older patients; possibly the parents of infants in IC as well.]


Looks like the intrepid NY health care workers who, since their initial victory over the NY mandate, have made common cause with others concerned about vaccination, may need to return to the Washington DC court, where the Federal judge told them at their hearing on November 2, 2009, if the mandate was reinstated, they could come back to him.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey licensed childcare attendance mandate has also come back into effect. NJ was the only other state-wide flu vaccine mandate in the US. It had also been suspended for alleged lack of supply (curiously just as we were seeking to amend the Complaint in the "Stop the Shot" case to include the NJ mandate). That suspension covered 2009, so in this new year a new annual flu vaccine requirement exists.


Why is all this important? First, certainly, no one should ever be forced to take any vaccine against their free and informed choice. Second, the courts have created a number of obstacles to challenging FDA approval of vaccines. The Natural Solutions Foundation and its allies seek to do just that, and must align with people who are being forced, at risk of job, schooling or other value, to accept the vaccines against their free choice. That's proven a difficult standard, since the first two sets of plaintiffs saw the mandates vanish when legal "Push Back" was initiated.

Now, however, as we respond to the recently completed Health Freedom War Council and begin the Third Round of the "Stop the Shot" litigation and as the CDC began its propaganda about a Third Wave of the so-called "pandemic" we find ourselves allied again with those whose livelihood, education or children are at risk from these uninsurable, unsafety-test vaccines.


In the case of H1N1, the "Swine Flu" those vaccines were purchased by the US government (for $6.4 billion) then approved by the government (FDA) and then recommended by the government (CDC) and then distributed by the government (HHS). This may or may not be an unusual business model; certainly it is not worthy of respect, nor worthy of a supposed free people.

Are you finally ready to shout, "I'm as mad as hell and I won't take it any more!"

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