Thursday, March 11, 2010

McCain/Dorgan Bill Dies; Its Evil Intent Remains

If you've been following the saga of the so-called "Dietary Supplement Safety Act" or DSSA, S.3002, which would have sacrificed our dietary supplement freedoms for the false "safety" promise of Codex Alimentarius restrictions, died, as it should have, just a month and a day after it was submitted on February 4, 2010.

Huge Push Back from the often fractious Health Freedom Movement (led by's 390,000 emails to decision makers over a couple weeks) showed Senators McCain and Dorgan the error of their proposal... or did it?

We've reported on the developments in this matter several times on this blog and on the blog. We warned that DSSA, by substituting a Codex-compliant "Accepted Ingredient List" promulgated by the bureaucracy for the current law, DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994) and its determination that dietary supplements are foods and as such are generally considered safe if used as directed, would, like the allowed ingredient list now in effect in the EU, take up to 80% of dietary ingredients off the market... exactly as is happening in Europe now.


But, they haven't given up. Earlier today the senators let "the other shoe drop" and in a letter to Senators Hartkin and Hatch, asked that the HARMonization language be inserted into the other fake "safety" bill before the Senate, S.510 which would force the industrialization of what's left of natural, family and community food production. A very bad bill by itself; an even worse bill with DSSA added!

Here is what the senators want, with my comments in [brackets]:

* requiring all dietary supplement manufacturing, processing and holding facilities to register with the Secretary of Health and Human Services; [Food companies already have to register and dietary supplement facilities, as food facilities, already register under food security laws; this authority superfluous.]

* giving FDA mandatory recall authority if a dietary supplement is adulterated or misbranded; [Already in the law; just a year ago FDA banned a form of Vit B6 under its already existing Section 301(11) authority; another superfluous grant of power to an agency that Dr Ron Paul says "abuses power..."]

* requiring FDA commissioner to publish new dietary ingredient guidelines; [This is the heart of the attack on dietary supplements; it refers to the authority McCain and Dorgan wanted to give FDA to establish the Codex-style approved ingredient list, gutting DSHEA.]

* mandating that FDA notify DEA when a new product contains a synthetic anabolic steroid. [More window dressing; dietary supplements do not contain drugs -- they contain food ingredients and there are no foods that are "synthetic anabolic steroids" so this is another meaningless provision.]

Clearly we were right when we called S.3002 a stalking horse for S.510. They wanted to see how we'd react. And we did. Now they're back to Plan A. Shove Codex in through S.510.

This is something we simply cannot allow to happen. Therefore, we need to drown the Senate in emails. Please go to our Action Item and send the updated message to your Senators.

Time to Push Back again! Time to turn Push Back into Take Down!

Not yet time to celebrate. We can't have Health Freedom without Food Freedom! And we know that the promise of gaining alleged "safety" by giving up freedom never results in more safety and always results in less freedom!

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