Sunday, November 15, 2009

Round Two - Stop the Shot Federal Case

On October 9, 2009, Dr Gary Null, PhD, Dr. Rima E. Laibow MD and others, including the Natural Solutions Foundation,, filed a challenge to the FDA's approval of the H1N1 "Swine Flu" vaccines, based on the NY State health care workers' flu vaccine mandate.

Then the State quickly made our case moot by suspending the mandate! After the Federal Court Judge in Washington DC told us to come back again with new plaintiffs [fn #1] we went to the only other State that appears to have a state-wide flu vaccine mandate, which requires all toddlers (aged 6 months to 5 years) to have an annual flu vaccine.

We reached out to our Health Freedom Action eAlert "Mouse Warriors" and thirteen families volunteered to join Dr. Laibow, Dr. Null and the Foundations. So I thought I'd share some of the comments these good folks made when they told us they were in...

We object the mandatory use of vaccines which we consider harmful to our child’s health. This is just a handout to big Pharma at the expense of our health. Use of squaline and mercury is unacceptable as well as the adverse reactions the vaccines will most assuredly cause.

I object to being forced to give my child flu vaccines. My child's body is growing and I will not consciously put anything in that small body that is a know toxin. I do not want injected in my child - Formaldehyde, Aluminum, and Mercury. There is no guarantee for the flu vaccine's safety and efficacy and they are uninsurable. I believe there are safe, natural, non-toxic alternatives to keeping my child healthy or help the body heal.

We find these vaccines to be dangerous, especially the H1N1 vaccine; they are not tested and they cannot cover the full spectrum of viruses available anyway. We prefer to give the right nutrition to our children and their immune system will know how to handle any sort of viral infections. We are very concerned with this limitation of choices by making the vaccines mandatory.

I object to further vaccinating my son with any vaccines. The ingredients in vaccines are dangerous and among them are known neurotoxins. Mercury has NOT been removed - and where it has been removed or reduced, aluminum has been added, which is just as dangerous. Vaccines have not been adequately tested by unbiased sources. There has never been a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study. Many of the ingredients in each vaccine have never been studied. I feel that our children's immune systems need to develop and acquire immunity naturally. NJ has not taken our children's health and the rising % of autism into account as they carelessly continue to add vaccines to the schedule.

I object to the annual flu vaccine for a variety of reasons. The vaccine should always remain the chose of the parents. The ingredients in the vaccines are unacceptable to us. We feel our children being healthy with strong immune systems are far better that injecting a poorly studied vaccine.

Based on research we do not believe that immunizations offer the protection that they tout, but rather put our child's health at great risk because of the ingredients, additives and preservatives included in the vaccines. We have found no research to show that a vaccinated population fares any better than an unvaccinated population, and in many cases fares worse. We choose to eat natural, organic foods and monitor our and our child's health carefully in consultation with our physicians.

First, I believe that all parents should be entitled to make informed choices about the health of their children - including what, if anything, is injected into their veins -- and am appalled that the State of NJ would even consider (to be the only state in the union) to mandate such a vaccine for such young children - not giving parents the right to choose. Secondly, I do not believe the flu shot to be effective. It is usually formulated at least 18 months before the flu season based on an educated 'guess' about which strain will be active that year, so often it is not the same strain. Thirdly, most flu vaccines are still preserved with mercury-based Thimerosol which I do not believe should be injected into anyone's veins or even come in contact with.

And finally, this note from Dr. Laibow:

"Isn't it curious that NJ has both the nation's highest autism rate and the most mandated childhood vaccines? Any health care researcher, scientist or physician who isn't beholden to the government or the drug companies (or the universities that rely on them for funding) finds this very suggestive of a causal relationship."

[fn #1] - See Lawyers' YouTube Report:

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