Saturday, February 21, 2015

Dueling White House Petitions
Put Vaccine Exemptions at Risk!

New Govt Recommendations Target Adults!
Action Item Web Form With Link to
White House Petition Here:

UPDATE: MARCH 3, 2015: 100,000 + SIGNERS!

 55,500+ Signatures on White House Petition! Two major Vax Deadlines Approaching. We have until March 6th to sign the White House No Forced Vax Petition and we have until March 9th to comment to FDA/CDC about the new proposed Federal Adult Vaccination Master Plan* -- you can read there how even your holistic practitioners will be enlisted in the Master Plan - .
Pg 21 - "3.2.1 Encourage all providers, including providers in complementary settings, to implement the NVAC Standards for Adult Immunization Practice, which include assessing patients’ vaccination status at every clinical encounter, strongly recommending (sic) needed immunizations..."
. They are not just after your children any more! YOU are now also a target for Big Pharma's toxic brews. Now's the time to act, or suffer the jab and its foreseeable consequences.

You should really Click Here Now.

While Natural Solutions Foundation has always supported strong public Push Back to educate decision makers, and while we've proven over and over again the Power of Push Back, we usually don't like general public petitions, such as those posted on the White House Petition web site. In general, such petitions lack any legal force as Petitions for Redress of Grievances and are ignored by politicians. On the other hand, Push Back directed to legislators by constituents can be very powerful.

For our current Action Item web forms, where you can message your representatives, Click Here. .

For a list of our accomplishments using Push Back, Click Here.

While we don't usually support White House Petitions, we have to make an exception for the dueling petitions on the White House site, one calling for forced vaccines, the other supporting vaccine conscientious objections and our traditional state-level medical, religious and philosophical exemptions.

If the pro-health tyranny petition reaches the 100,000 mark before the pro-health freedom petition does, the White House will use the opportunity to further support vaccine mandates. If our side reaches the magic number (that triggers a White House reply) first, the Big Pharma cronies who run "public health" in the Federal Establishment will probably simply sulk back into the dark again, leaving our rights a little less threatened.

In the past Natural Solutions advocates have risen to the occasion and produced millions of emails to decision makers -- a half million messages crashed the FDA comment system in 2007; in 2009 3.5 million emails stopped the Swine Flu Vax Panic; in 2010, 5 million emails kept DSHEA nutrient protections in the FDA's (sic) Food Safety Modernization Act; in 2014, hundreds of thousands of email and social media messages stopped the "Monsanto Law" seed monopoly in Chile, helping to turn the global tide against GMOs. . We need you to do it again.

Millions of messages are needed to stop the Forced Vaccine Disinformation Blitz of the past few weeks. A minor outbreak of measles triggered mostly by "vaccinated carriers" is no reason to demand, as has been heard in the media of late, that we Vaccine Conscientious Objectors should be banned from commenting; doctors not sufficiently pro-vaccine should lose their licenses. We've seen homeschooled, unvaccinated children kidnapped by govt agents.

UNLESS YOU ACT NOW, HEALTH TYRANNY, NOT HEALTH FREEDOM, IS YOUR FAMILY'S FUTURE. . Go here; when you finish sending your message to your legislators, governor and the president, a new page will pop up that will send you directly to the White House pro-vaccine freedom petition. It is urgent that you enter your information there too.

Remember: three steps:

[1] First, tell decision makers through our web form, then

[2] Second, directly sign the White House Petition on the pop-up link.

[3] Third, share this link with everyone! 

Ralph Fucetola JD
Foundation Legal Director 


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