Sunday, November 8, 2009

Federal Court Tells Us to Come Back Later....

Video Report from the "Stop the Shot" Lawyers -


I was in Washington 11/05/09 for the Federal court hearing on standing for the Stop the Shot case, along with Dr. Paul G. King, Leslie Fourton, Esq. (Dr. Gary Null's lawyer) and Jim Turner, Esq. (Foundation for Health Choice attorney).

Judge Reggie Walton did not allow the case to remain in the Federal court at this time. He said that once NY suspended the mandate there was no longer a "case or controversy" under the Federal constitution.

He urged us to participate in the administrative process started by NY to make the mandates permanent and told us we could come back to court if new mandates are enacted.

Further, he did not let us amend the complaint to include the NJ plaintiffs (NJ remains the only state with a flu vaccine mandate, for children under 5) and told us to re-file those claims as a separate case. We are working on that right now... "Round Two" coming up!

We are looking for NJ parents of kids under 5 who are willing to become plaintiffs in the case. Please contact me at with "NJ Parent" in subject line if you can help.

Here is also an action item NJ parents can use to communicate their willingness to join the case as plaintiffs:

More about "Round One" NY Health Care Workers Case:

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