Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HHS to Media: "Censor Autism Debate!"

Do you still think you live in a Free Republic?

Here's one news item that shows exactly how far we've gone down the road to Fascism, pure and simple:

“There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We (the office of Secretary of Health and Human Services) have reached out to media outlets to try to get them not to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting.”

That statement was made by President Obama's Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sibelius. It was made to Readers Digest and can be found here:

You may therefore conclude that the information you receive about autism and vaccines from the "mass media" and from the government is not complete and truthful. You may therefore conclude it is merely propaganda... or worse, it is part of a systemic "cover-up" of the autism and vaccine issues.

The Secretary misleading when she refers to "all scientific evidence" since she knows that contrary evidence is ignored and drug-company paid and bought "science" is given far more than its "equal weight."

In fact, this continued cover-up will condemn thousands of children to lives limited by conditions such as autism and other known results of the highly profitable, uninsurable vaccine business.

The lady is a monster. A Tyrant. A threat to all of our lives, liberty and health. She is, in fact, with her co-conspirators in the Media of Mass Deception, a child-killing mass-murderer.

But Secretary Sebelius, as destructive and death-dealing as she is, is not the core of the problem. She is a puppet, albeit a highly paid puppet, for the controllers, the genocidalists, the Big Pharma Fiends.

She is, after all, doing their bidding. It is they who want to inject these deadly materials into our bodies, since they reap the profits from our accelerating and continuing illness.

And that is the Truth we must speak to power if we are to stop this madness.


Harold Art said...

"The lady is a monster. A Tyrant. A threat to all of our lives, liberty and health. She is, in fact, with her co-conspirators in the Media of Mass Deception, a child-killing mass-murderer."

Wow, that is some seriously absurd rhetoric.

Health Freedom of Choice Blog said...


My comments are not "absurd." They are an example of Speaking Truth to Power.

The net effect of the activities of the FDA is to kill large numbers of Americans. Even JAMA has reported that FDA-approved drugs, properly prescribed, kill over 150,000 Americans annually.

That is Truth.

In the case of Sebelius, she is the responsible party overseeing the activities of several agencies that result in mass death.

What is absurd is your unspoken belief that govt officials ought not be responsible for the results of their administrative activities.

Sebelius compounds the wrong by seeking cooperation from the MMD to prevent open debate.

It took a century to understand the harm that govt-subsidized tobacco was causing. If all debate over autism and environmental toxins such as vaccine ingredients is "closed" because Sebelius believes that the "science" is certain then it may take a century of destroyed children until this madness ends.

Can any person of conscience allow that? Can any person of conscience remain silent? Can any person of conscience not name the evil?

And, you may have heard the news in the past few days: the "scientist" who ran many of the tests that "proved" no link between mercury and autism has disappeared -- ran off with $2 million dollars (of the $48 million the govt provided). So, tell me, are we to believe any of the "science" the govt bought on this subject?

Health Freedom of Choice Blog said...

Received a request that I go into more details about the Poul Thorsen, MD matter. He's the EU scientist who may be the "smoking gun" exposing the fake "science" behind the "No Autism Link to Vaccines" propaganda.

More about this at: where there are links to the Age of Autism and Huffington Post articles.

The drug industry produces such flawed "science" that about half of the drugs FDA approves are later removed from the market or their warnings or indication are changed.

The question remains, how can anyone trust the "science" that Secretary Sebelius thinks proves there should be no debate as to whether she is a mass-murderer... or just following orders?

Harold Art said...

Thank you for providing a name re: the last paragraph of your response to my comment. It allowed me to do a bit of research into the issue.

Perhaps, as a lawyer, your exposure to scientific academia has been limited, but generally speaking a co-author whose name appears in the middle of an authors listing had minimal, at best, interaction with a study. I was once listed as the fourth of seven authors of a paper based solely on having responded to an email from the lead author asking for advice on a statistical issue.

These quotes from the lead author and senior author of the work seem to indicate that this kind of "co-authorship" was in play here:

"Poul Thorsen had absolutely no influence on the conclusions regarding this paper" - Mads Melbye (senior author)
""Thorsen was not actively involved in the analysis and interpretation of the results of this paper" - Mads Melbye (senior author)
"Dr. Thorsen was not in a position to change or compromise the data. Dr. Thorsen was part of the review cycle, but never very active in giving input. Dr. Thorsen never had access to the raw data nor the analysis of the data." - Kreesten Meldgaard Madsen (lead author)

I see little reason to jump to the conclusion that these studies are flawed based on the alleged actions of a minor co-author.