Monday, March 31, 2008

Media Blitz Supports Big Pharma Vaccination "Big Lie" Propaganda

Over the past week or so, the media has been filled with articles and opinions all supporting forced vaccinations. Mere coincidence, of course!

Natural Solutions Foundation just filed a formal Petition with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) demanding an end to all vaccine advertisements that are not "truthful and not misleading" (FTC advertising standard).

You can read the Petition at:

You'll see there that it was mailed to FTC on March 6, 2008 and, according to the USPS it was delivered on March 11th. Follow-up with FTC indicates the Agency could not find the mailing. Therefore we got the name of a specific person (the Secretary to the Commission) and have remailed the Petition. You can check it's progress through the Post Office by this tracking number: 0305 2710 0001 6182 7672. It was received by USPS on March 28th.

[Update Note: the Petition was delivered, according to the USPS on April 1, 2008.]

The Petition requests emergent action by the FTC to immediately stop all vaccine advertisements until a proper safety warning and exemption rights disclosure can be mandated.

So the media finds itself parroting the same line: vaccines are safe; parents shouldn't be trusted to make choices; go back to sleep...

One skillful example of the technique: Inoculated Against Facts - New York Times, Paul Offit

Note the implied attack: only the media-anointed can have the "true facts" - a typical Big Lie technique! Here are the comments I submitted to the NYT... wonder if they'll post same?


Leaving aside the bizarre comment of one physician on this forum that vaccination should not be a "personal matter" (has he ever heard of the World Medical Association's Declaration of Helsinki and voluntary, informed consent?), I am very concerned that the risk experts in our society have rejected the common views of pro-vaccine physicians and the pharmaceutical industry expressed by some commentors here.

Who are those experts? The insurance industry. You know you can buy insurance, as some price, for any risky activity. Do you want to sky-dive? Pay an extra premium and you can... BUT there are two areas of our economy where the insurance industry has refused to write insurance; areas that are un-insurable risks. These are, nuclear power and, yes, vaccination. You cannot insure yourself or your kids against vaccine induced injuries. Neither can the pharmaceutical industry.

That's why Congress, ever supine to the economic interests of the pharmaceutical cartel, created the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Add a tax to the cost of the vaccines to compensate the collateral damage, so to speak, and Big Pharma gets the profits... and huge they are.

Wake up folks, this is not about "herd effect" or about "science" -- this is about money. And if a few tens of thousands of kids end up autistic, or dead, well, that's just triage. Hey?

Check out: (where you can see that "trace" but dangerous amounts of mercury toxicity remain in vaccines) and (where you can help stop this assault on children). You may also want to join

Ralph Fucetola JD
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