Friday, April 11, 2008

Health Freedom Blog Unblocked!

After being blocked by Blogger since about March 31,2008 this blog has been unblocked. Neither the blocking or unblocking occurred with any explanation, except that a "robot" had tagged the blog as "spam." During the block period the March 31st entry entitled: "Media Blitz Supports Big Pharma Vaccination "Big Lie" Propaganda" disappeared from the blog. It has been reposted.

Below is the posting made on Dr. Laibow's Health Freedom Blog regarding the now, thankfully temporary, blocking of this blog:

Below is a copy of a blog I posted at on March 28, 2008; it was entitled: “Media Blitz Supports Big Pharma Vaccination “Big Lie” Propaganda.” Within a day of posting, my blog (which, along with Dr. Rima’s blog on this site, are the top two “health freedom blogs” on Google) was marked as “spam” and blocked by Blogger. You can see my previous blog entries, but the blog entry below is no longer on the site and I cannot post new blogs there. They threaten to remove the entire blog. The blog has been marked as “spam” though, when you read Blogger’s spam rule, there is no spam violation; I only posted a couple times in March and had only a couple links in the postings. Why, do you suppose, Blogger and Google, its owner, thinks my little blog is “spam” — must be doing something right!

I am outraged by this blatant censorship. Is Blogger trying to make itself part of the MMD (Media of Mass Deception)? With Blogger pretending that political speech is “spam” and its parent company, Google, kowtowing to tyrants and big business world-wide, why should we trust either? Google’s users tell us that my blog and Dr. Rima’s blog are the top health freedom blogs in the world… so, Blogger, what will it be? Are you in service to speech or part of the control mechanism to suppress speech?

Ralph Fucetola JD
NSF Trustee

The suppressed blog entry:

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