Friday, November 9, 2007

On their way to a Codex meeting... and What is Codex?

On their way to Codex...

If you are on the Natural Solutions Foundation eAlert list you received an alert early this morning (I think I sent it out about 2 AM…) about my foundation co-trustees, Dr. Laibow and Gen. Stubblebine, on their way to the Codex meeting in Germany. More about that meeting below. If you want to stay current on health freedom issues, you really need to sign up to the eAlert list - please go to: and sign up today! Better, tell
everyone on your elist to do the same. This list of several hundred thousand purveyors and consumers of natural products and remedies is having a powerful impact in Washington and internationally. Imagine the impact if the list were One Million Health Freedom Warriors… ready to click their mousse for your right to sell and use high potency products. At the end of this posting, I've posted a brief discussion of exactly what is Codex.

Codex about to meet on health claims

"By: Alex McNally - Nov. 9, 2007 - Codex members are due to sit down and vote on a series of far reaching rules governing nutrient compounds in foods - and crucially discuss whether health claims should be based only on clinical studies. Although Codex is not a regulatory body, its decisions are used as a benchmark of discussion should trade disputes arise in the future, and while Codex does not have the same force of law as an EU directive or national legislation, it is used as a reference point for countries that are looking at revising or creating legislation.

"In Europe, the EU has already unveiled its own health claims regulation - which says claims about foods should be supported by science - and has caused uncertainty for the industry since coming into force in July. The Codex meeting… will vote upon whether scientific evidence should be based solely on clinical studies. This suggestion has come under fire from trade groups who say this would be 'unfeasible'..."

Here's what Dr. Rima asked me to tell the NSF eAlert list:

"We're on the road again; just finished three health freedom rallies in the West where we taped more footage for the new DVDs. We're on our way to New York where we'll be taping with Gary Null... and then we're off to another Codex meeting in Europe, representing your interests there.

In this Health Freedom eAlert: [1] What is Codex? - [2] New DVD - [3] Presidential Score Card - [4] Health Freedom Movement Coming Together - [5] Magnetizing Health...

Some of our email correspondents have asked us to give them a brief overview of Codex, suitable to copy and paste and send to your contacts... and one of the things we do that others may not do, is we listen to you and do our best to respond to your emails..."


The modern history of Codex began under the prompting of certain mostly German businessmen (some more or less straight from Allied internment camps) who became active in international post-war pharmaceutical consolidation and regulation. In the early '60s the WHO and FAO jointly established Codex Alimentarius as a UN agency. The Codex Alimentarius Commission and its various committees and working groups oversee a series of Standards defining various items in the food trade and Guidelines relating to the processes of the trade.

The Codex Statute puts food safety on an equal par with promoting world food trade. Codex, unfortunately has become the playground of various large commercial interests and the governments with which they cooperate, thereby allowing the degradation of organic standards, increased allowed levels of toxicity, un-labeled irradiation and use of genetically modified ingredients. But even worse, the Codex VMG - Vitamin and Mineral Guideline - treats natural dietary ingredients more akin to drugs or industrial chemicals than the foods substances that they are, subjecting nutrients and natural remedies to an impossible standard for making simple nourishing health benefit claims.

Natural Solutions Foundation has identified the Problem: Codex and its web of influences. We have generated the Reaction: hundreds of thousands of voting consumers contacting the FDA or Congress through our web site, demanding their rights. And we offer the Solution: the Natural Solutions Program, including our Codex 2 Step - how countries can opt out. There is more information about this at

To make the Decade of Nutrition that we proclaimed last year effective what we need most is the financial support to continue to get to DC to educate Congress and Codex meetings. Are you aware Rima and Bert encouraged a bit of a revolt at a Codex meeting about a year ago? A group of developing countries stopped the US/EU dominated group from adding fluoride as a permitted ingredient in healthy baby formula. We also need to raise funds every month. These funds are needed to keep our Democracy-in-Action account current since we rely on their excellent system to run our Action Campaigns and coordinate support. Trips to Codex meetings and Washington cost money and though we are frugal with your money, we are not rich enough to pay for these necessary expenses ourselves. To make this effort happen we need as many people as possible to sign up for regular monthly support payments. This auto-support system allows us to plan based on resources and will allow us to achieve better economies of planning. We've proven our ability to impact international and national policy. So now we have to ask, "How much can you help us?"



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