Thursday, March 12, 2015

Doctors' Fear Drives Medical Tyranny


All three types of exemptions from forced vaccination are under attack by the statists.* There are dozens of bills pending in the States to curtail religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccine mandates.

Licensed physicians are becoming more and more unwilling to act as independent professionals when faced with medical contraindications to vaccination. Or, as one mother just wrote to me, seeking pastoral counseling on this troubling issue:
" seems that a lot of states want to take away our religious exemption to enter the school. My younger son will start Kindergarten this year and he does not have all of his vaccines, as he reacted really badly to them as a baby, so I had to stop. But unfortunately pediatricians were telling me that it was only coincidence and that would have happened anyway. It took me four years to bring his health back and now I do not know what to do. My new pediatrician understands and supports me but she says she can't write medical exemption anymore, as it seems doctors that do that being investigated."
It's not that the doctor "cannot" write a medical excuse. It is that the doctor is afraid to do so. This climate of fear is exactly what is being used to steamroll the States into creating a harsh regime of medical tyranny, one vaccine at a time.

We've all seen the articles about families having their children kidnapped by state authorities and forcibly vaccinated. There was a recent Ohio case that abolished religious conscientious exemption for children in state custody.

That is the political reality we face. As conscientious objectors to (sic) "state action," we know that history shows unless we defend our rights, we will have them taken from us, at gun-point.

Physicians, as the leading health care professionals, have a strong moral obligation to "Do No Harm." and to protect their patients. We learn from history. We know that every modern tyranny has had to enlist the health care professionals in its deadly plans (think "medicine" in Nazi Germany, or "psychiatry" in the USSR, or the role of (sic) "psychologists" in the US torture program).

So what is the Physician ethically obligated to do when asked by a patient for a Medical Excuse?

Rima E. Laibow, MD has just written about this in an Open Letter to Physicians:

Dear Doctor,   
You and I share a sacred, professional responsibility to our patients and, in order to fulfill that responsibility, to the truth. We have no responsibility to the economic well-being of any system, company or industry and confusing the two can harm, maim or even kill.
I am writing to you today to ask you to think with me about vaccine exemptions. You and I may believe different things about vaccine safety, efficacy and necessity but it is my hope that we believe the same thing about human rights, informed consent and the fallibility of today’s scientific dogma which is ALWAYS replaced by new dogma when science is functioning as it should. In fact the half life of medical truth is about 20 years: in that time, 50% of what we believed has been shown to be irrefutably false....
Since 1905 the law has been clear: Jacobson v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905) – the Supreme Court reserved for the Federal Courts the right to intervene in vaccine matters where health and life may be at stake: “…if it be apparent or can be shown with reasonable certainty that he is not at the time a fit subject of vaccination or that vaccination, by reason of his then condition, would seriously impair his health or probably cause his death.” In doing so, the Court set forth the standard by which medical exemptions may be issued: reasonable certainty of unfitness for vaccination, or serious risk of impairment of health.

Doctors need to remember that they are not agents of official government medicine. They are health care professionals who have a sacred duty to their actual living patients, not to any collective noun nor to some "greater good."

Each health care provider must take responsibility as a free individual in defending the private, confidential relationship they each have with each patient. Providing Medical Excuses is an ordinary duty of Physicians. Humane ethics demands no less.

Here is the current situation regarding exemptions.

* A "statist" is someone who erroneously believes in the objective reality of the legal fiction known as the "State." "Conservative" or "progressive" statists assert that they and their agents have legal and moral authority to force their beliefs on peaceable conscientious objectors to whatever belief the statists happen to be forcing at the moment. They believe in the false reality of (sic) "collective action" and deny the reality of individual human action as the only actuality in human social relations.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dueling White House Petitions
Put Vaccine Exemptions at Risk!

New Govt Recommendations Target Adults!
Action Item Web Form With Link to
White House Petition Here:

UPDATE: MARCH 3, 2015: 100,000 + SIGNERS!

 55,500+ Signatures on White House Petition! Two major Vax Deadlines Approaching. We have until March 6th to sign the White House No Forced Vax Petition and we have until March 9th to comment to FDA/CDC about the new proposed Federal Adult Vaccination Master Plan* -- you can read there how even your holistic practitioners will be enlisted in the Master Plan - .
Pg 21 - "3.2.1 Encourage all providers, including providers in complementary settings, to implement the NVAC Standards for Adult Immunization Practice, which include assessing patients’ vaccination status at every clinical encounter, strongly recommending (sic) needed immunizations..."
. They are not just after your children any more! YOU are now also a target for Big Pharma's toxic brews. Now's the time to act, or suffer the jab and its foreseeable consequences.

You should really Click Here Now.

While Natural Solutions Foundation has always supported strong public Push Back to educate decision makers, and while we've proven over and over again the Power of Push Back, we usually don't like general public petitions, such as those posted on the White House Petition web site. In general, such petitions lack any legal force as Petitions for Redress of Grievances and are ignored by politicians. On the other hand, Push Back directed to legislators by constituents can be very powerful.

For our current Action Item web forms, where you can message your representatives, Click Here. .

For a list of our accomplishments using Push Back, Click Here.

While we don't usually support White House Petitions, we have to make an exception for the dueling petitions on the White House site, one calling for forced vaccines, the other supporting vaccine conscientious objections and our traditional state-level medical, religious and philosophical exemptions.

If the pro-health tyranny petition reaches the 100,000 mark before the pro-health freedom petition does, the White House will use the opportunity to further support vaccine mandates. If our side reaches the magic number (that triggers a White House reply) first, the Big Pharma cronies who run "public health" in the Federal Establishment will probably simply sulk back into the dark again, leaving our rights a little less threatened.

In the past Natural Solutions advocates have risen to the occasion and produced millions of emails to decision makers -- a half million messages crashed the FDA comment system in 2007; in 2009 3.5 million emails stopped the Swine Flu Vax Panic; in 2010, 5 million emails kept DSHEA nutrient protections in the FDA's (sic) Food Safety Modernization Act; in 2014, hundreds of thousands of email and social media messages stopped the "Monsanto Law" seed monopoly in Chile, helping to turn the global tide against GMOs. . We need you to do it again.

Millions of messages are needed to stop the Forced Vaccine Disinformation Blitz of the past few weeks. A minor outbreak of measles triggered mostly by "vaccinated carriers" is no reason to demand, as has been heard in the media of late, that we Vaccine Conscientious Objectors should be banned from commenting; doctors not sufficiently pro-vaccine should lose their licenses. We've seen homeschooled, unvaccinated children kidnapped by govt agents.

UNLESS YOU ACT NOW, HEALTH TYRANNY, NOT HEALTH FREEDOM, IS YOUR FAMILY'S FUTURE. . Go here; when you finish sending your message to your legislators, governor and the president, a new page will pop up that will send you directly to the White House pro-vaccine freedom petition. It is urgent that you enter your information there too.

Remember: three steps:

[1] First, tell decision makers through our web form, then

[2] Second, directly sign the White House Petition on the pop-up link.

[3] Third, share this link with everyone! 

Ralph Fucetola JD
Foundation Legal Director 


 * Here is where comments can be posted:

Saturday, February 7, 2015

"Libertarian" Vax Thuggery

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.” Mahatma Gandhi

Among those who should know better a shockingly large group of people who call themselves "libertarians" (some of whom I've known in the movement for decades) have bought into the Big Pharma Big Govt Big Lie about Vaccination. Even Sen. Rand Paul is seen "rolling up his sleeve" to get that shot... during a mass media frenzy of vaccination indoctrination.

Led by such formerly right "libertarian" publications like (sic) Reason and formerly left "libertarian" publications like The Guardian, there are increasingly shrill calls to "shun" Vaccine Conscientious Objectors or to "deny" us a hearing the the public forum.

And the troops are circling around their pseudo-science of imposed "immunity." Rima Laibow MD, one of my co-trustees at Natural Solutions Foundation, and I have both found in recent days that our attempts to post rebuttals to the most outrageous lies about the alleged "safety" and "efficacy" of vaccines are being blocked, by, for example, Kos.

The decree has issued forth: the "science" is settled; there is no debate allowed. Everyone knows the signs of witchcraft... haven't rulers and religious leaders and the best scholars here in the 16th Century proven it? Of course they have... and if you disagree you must be one of them...  "Burn the Witches!"  Look for the signs on their bodies; you know they are the source of contagion. They use strange herbs. If only there were less witches, there would be less disease...*

But I digress. It's not the 16th Century. We live in enlightened times.

"Everyone" knows that Comrade Stalin is always right. Lysenkoism is the only allowed biological view. Anyone who talks about "evolution" will go to the Gulag... Oh, sorry, digressing again.

Sorry, I keep on time-tripping; must be PTSD from fighting for freedom all these years...

Now I'm in Vienna in the 19th Century, at the grave of Dr. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, hounded to suicide by the medical authorities who knew, scientifically, that physicians do not need to wash their hands between the dissecting table and the birthing room. Anyone who says otherwise must be shunned until they just... die. Oh my.

Back again here in the ever more enlightened 21st Century.

When crony "scientists" revolve from the crony corporations to the crony universities to the crony "public health" agencies we are expected to believe in their disinterested scientism.

Ignore that government claims the power to lie to us for any or no reason.

Ignore that Big Pharma provides 80% of the FDA/CDC budget.

Ignore all those high paying, cushy jobs they expect to get.

                    Just believe that they will tell the truth.

Ignore the 98,000,000 doses of Polio Vaccine that were pushed onto Americans and Europeans, AFTER the scientists knew that a potentially dangerous Monkey Virus somehow had ended up in the Vaccine. Nothing to be concerned about... even as the cancer rates started to nudge up some more.

And if you don't believe, well, like retired pharmaceutical scientist Paul G. King PhD, who has shown that the govt and the vax pushers have NEVER abided by the statutes that mandate "safer" vaccines. He's just a kook. Or is he:

Or, if you are like Andrew Wakefield, MD, a respected gastrointestinal expert and you notice the connection between vaccines and diseases of the gut, and publish about it, be prepared to be destroyed.

And, even after Dr. Wakefield was vindicated (it turns out that it was a crony Murdock (a Merck director) shill "journalist" who faked the records to "prove" Dr. Wakefield's citations (sic) "fraudulent" who was the culprit, and although the rag he worked for was shut down, his lies are continually repeated by people who don't take the time to learn what really happened.

They just trust the cronies. They trust the govt. They pretend to be "libertarians."

The truth is that there is no valid "vaccine science" that is not tainted by crony corporatism. The truth is that there is no free market in vaccines.

The truth is that in a libertarian society the vax drug pushers would be the same uninsurable risk that they are in this statist society, but they couldn't use the force of the state to impose their fake science and use their Congress to take away from us our right to redress for the foreseeable harms of vaccination.

Listen up, so-called "libertarians" who want the force of the state to make us shoot toxins into our children. Very few of you have children of your own. I know. Very few of you have ever dealt with Amish or homeschooled children who are not vaccinated. You haven't really ever seen clear-eyed, clear-minded children not injured by vaccination and govt schools.

You weren't in Prince Georges County in Maryland in 2007 when the govt rounded-up thousands of children, herded them into a court house, surrounded by police lines, police dogs, for forced vaccination (never telling the parents about medical or religious exemptions). Over 700 of those kids were double-vaccinated 'cause the govt school system had lost the records... why? to make sure the school got its full dose of Federal Funds (BTW, the prosecutor admitted he did not vaccinate his children, nor did his State Legislator wife, as vaccines are too dangerous).**

You don't really understand what it means to be a parent is you think we'd risk our children based on your trust in crony "science." You state you believe that we have self-ownership, but you are willing to compromise when the govt tells you that there is an epidemic. You sanction the use of its militarized police to force vaccinations.

You parrot all the disreputable statist arguments for forcing people to do or not do this or that.

You hide behind your belief in the trustworthiness of govt "public health". Yet that same system approves dangerous drugs that, by some estimates, kill over 750.000 Americans every year when properly prescribed and used.

You fail to see how you are being used to further the globalist elite's depopulation agenda.

(Bill Gates: "When properly used... vaccinations... can reduce world population by 15%..." TED Talk. Google it.)

Apparently even some "libertarians" can be useful idiots for global tyranny.

Right now Dr. Rima is reading a paper at an All India Congress on Medical Education entitled "Regulation and Results" about how the crony system of "health care" devastates health, using vaccination as the example. See her lecture:

This is politically important because India is a major target of the depopulationists. One example from Dr. Rima's Paper, after a huge and expensive Polio Vax Campaign India was declared "Polio Free." Only one problem, instead of a few thousand cases of Polio a year, there are now over 50,000 cases annually of "Non-Polio Paralysis" - a new disease that only seems to afflict the vaccinated.

Dr. Rima shows that vaccines typically kill and maim more people than they theoretically "save." Read her paper here:

The science is not settled. Claims by govt and its crony corporations should be viewed with great skepticism.

Claims by alleged libertarians that it is somehow acceptable to use the force of the state to make people undergo medical interventions against their beliefs and will is nothing less than intellectual thuggery. It violates the Helsinki Declaration on Medical Experimentation.

When that belief in the safety and efficacy of coerced vaccination results in mass infertility, chronic disease and death the proponents are, to paraphrase Lysandor Spooner,  nothing less than tyrants and murderers.

Stop it now!

Dr. Ron Paul, the Conscience of the Constitution, just expressed his opposition to vaccine mandates:

* The Global Health Security Initiative says the most cost effective way to prevent pandemics is to have less "vectors and victims..." Mega death to prevent.... what?

** See the Tiburon Declaration:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Open Letter to the Judge

A Letter to Fox News
Commentator Andrew Napolitano


February 3, 2015 
Dear Judge Napolitano,

A group of health freedom advocates and I have been communicating about the current mass propaganda push for mandated vaccines. They are copied on this note. We need your help.

Dr. Rima (with General Bert) is in India right now, learning about Ayurvedic Natural Solutions and about to present a paper to the All India Medical Congress entitled "Regulation and Results" which will expose the dangerous lies of the vax pushers, describing in detail how vax toxins harm millions, literally killing more than they theoretically "save." Her presentation is February 8th and we will release her powerful paper then.

Here is the abstract:

With even Rand Paul and John Stossel making odd sounds about "government's role in promoting vaccination..." you may be the last voice of sanity in the mass media.

With newspapers like USA Today calling for jail for vaccine resistors, and allegedly pro-free speech publications like Reason and The Guardian calling for blocking vaccine refusers' access to the media, the public is hearing only the drum-beat for forced vaccines.

This would be a real disaster, leading to more chronic illness and mass infertility (maybe the globalist elite's core goal?).

Dr. Rima's paper shows that children who are exposed, naturally, to the self-limiting childhood diseases have stronger immune systems and less chronic disease later in life.

The facts are clear, for anyone without a special interest to plead, hygiene and nutrition ended the pandemic diseases, not mass public vaccination.

But in addition to the question of safety, we need to address the question of legality.

Let's start with the case often cited as the “lead case” in vaccination law, Jacobson v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 197 U.S. 11 (1905). This case is often erroneously cited as authority for mandatory vaccinations.

The case is rather more nuanced and announces compelling authority for Federal Court intervention in vaccination matters. While giving due deference to the State authorities, the Supreme Court reserved for the Federal Courts the right to intervene in matters where health and life may be at stake: “…if it be apparent or can be shown with reasonable certainty that he is not at the time a fit subject of vaccination or that vaccination, by reason of his then condition, would seriously impair his health or probably cause his death.”  

While Jacobson did not prevail in the Supreme Court, it is to be noted that he never alleged harm or peril of harm; he only alleged that the mandating of the emergency influenza vaccination was ultra vires the state’s authority and the $5.00 fine imposed was unconstitutional. Jacobson was never actually forced to be vaccinated and history shows us that the $5.00 fine was later vacated. Furthermore, the case was decided before the comprehensive Federal pre-emption of drug approval that is now embodied in the laws empowering the FDA.

Vaccination is Violation. Nothing less. 

It is not enough to defend the right of the person to make what the govt alleges is "bad choice" of not vaccinating. [The wrong here is compelling what may be unsafe medical interventions. There will be foreseeable harm to people who are forced to accept the shot; such compulsion negates their status as free people.]

That certainly is the position the Supreme Court has taken, in, for example, Thompson vs Western States (535 U.S. 357, 2002) when Justice O'Connor wrote:

"If the First Amendment means anything, it means that regulating speech must be a last - not first - resort. *** We have previously rejected the notion that the Government has an interest in preventing the dissemination of truthful commercial information in order to prevent members of the public from making bad decisions with the information. *** Even if the Government did argue that it had an interest in preventing misleading advertisements, this interest could be satisfied by the far less restrictive alternative of requiring ... a warning ..."

Congress adopted the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (42 U.S.C. § 300aa-10 et seq.) precisely because vaccines do cause harm and are uninsurable. The legal maxim, “No harm without a remedy” applies here and the Supreme Court in Jacobson instructs that it is not to be understood to be holding “that the judiciary would not be competent to interfere and protect the health and life of the individual concerned.” Approval of any drug (including a vaccine) by Federal Authority is now a necessary prerequisite for that drug to be lawfully available to the public in commerce. Such approval is a necessary prerequisite for any state mandate for the forced use of any such drug, since Jacobson holds that the courts should intervene if there is "reasonable certainty" that a person is "unfit" for inoculation since the procedure would "seriously impair... health..." Without the statutorily required showing of safety, we cannot have any reasonable certainty, thus no mandate can lawfully issue.

But none of these medical, philosophical or legal issues are being heard. Only the propaganda for mass, forced vaccination is being parroted by all the media, CNBC and Fox like. Only pro-vax voices are being heard, in a unanimous chorus led by the likes of Hillary Clinton but sadly joined by people who should know better, like John Stossel and Dr. Rand Paul!

All of the people who are receiving this email are very knowledgeable about vaccination. We are each available for media interviews, and many of us live in the NYC area.

Please let us know how we can help you bring the news of our dissenting voices to the media.

Best personal regards,

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Trustee

PS: Dr. Rima's India Trip Notes here:

Friday, January 9, 2015

Prospects for 2015

I'll be on Gary Franchi's news program today at 5 PM and 10 PM Eastern, here:

I prepared some notes for Gary for the program, and since only a small portion of what was said can be on air, I thought I'd post the notes here:


Ralph Fucetola JD practiced law for 35 years, gaining a reputation as The Vitamin Lawyer. Today he consults with natural products companies and is a trustee of Natural Solutions Foundation and the Institute for Health Research. Ralph says he was a Youth for Goldwater in '64 and became a libertarian "in Murray Rothbard's living room..." He's been active as an advocate for freedom, starting with the Tax Revolt of the '70s, and continuing with the Ron Paul rEVOLution and health freedom movement.

He says "the Natural Solutions Foundation, established in  2004 by Maj Gen Bert Stubblebein (US  Army, retired) and Rima E. Laibow MD has given me a wonderful opportunity to have an 'encore career' advocating for health freedom. Right now we are focused on CBD hemp and on preparing major litigation to stop FDA and FTC censorship of free speech about health and foods."

You can reach Ralph through his web site,


1. Ralph, you've been an advocate for freedom for over a half century. Today, with terror attacks on journalists and mass government spying on dissidents, what is the status of individual freedom?

[Precarious, but hopeful. Buckminster Fuller, before he passed, told his students that the new communications technologies would make the "secret government" impossible; today, with the social media, that is becoming a reality.]

2. Tell us a bit about your CBD project. What is it?

[Cannabidol, CBD, is powerful nutrition from hemp. As Dr. Rima says, "CBD is the Holy Grail of natural health - all help; no high." While THC, the part of hemp that gets you high, is not native to our bodies, it has been discovered that CBDs are made by our bodies and are part of the Endo-cannabidiol System that mediates immune system and pain response as well as neurological balance. So supplementing with CBD from hemp will support normal structure and function.]

3. What is the Foundation doing about CBDs?

[We're educating people about the health benefits and we are doing what we always do: demonstrating what we believe. Our mission is to "Discover, Develop, Demonstrate, Document and Disseminate natural solutions. One way we did that was to take over an abandoned coffee farm in Panama -- the owner could not borrow enough to buy enough pesticides and fungicides to get a crop. We showed that it was not just possible to get a crop, without poisons, but that the cofee was spectacular. Today our organic coffee is used as part of our fund raising, and the family that runs the farm tells us our Valley of the Moon Coffee Finca is the first place they worked where they were not "sick all spraying season..."

We've applied our knowledge of organic growing to partner Agrofutoro, holder of the first, and only, CBD Hemp Growing Permit in Chile. We got the final permit yesterday! Soon we will have the world's first truly organic commercial supply of CBD hemp.

People can join in the Hemp Health Revolution by going to -- we have a great reward program and crowdfunding CBD hemp will change the world!]

4. That's what I like about Gen. Bert, Dr. Rima and you... you walk your talk! Tell us about the health freedom litigation in which you're involved.

[The Foundation has sought to confront the government to protect health freedom many times. In 2007 mass public response stopped the FDA's infamous "CAM Guidance" document that would have made nearly all alternatives illegal. In 2009 our Stop the Shot Mandated Swine Flu Vaccine litigation played a role in stopping the pandemic that never was, when millions refused to take the shot.

Just in the past several months, the FDA and FTC have issued against us warning letters, regarding CBDs and other nutrients. We welcome this. It gives us the opportunity to assert Health Freedom of Speech in the courts.

The government agencies are wrong when they try to censor speech about the relationship between foods (including supplements) and health.

Understanding why takes us on a little trip through free speech case law.

In 1905 Congress established the FDA's power. In 1911 the Supreme Court heard a challenge to the FDA's power and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote for the majority that there was no First Amendment issue because nothing in the law allowed FDA to control opinion speech.

In 1912 Congress amended the law and the agency thinks that gave it power to censure speech. No one ever took that issue back to the Supreme Court.

In 1933 Congress again enlarged FDA power. And remember what Dr. Ron Paul said about that: giving FDA power is giving it "power to abuse." Well, in 1933 the Compounding Pharmacies complained that the new law would stop them from compounding medications. Congress provided the industry with a loophole: they could continue to compound without prior FDA approval and could call themselves "Compounding Pharmacy" but could not tell the public what they compounded. And so this censoship law remained for decades.

In 1994 Congress adopted DSHEA, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, which allowed us to make some statements about supplements. I supported the law, to stop the raids on doctors and health food stores, but knew it was flawed. The major flaw was Congress compelling us to make an opinion statement on each bottle of vitamins: "Not intended to prescribe, treat, mitigate or cure..."

That was exactly the compelled opinion that the Supreme Court says is not within FDA's power.

Then in 2002 the Supreme Court heard Thompson vs Western States, which finally challenged the 75 year old Compounding Pharmacy censorship rule. The Court ruled, in the words of Sandra Day O'Connor, that the Court has long held the government has no interest in stopping people from making bad decisions with truthful information. The censorship was overturned.

Now it's our turn. As one retired Judge (and media commentator) of my aquaintance put it, "The sine qua non of compelled speech is truth." If Congress has the power to compel speech, it can only compel factually true speech; it cannot compel expressing an opinion!

And, once the DSHEA compelled speech clause falls, so with it falls the whole structure of censorship of speech about health and food.]

5. Any last words for our audience?

[Yes. You really should go to and join the Hemp Health Revolution!]

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Supporting Health Freedom of Speech Litigation

 The Food and Drug Administration has proven to be the bureaucratic enemy of natural solutions to your health care needs. We, at Natural Solutions Foundation, are the spearhead of opposition to FDA's never-ending assault on your health freedom.

I am the legal director of Natural Solutions Foundation, Ralph Fucetola JD. 

During 35 years in legal practice I was known as The Vitamin Lawyer. For the past ten years I've been one of the Trustees of the Foundation. 

Established in 2004 by Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army ret.) and Rima E. Laibow MD, the Mission of the Foundation is to "Discover, Develop, Demonstrate, Document and Disseminate natural solutions..."

You may have known us from helping us stop the 2007 FDA "CAM Guidance" that, if finalized, would have stopped natural means to achieve and maintain health. Or, perhaps you were among the millions of Americans who joined with us in 2009 to reject the unsafety-test Swine Flu Vaccine, thereby rejecting the pandemic that never was. 

I'm not writing about those achievements. Rather, let's talk about Ebola and Nano Silver 10 PPM. Dr. Rima Laibow has practiced drug-free medicine and psychiatry for over 40 years. She has long recommended Nano Silver for immune system support. 

Back in 2007 she spoke to dozens of African Ministers of Health in Mombassa about the emerging viruses and natural remedies. So it was natural that, during the Ebola Crisis, with even the World Health Organization (WHO) saying it is "ethical" to try even "unproven interventions" and there was a "duty to evaluate" them, that Dr. Rima would talk about Nano Silver and the hemorrhagic viruses. And that our Foundation would tell the world about the US government sponsored in vitro study, declassified in 2009, that showed Nano Silver 10 PPM supported normal cell membrane integrity in the presence of Ebola virus. The virus did not penetrate the living cells and could not replicate, thereby not leading to disease.

Apparently the US government does not want us to tell people about this important study while we provide, on an overall nonprofit basis, the very same Nano Silver used in the study, as Dr. Rima Recommends Nano Silver 10 PPM: .

So both the FDA and its sister agency, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) issued a Warning Letter to us in September 2014 telling us to stop speaking what we understood to be truthful information. 

The Agencies based their demand on their interpretation of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) wherein Congress overstepped its Constitutional Limits and compelled every purveyor of nutrients to put on the label, "This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Even if Congress had the power to compel us to speak or not speak, it does not have the power to compel us to express an opinion that we may or may not hold.

This legal requirement violates the First Amendment to the Constitution and violates the Supreme Court cases of Johnson vs FDA (1911) and Thompson vs Western States (2002).

As one well-known former Judge and media commentator told me about this, "The sine qua non of compelled speech is truth..." Government cannot compel us to express an opinion we do not hold.

So we mean to take the FDA and FTC to court over this violation of our rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association. Based on advice we've received, if we can reach the Supreme Court, we have a very good chance of prevailing and overturning a century of censorship of Speech about Food and Health.

To do so we have carefully responded to the Warning Letter with a Plan of Compliance (under protest) as required by the Warning Letter, in order to "exhaust our administrative remedies" before going to Court. We have also formally petitioned the FDA to allow us to make the truthful statements about Nano Silver that we believe we have a right to state.

We have leading civil rights and health care attorneys working with us, but need to raise at least $100,000 to initially fund the lawsuit that we are calling The Health Freedom of Speech Lawsuit.

We need your financial support to finally stop the FDA attacks on speech about food (including vitamins) and health.

You can help fund our lawsuit by donating on this GoFundMe web site, which you can do anonymously.

We also need you to tell your Congressional and State representatives that you want the FDA stopped, for, as Dr. Ron Paul famously said, to give more power to the FDA is to give it "more power to abuse..."

Tell your representatives here, adding your voice, in private expressive association with us, to our formal FDA Petition: 

Remember to tell all your circles of influence: the time has come to take back our Freedom of Speech regarding Food and Health! 

Share with this link:  

Support that effort below.

Gary Franch interviewed me on this matter, here:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Giving Gold for Good

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