Sunday, November 11, 2007

Codex: empty room; empty minds...

My friends and Natural Solutions Foundation co-trustees, Gen. Bert Stubblebine and Dr. Rima Laibow have been in Germany for the past few days, attending another Codex meeting... this one, with potential (and as it turns out, actual) harm to our health freedoms. Please check my blog entry of November 9, 2007 for some of the preliminaries.

Dr. Laibow has been blogging on the NSF web site, about the odd happenings at this Codex meeting. One particular incident seems to me to be very telling indeed.

After decades of "open meetings" where public observers, including NGO (nongovernment organization) observers like NSF, had open access to the meeting hall and delegates, recently NSF has found the delegates increasingly isolated from the public.

Here is what Rima has to say about this... and remember the photo above as you read her note:

"At the last Codex meeting, for which we had pre-registered, we found ourselves confronted by armed guards who did everything they could to keep General Stubblebine and me away from the Delegates at the meeting using intimidation, threat and other weird ways of behaving when you consider that these are meetings open to everyone. So we did NOT pre-register for this meeting in order to see what would happen if we used this strategy. Well, what happened was really interesting. First of all, there are no armed guards in evidence, which is quite a nice touch, to be sure.

Second, when we came up to the registration table When we walked in this morning (NOT having pre-registered) to see if we would be sequestered from the Delegates if we arrived without pre-registering for the meeting. What happened was that Mr. Georg Mueller, the head of the CCNFSDU German Secretariat, saw that we were setting up our computers in the meeting room and insisted (politely, but insisting, none the less) that we not sit in the room on the main floor where the meeting was being held because it was too full and was, indeed, fully booked. Take a look at a picture of the “full room” DURING THE MEETING:"

Now isn't that just plain silly... if it weren't so so sad.

So what did Codex accomplish? I understand Dr. Rima is about to send out another eAlert on bizarre happenings at the meeting. So, go to and join the eAlert list to find out!

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But you'll need to join the eAlert list to get the next installment...

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