Saturday, November 17, 2007

Victory for health freedom in the EU

As the saying goes, "Foods are not drugs..."

Says the European Court of Justice -

"Regarding the concept of a medicinal product by function, the Court stated that garlic capsules do not contain any substance other than natural garlic and have no additional effects, either positive or negative, compared to those derived from the consumption of garlic in its natural state. In contrast, a medicinal product must have the function of preventing or treating disease. Beneficial effects for health in general are not sufficient."

This rational and just decision, recognizing, as it does, that foods can have health benefits without that fact categorizing the food as a "medicine," is a major step toward more open and freer healthcare in Europe.

Congratulations to the Court of Justice!

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Doctors in Turkey said...

If we go a few decades back and even now days in various Asian countries doctors are still using the pure natural ingredients to cure hundreds of diseases.
The decision of the court is truly fair and that is what the functionality of every single medicine.