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Doctors, Nurses and Vaxx Drug Pushers:
"Check Your [Government] Privileges"

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No Forced Vaccination:
Doctors, Nurses and Vaxx Drug Pushers

"Check Your [Government] Privileges"


The phrase "check your [white/male etc] privilege" is a collectivist code-phrase used as a pseudo-justification for "reverse" sexism, racism and classism, to stifle Free Speech. As such, it is not meaningful communication, but rather an attempt to prevent communication. 

However, there is one type of privilege that does need to be "checked." Any "privilege" enforced by a government agent at the point of a gun.

As a libertarian individualist I reject collectivist notions of group-guilt as an immoral assault on fundamental human rights. Collective nouns, such as "race" or "class" or "nation" or "corporation" refer to legal fictions and not to acting humans. The coercive privileges about which we must be concerned are laws, regulations, monopolies and the like imposed on civil society by government edict. Only actual humans engage in human action, and each is responsible for the results of that action -- you cannot be a moral actor and hide behind privilege.

As a student of history I am well aware of what 19th Century Libertarian Lysandor Spooner considered the privileges imposed by government; the great monopolies: [1] state churches; [2] chattel slavery and its substitutes; [3] the legal "infirmities" of women, [4] government monopolies over trade and commerce, and [5] the government-privileged bankster monopoly of the media of exchange. These are the true coercive privileges that any free society must reject. Over the past two centuries humanity has made real progress in abolishing these barbaric relics of an unfree past.

In the modern era, however, special government privileges continue to be granted to favored groups; prime among these are the special legal privileges granted to the purveyors of the uninsurable risks of vaccination. Vaccines have been declared, by the US Supreme Court, as "unavoidably unsafe."

Although in a market economy public companies may not invest shareholder equity in uninsurable risks, that is exactly what Big Pharma has been privileged to do. Consider the Great Swine Flu Vaccine Panic of 1976, when hundreds died from the vaccine before it was stopped [yes, in those days, vaccination programs could actually be stopped when the harm was shown; the companies faced huge lawsuits and so withdrew the deadly brew]. Big Pharma threatened to leave the vax business (oh wondrous thought!). Congress, always supine to Big Pharma demands, instead, took away our right to redress for the foreseeable harms of vaccinations and erected a system of Vaccine Injury Privilege.

No one can purchase insurance against vaccine injuries and no one can sue if injured. [Yes, there is a "Vaccine Injury Compensation Program" funded by a special tax, not on the drug pushers, but on those required to buy vaccines; it has barely compensated the "tip of the iceberg" of vaccine harm.] No drug pusher, doctor or nurse is legally responsible for the foreseeable harms of vaccination. This unconstitutional law violates the First Amendment, guaranteeing the right to seek "redress of grievances" through government. The VICP creates an unlawful privilege.

And you wonder why there are more and more dangerous vaccines "recommended" and mandated... with vaccine-induced brain damage and chronic illness the necessary result of irresponsible [because legally privileged] crony corporations? . Yes, Big Pharma, Doctors and Nurses need to "check your privileges..." That corrupted media and government allows you to propagandize for the pseudo-science of vaccination does not justify your actions or make the lies real science.

DOCTORS AND NURSES: IF YOU NEEDLE AN UNWILLING PERSON BECAUSE GOVERNMENT HAS ORDERED YOU TO DO SO, OR COERCED COMPLIANCE, YOUR ACTIONS ARE NOT PRIVILEGED UNDER HUMANE INTERNATIONAL LAW. . You are violating the Nuremberg Code and humane international law. You are committing a crime against humanity as that is defined in international law.

Even a “...diminished expectation of privacy does not diminish the... privacy interest in preventing a government agent from piercing the... skin... this Court has never retreated from its recognition that any compelled intrusion into the human body implicates significant, constitutionally protected privacy interests...” (page 15; emphasis added). *

Just as the Nazi (sic) doctors never thought they'd be held to account; just as Soviet (sic) psychiatry never expected to be held to account, you may someday have to answer for the foreseeable harms of vaccination, such as the 10,000 fold increase in autism (no, it's not just "better reporting" and you do know better; true medicine sees correlation and seeks causation, it does not sweep the horror under the rug...).

It is time for you to stop the lie. Before more children and adults die.

Natural Solutions Foundation, the world's largest Global Health Freedom NGO (non-governmental organization) urges all health care providers to join us in rejecting all forced medical interventions. Support Informed Consent. Do no harm. Take the Health Keepers Oath:

I Swear My Talents, Skills and Knowledge
Will Not Be Used to Perform Eugenicide or
Destroy the Rule of Legitimate, Ethical and Humane Law

For a more detailed review of the international law and medical tyranny, see:

Yes, Doctors and Nurses, you can make the individual choice to act ethically and refuse cooperation with medical tyranny; the drug pushing crony corporations, on the other hand, have no choice.

Without their government-imposed privileges they could not exist. And that would be a very good thing!


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