Thursday, December 16, 2010

Omnibus Bill to Thwart Voters' Will? Senate May Vote Today -- PUSH BACK TO STOP IT!

12.16.10 Update: Food Control May be Stopped!
New Action Item Here:
This lame-duck Congress is apparently seen by certain politicians as their last hurrah… Hurray! But clearly this is also a dangerous moment. We need to PUSH BACK now more than ever!

In addition to the Continuing Resolution, sent to the Senate after being passed by the House (HR. 3082, which had the fake “food safety” bill S.510 hidden in it) the Senate “leadership” is considering an omnibus budget bill, crabbing together all of the 12 sectional budget bills Congress failed to pass, and putting S.510’s new food-control bureaucracy into the witches’ brew for good measure!

Opposition to the Omnibus Bill is running up to about 1,750 people an hour through the Health Freedom USA educate-decision-makers, easy to use, email system; just put in your zip code and a bit more info, and your emails are on their way to your Senators and the White House. Various patriot and civic groups are urging their supporters to express opposition, so the total PUSH BACK is even stronger... and growing!

The Continuing Resolution can only pass over the minority’s objection if the majority forces the issue through cloture (limiting debate). Since the majority party lost its 60 vote super-majority, needed to invoke cloture, the only way either bill will pass is if certain faint-of-heart members of the minority party support it! It took several Senators — including Massachusetts’ new Sen. Scott Brown who was elected with Tea Party support — to pass S.510 the first time in the Senate. If these Senators hold firm, this will not happen again! If they side with the majority party, we expect the voters will remember. And even six years from now Sen. Brown will be held to the promises he ignored!

The email system’s action item against the Omnibus Budget-Busting Bill with S.510’s fake “food safety” bureaucracy tucked into it, is here: [superceded - see above]

Says General Stubblebine, President of Natural Solutions Foundation:

“The smell of victory is in the air… we must encourage the faint-of-heart Senators to persevere. And get ready to blast ‘em if they turn-tail to run! By the end of any battle, both sides are exhausted, but the side that perseveres just a little longer… wins! That is where we are now, and that is why massive Push Back is more important now than before! We are flooding the Senate with a clear message: No New Programs in the Continuing Resolution or Omnibus Bill; Strip S.510 out of any funding bill! Keep at it! Victory is within our reach. Keep pressing forward while you recruit your contacts to act with you now!”

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