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Vaccination is Ritual Abuse

The Trustees’ Vax Opinion Series: Part Three [1]
Forced Vaccination
as a Barbaric Mind-Control Initiatory Ritual

 Required by the Corporate State to Maintain Power
Ralph Fucetola JD
"Vaccination is a barbarous practice, and it is one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time... Its supporters are not content with its adoption by those who have no objection to it, but seek to impose it with the aid of penal laws and rigorous punishments on all people alike....Those who are conscientious objectors to vaccination should ...stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction." - A Guide to Health - Mahatma Gandhi (1921, S. Ganesan Pub., Madras, India) [2]

I am a "JD" -- scholar of the law, a Juris Doctor -- not a medical doctor.

When I look at vaccination I see a belief system, not a scientific reality.  It is important to understand the roots of what is fundamentally an irrational practice which sacrifices the young (and increasingly the not-so-young) on the altar of the “common good” to the profound personal ‘not-good’ of the individual – the foreseeable and uninsurable harms of vaccination. The tension between the alleged public good and the denied private harm has a long history plunging directly back to human sacrifice ‘for the good of the tribe’ which I believe it is instructive to consider carefully in order to understand the current vaccination hysteria and public unwillingness to consider the modern issues around vaccination. We have to look much deeper than immunology or public health. When we look to ancient civilizations and sacrificial communal rituals to understand that with which we are all contending,  we see strong similarities: anointed leaders presumed to be infallible pronounce the necessity of the sacrifice which, like the vaccination scenario, makes neither scientific nor rational sense.  No matter how many scientific facts are arrayed against the practice, the true believers continue to believe truly.

In fact, the strange phenomenon of social demand for universal vaccination can only be understood fully in the context of ritual human sacrifice by the overlords of the State Religion.

While our ancestors bequeathed our cultural heritage to us, for which we should honor them, they also bequeathed ancient practices and customs which are absolutely reprehensible to modern, thinking humans. These must be repudiated, no matter how widely endorsed they may be by the priesthood and their faithful, but unthinking minions. Male and female genital mutilation, scarification, prolonged, enforced isolation, the use of terrifying sounds and costumes, potentially lethal tribulations were all used in bonding the younger generation to the immemorial customs of the tribe or other social group. Sacrificing children to Moloch for the "greater good" is an extreme example which made perfect sense to the adherents of that ritual . The widespread and venerable custom of forcing young men into rigidly hierarchical [military] organizations established for the purpose of killing more young men (and others)  is just a modern version of age-old tribal customs.

Compulsory Vaccination Cancels Modern Liberty
Liberty Did Not Exist in the Tribal World or the Ancient City

Liberty requires a concept of self-ownership. Advocates of liberty can look back to the earliest stirrings of human culture for the beginnings of that concept of self-ownership and the inalienable right to Liberty which it entails. Early cuneiform written about 2300 B.C. in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash included the word “amagi” which is generally translated as “freedom.”

Sixth Century BCE Chinese philosopher Lao Tse championed personal freedom of conscience. During the subsequent millennia the idea of freedom became ever more a driving force in the development of human culture spreading from one cultural area to another with migration and trade. 

The concept of personal Liberty has evolved, but not rapidly. It would, however, be an error to consider the Ancient City a place where what, say, 20th Century philosopher, Ludwig von Mises might have understood as Liberty any more than early tribal world-views would have allowed for protection of what we moderns understand as individual Liberty. It is important to note that while we assume all people have felt the same way about personal Liberty, that assumption is not justified.

One extraordinary work exploring the governance (which rests upon the personal status of the governed) of the Ancient City is the 1864 master work of jurist and scholar Fustel de Coulanges, The Ancient City. Considering Liberty he writes:
"The city had been founded on a religion and constituted a church. Hence its strength; hence, also, its omnipotence and the absolute empire which it exercised over its members. In a society established on such principles, individual liberty could not exist. The citizen was subordinate in everything, and without any reserve, to the city; he belonged to it body and soul. The religion which had produced the state, and the state which supported the religion, sustained each other, and made but one; these two powers, associated and confounded, formed a power almost superhuman, to which the soul and body were equally enslaved… There was nothing independent in man… Private life did not escape this omnipotence of the state… The state allowed no man to be indifferent to its interests… The ancients, therefore, knew neither liberty in private life, liberty in education, nor religious liberty... It is a singular error, therefore… to believe that in the ancient cities men enjoyed liberty. They had not even the idea of it. They did not believe that there could exist any right as against the city and its gods…… [Emphasis added – R. Fucetola] The government was called by turns monarchy, aristocracy, democracy; but none of these revolutions gave man true liberty, individual liberty. To have political rights, to vote, to name magistrates, to have the privilege of being archon, -- this was called liberty; but man was not the less enslaved to the state…"
In contradistinction to the ancient past, the past half millennium has seen very significant advances in Liberty and, in the past century or so, a clear theory of human action, or praxeology, has developed which posits Freedom of Choice as a driving factor in the advance of human civilization, as “dissatisfied” individuals engage in purposeful human action.  The Austrian economist and social theoretician Ludwig von Meises hypothesized that all human action is predicated upon dissatisfaction, as did Dr. Sigmund Freud, his contemporary.

The minions of State-mediated illness control seek to abolish our hard-won Freedom of Choice. 

Control over most humans has been maintained for millennia through the use of religious and, later, political ideologies inevitably justifying the dominance of the few over the many, even when the controllers pretend to speak for, and protect,  the "majority". Through the use of what early freedom theorists such as the American abolitionist and theorist Lysandor Spooner saw as the great monopolies created by political power, this strict social control dominated human society for most of its existence. These included the monopolies over conscience embodied by state religions, over the bodies of certain people (e.g., chattel slavery; prisoners, war captives, caste system members, etc.), or the property rights of approximately half of the species (in Europe, the legal “infirmities” of women, etc.) and over property through regal claims to “own” the land and economic activities of a territory (feudalism and mercantilism). But in more modern times the structure of bureaucracy itself has been redesigned to become, not just to serve, the control system. Consider, for, example, how the regulatory structure of the Military Draft was used in the USA during the 1960s and ‘70s to “channel” students into certain fields, such as science, engineering and weapons design, which were considered of benefit to the state. Now we see the same process at work with the incessant demands for ever more vaccines, and for forcing adults and children to receive all the vaccines that crony corporatist-tainted science can concoct without regard for either scientific validation or personal rights.

Imagine, if you will, the experience of the Vax Poke from the viewpoint of the child.

Humans, including infants, instinctively react to assaults by powerful figures. Have you ever really looked in a maternity hospital at the differences between boys who were just subjected to genital mutilation, as compared to boys who were not so assaulted? You will see, in the former, fright, terror, complete shut-down of normal infant behavior. The unmutilated baby boys, on the other hand, are relaxed and open to experience, as are the girls. The Vax Poke is similar to being circumcised. It is an often painful assault that must leave psychological scars, even as puts the child's health at risk from adverse reactions, for the "greater good."

In this way, we can see the vaccination ritual, repeated at intervals over the couple of decades of childhood, as mind-control training. "We in authority can stick needles into you, making you sick, belittling your discomfort and subsequent illness, compromising your genome and your life trajectory, risking your health while you must remain passive and allow the assault, coming to believe that since it is for the greater good, you do not matter.  Then, later, you will present your own offspring for the ritual at increasingly frequent intervals. It is, after all, for the greater good." Every vaccination of a child or an adult which is required by State constitutes Involuntary Medical Intervention and violates the most basic principle of self-determination: the right to determine what happens to your own body.

Central to that right is the basic human right of Informed Consent which absolutely and non-negotiably requires the right to say "No!" to any, or every, medical  or non-medical intervention.

While we like to think that the right of Informed Consent includes the capacity to understand the risks that is not necessarily true.  Who decides if the patient truly understands the risks if the doctor (or other State agent) believes so strongly in the procedure (perhaps making a living for him) that in his mind, anyone who refuses could not POSSIBLY understand the treatment being offered.  Therefore, in the mind of this hypothetical, but all too frequently encountered, doctor the patient does not understand the risks because he/she is STILL saying “No thank you.” to treatments. The fact is that there can be every reason, or no reason at all, to reject the proffered medical intervention under the doctrine of Informed Consent.  Once the patient has been informed, it is up to him/her to consent.  If that consent is not forth coming, the consequences must lie with the patient.  But if a harmful treatment is given, the consequences must lie with the doctor and the provider – but, with vaccines, the government has abrogated that responsibility by providing manufacturer and purveyor with absolute immunity so they can harm by vaccination with impunity.  There is no legal recourse against the harming doctor or harming vaccine manufacturer. There is therefore no incentive not to harm.

Informed consent means, in its most fundamental aspect, that it may lead to a decision NOT to accept the intervention.

The Right to Refuse is a cornerstone of any definition of personal Liberty since without it, Liberty dissolves. There can be no right more sacred or hallowed, in fact, than that of defining the conditions of servitude, activity and resistance for the free human being by either accepting or declining the proffered intervention, offer, job, food, spouse, etc. The lesson that the painful and illness producing jab, for which the child is presented by its trusted parents (or the adult who is led by authority figures to trust and submit to vaccination him/herself) is to teach the child, and the adult, receiver of the Jab(s), is that only (sic) “experts” matter; those in authority have the power to hurt without recourse (vaccination is an uninsurable risk) and that your knowledge of your body is far less important than anyone else’s.  Further, your pain and suffering are not real.  Only the premises and promises of the authorities mean anything even if what they mean requires faith, not science, to understand.

Modern bureaucracy, the hallmark of the "Therapeutic State," needs mass, involuntary vaccination to maintain its power. Children, and now adults, must be offered to the fires of Moloch... or the (Therapeutic State’s) world will end. Say “NO!” to mandatory vaccination now.

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[1] Trustees Vax Opinion Series Part One: Dr. Rima: Part Two: Gen. Bert:

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