Sunday, November 18, 2007

Forced vaccination... more health fascism

Good job Charlie!

Natural Solutions Foundation's Washington representative, Charlie Frohman, was at the scene of the mass forced vaccination of children in Maryland yesterday. He movingly describes the violation of basic human rights, and of the Declaration of Helsinki on Medical Experimentation*, by the local judge,

"...what I heard about what happened inside the CourtRoom scared me. We nonParents were prohibited from entry, and we heard the lines of moms with their kids to get shots was like a “cattle call,” with waiver offerings only barely mentioned or on display."

And "...when the Alex Jones noon Radio show interviewed Prince George’s State Attorney Glenn Ivey. Mr. Ivey claimed that parents were not being forced to immunize their kids; rather, to attend school they needed to make a choice between immunization or election of a waiver for either religious or medical contraindication reasons. He also said he did not immunize his own kids! I got a chance to interview the Prosecutor, and he reaffirmed that all that was needed was a choice that parents needed to make."

Get that: the Prosecutor knew his rights... but apparently neither he nor the Court made those rights clear to the parents.

And so it goes... with the choice becoming clearer, day by day: Health Freedom or Health Fascism!

To take action:

One mother emailed me: "My concern is what Maryland is doing to those parents that do not want their children vaccinated. I have a step-grandson who almost died after having his shots. When his mother had our grandson, she refused to give him shots. He is 21 and has been very healthy. My daughter has two boys, 8 & 9. She refused to have them vaccinated. When chicken pox came to their school, the children who had been vaccinated got the chicken pox and my two grandsons, who had not been vaccinated, did not contact the chicken pox. The Amish do not vaccinate. Autism is not heard of in their colonies. So many parents with autistic children say, "They were fine until they got their shots." All those shots do is break down the immune system. What is happening to our country in the so called "health" regime that we can't take care of our own bodies???"

And another comment, this one from an ethical physician:

"...the purpose of vaccines is not to inoculate everyone, but inoculate enough in a given population to inhibit the spread of a highly contagious infectious disease. I suppose of 2/3 of individuals in a population which contacts each other frequently would receive a vaccine, the purpose of the practice would be achieved. Vaccines are not to protect each individual: unless they want it. It is a "public health" effort which is designed to inhibit the rapid movement of an infectious disease through a community. If we wanted to do that really well, we wouldn't allow foreigners who come from locals with endemic diseases like TB, rheumatic fever, AIDS, etcetera, ad nauseum into our country. To mandate inoculations is simply wrong by principle. Naturally, if some county officials, county commissioners no doubt, voted to do that when they were advised by some physician who was a paid member of the bureaucracy him or herself, indicates another episode of the disease of our country: bureaucrats have too much power..." - Lance Christiansen, D.O.

* Yes, Charlie, vaccination is experimental medicine... never fully tested in the combinations forced on young children. See the Declaration of Helsinki:

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