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"Libertarian" Vax Thuggery

“Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction.” Mahatma Gandhi

Among those who should know better a shockingly large group of people who call themselves "libertarians" (some of whom I've known in the movement for decades) have bought into the Big Pharma Big Govt Big Lie about Vaccination. Even Sen. Rand Paul is seen "rolling up his sleeve" to get that shot... during a mass media frenzy of vaccination indoctrination.

Led by such formerly right "libertarian" publications like (sic) Reason and formerly left "libertarian" publications like The Guardian, there are increasingly shrill calls to "shun" Vaccine Conscientious Objectors or to "deny" us a hearing the the public forum.

And the troops are circling around their pseudo-science of imposed "immunity." Rima Laibow MD, one of my co-trustees at Natural Solutions Foundation, and I have both found in recent days that our attempts to post rebuttals to the most outrageous lies about the alleged "safety" and "efficacy" of vaccines are being blocked, by, for example, Kos.

The decree has issued forth: the "science" is settled; there is no debate allowed. Everyone knows the signs of witchcraft... haven't rulers and religious leaders and the best scholars here in the 16th Century proven it? Of course they have... and if you disagree you must be one of them...  "Burn the Witches!"  Look for the signs on their bodies; you know they are the source of contagion. They use strange herbs. If only there were less witches, there would be less disease...*

But I digress. It's not the 16th Century. We live in enlightened times.

"Everyone" knows that Comrade Stalin is always right. Lysenkoism is the only allowed biological view. Anyone who talks about "evolution" will go to the Gulag... Oh, sorry, digressing again.

Sorry, I keep on time-tripping; must be PTSD from fighting for freedom all these years...

Now I'm in Vienna in the 19th Century, at the grave of Dr. Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, hounded to suicide by the medical authorities who knew, scientifically, that physicians do not need to wash their hands between the dissecting table and the birthing room. Anyone who says otherwise must be shunned until they just... die. Oh my.

Back again here in the ever more enlightened 21st Century.

When crony "scientists" revolve from the crony corporations to the crony universities to the crony "public health" agencies we are expected to believe in their disinterested scientism.

Ignore that government claims the power to lie to us for any or no reason.

Ignore that Big Pharma provides 80% of the FDA/CDC budget.

Ignore all those high paying, cushy jobs they expect to get.

                    Just believe that they will tell the truth.

Ignore the 98,000,000 doses of Polio Vaccine that were pushed onto Americans and Europeans, AFTER the scientists knew that a potentially dangerous Monkey Virus somehow had ended up in the Vaccine. Nothing to be concerned about... even as the cancer rates started to nudge up some more.

And if you don't believe, well, like retired pharmaceutical scientist Paul G. King PhD, who has shown that the govt and the vax pushers have NEVER abided by the statutes that mandate "safer" vaccines. He's just a kook. Or is he:

Or, if you are like Andrew Wakefield, MD, a respected gastrointestinal expert and you notice the connection between vaccines and diseases of the gut, and publish about it, be prepared to be destroyed.

And, even after Dr. Wakefield was vindicated (it turns out that it was a crony Murdock (a Merck director) shill "journalist" who faked the records to "prove" Dr. Wakefield's citations (sic) "fraudulent" who was the culprit, and although the rag he worked for was shut down, his lies are continually repeated by people who don't take the time to learn what really happened.

They just trust the cronies. They trust the govt. They pretend to be "libertarians."

The truth is that there is no valid "vaccine science" that is not tainted by crony corporatism. The truth is that there is no free market in vaccines.

The truth is that in a libertarian society the vax drug pushers would be the same uninsurable risk that they are in this statist society, but they couldn't use the force of the state to impose their fake science and use their Congress to take away from us our right to redress for the foreseeable harms of vaccination.

Listen up, so-called "libertarians" who want the force of the state to make us shoot toxins into our children. Very few of you have children of your own. I know. Very few of you have ever dealt with Amish or homeschooled children who are not vaccinated. You haven't really ever seen clear-eyed, clear-minded children not injured by vaccination and govt schools.

You weren't in Prince Georges County in Maryland in 2007 when the govt rounded-up thousands of children, herded them into a court house, surrounded by police lines, police dogs, for forced vaccination (never telling the parents about medical or religious exemptions). Over 700 of those kids were double-vaccinated 'cause the govt school system had lost the records... why? to make sure the school got its full dose of Federal Funds (BTW, the prosecutor admitted he did not vaccinate his children, nor did his State Legislator wife, as vaccines are too dangerous).**

You don't really understand what it means to be a parent is you think we'd risk our children based on your trust in crony "science." You state you believe that we have self-ownership, but you are willing to compromise when the govt tells you that there is an epidemic. You sanction the use of its militarized police to force vaccinations.

You parrot all the disreputable statist arguments for forcing people to do or not do this or that.

You hide behind your belief in the trustworthiness of govt "public health". Yet that same system approves dangerous drugs that, by some estimates, kill over 750.000 Americans every year when properly prescribed and used.

You fail to see how you are being used to further the globalist elite's depopulation agenda.

(Bill Gates: "When properly used... vaccinations... can reduce world population by 15%..." TED Talk. Google it.)

Apparently even some "libertarians" can be useful idiots for global tyranny.

Right now Dr. Rima is reading a paper at an All India Congress on Medical Education entitled "Regulation and Results" about how the crony system of "health care" devastates health, using vaccination as the example. See her lecture:

This is politically important because India is a major target of the depopulationists. One example from Dr. Rima's Paper, after a huge and expensive Polio Vax Campaign India was declared "Polio Free." Only one problem, instead of a few thousand cases of Polio a year, there are now over 50,000 cases annually of "Non-Polio Paralysis" - a new disease that only seems to afflict the vaccinated.

Dr. Rima shows that vaccines typically kill and maim more people than they theoretically "save." Read her paper here:

The science is not settled. Claims by govt and its crony corporations should be viewed with great skepticism.

Claims by alleged libertarians that it is somehow acceptable to use the force of the state to make people undergo medical interventions against their beliefs and will is nothing less than intellectual thuggery. It violates the Helsinki Declaration on Medical Experimentation.

When that belief in the safety and efficacy of coerced vaccination results in mass infertility, chronic disease and death the proponents are, to paraphrase Lysandor Spooner,  nothing less than tyrants and murderers.

Stop it now!

Dr. Ron Paul, the Conscience of the Constitution, just expressed his opposition to vaccine mandates:

* The Global Health Security Initiative says the most cost effective way to prevent pandemics is to have less "vectors and victims..." Mega death to prevent.... what?

** See the Tiburon Declaration:

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