Monday, June 18, 2007

Introduction to the Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog

Introduction to the Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog

I practiced law for 34 years, representing people in the Natural Products, Dietary Supplements and CAM (Complementary and Alternative Modalities) fields. Now I'm consulting with formulators, manufacturers and purveyors of natural and nutritional products, as well as with CAM enterprises and practitioners.

I started this blog to keep up, as best as I can, with the developing political situation as it applies to these fields and Health Freedom in general.

Originally posting on my web site, I am tranferring the first 20 blog entries here, as separate topics. If you want to see the orginal structure "as it happened" please check here:


Ralph Fucetola JD

PS - And what is Health Freedom? Check my blog on The Wilton Declaration...

"The health freedom advocates and healers meeting in Wilton, Connecticut on July 9, 2000 declare and assert our fundamental human right (arising together with the basic human rights to liberty, free expression and privacy) to Health Freedom of Choice. We demand an end to political, bureaucratic and judicial interference with these basic rights..."

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