Thursday, December 9, 2010

House Passes 'Food Safety' Hot-Potato Back to Senate

Action Item Updated:

For those of you who didn't follow the events on Twitter or C-Span, the House lame-duck "leadership" pushed the "Food Safety" Bill, formerly known as S.510 into the "Continuing Resolution" Funding Bill to keep the Federal Govt running for another year, pass this Hot Potato to Senate again Wednesday 12.08. The Senate could act Thursday, December 9th.

It is apparent how important this fake "food safety" bill is to The Powers That Be -- it is very unusual to attach a major regulatory initiative to the Continuing Resolution.

Why was this legislative maneuver wrong? Two reasons. First, the contents of S. 510 is anti-health, anti-supplements, anti-freedom, anti-small business and anti-clean food to say nothing of anti-sense. Second, the regulatory language of S. 510 should never have been attached to a Continuing Resolution, which is an administrative bill allowing the government of the United States to continue its activities by funding them.

The House vote appears to have been 212 to 205, with no Republicans voting for the bill. The next step is to continue inundating the Senate with voter outrage.

1. It is bad legislative practice to combine a controversial regulatory bill with the Continuing Resolution needed to fund govt activities.

2. It is unprincipled to push this bill against the clear will of the voters that the Federal govt is too big and must stop over-regulating.

3. A clean Continuing Resolution is needed so that Congress can decide to continue funding at a certain level without muddying the process with extraneous matters.

4. The vote was nearly a pure partisan vote, with no Republicans in favor of this maneuver, and only a few Democrats standing against the lame-duck "leadership." We will remember!

5. The People will keep a close eye on all GOP Senators and expect them to act from principle and not add this budget-busting bill, with its 4,000 new FDA agents to harass local food production and distribution.

We were "on the Hill" today to let our friends in Congress know that "CAM" health care practices (what we prefer to all "Complementary and Advanced Modalities") need to have a voice in the debate over health care and to re-enforce our opposition to S.510, the fake food safety bill.

We agree with Congressman Paul (who we also saw today) that it is bad legislative process to tack a a very controversial regulatory bill to the Continuing Resolution needed to fund govt activities.

This bill will impact dietary supplements. That is clear from the way the FDA used section 301(11) of the 2007 FDA "enabling act" to outlaw a form of Vitamin B-6, although Congress put a clause in that bill "exempting" DSHEA products.

FDA will use any new food authority to attack supplements and natural remedies.

Please help us stop S.510 as a tack-on via HR 1755 to HR 3082.

Action Item Updated:

Rion Paul and Ralph Fucetola

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Allison Sears said...

Thank you so very much for your help! Very informative information. America needs you!
I have an idea, I don't know if it will work:

We must find out who, in the House and in the Senate, read or didn't read the S510 Bill the HR 2751 Bill: Food Safety Modernization Act.

Also: if the president read it before signing it - and no, not a synopsis, but LINE FOR LINE.

This was such an important bill that it absolutely should have been read..line for line, even with an underliner!
My point: if this bill wasn't read, how can it be valid?
Can't we make an issue of that: The bill is NULL and VOID? It is up to the people to know, and push: "No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it." 16 AM Jur 2D, Sec 177 late 2 d, Sec 256

Thank you so very much for your help!
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Stay healthy! That is a must! Good luck and I can't thank you enough for helping America and our Healthy Future!
I speak out, and that's that!