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Fake Food and Supplement Safety Bills Remain a Threat

Take Supplements or Herbs? Not For Long if McCain Has His Way! McCain Bill S 3002 to Kill Supplement Access Generates Huge Opposition!

Take Action Now for Each Member of Your Family and Pass It On to Everyone You Know -

03/07/10 Push Back Update: Has McCain withdrawn his support from S.3002? See: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4767

Congressman Dr. Ron Paul warned us a couple years ago that the FDA was an "abuse of power" agency. Thus, there is a deeply welcomed Internet furor building over Senator John McCain's new bill [S.3002] to restrict dietary supplements while giving the FDA more power to abuse.

And, as always, Natural Solutions Foundation is at the head of the Health Freedom Parade: - our Action Item has been posted on the pages of web sites such as www.CampaignforLiberty.com and www.GaryNull.com! There are other Action Items following our lead by at least half a dozen organizations. That's all to the good. Take them, too! In the past two weeks at least a half million messages have gone to the Senate, FDA and President: "Leave our Supplements Alone!"

The trustees of Natural Solutions Foundation, http://www.HealthFreedomUSA.org, have been warning for years that federal government power brokers have a plan to force Americans to give up their health freedoms and submit to centralized, internationalized restrictions on what we can choose to nourish our health and that of our families through the UN's Codex Alimentarius (the so-called "World Food Code"). It is, after all, the same plan being used to destroy the dollar and our other freedoms. GMOs are part of the problem as are dangerous vaccines, but right now the immediate threat lies in two companion phony "food safety" bills in the US Senate.

WE Dare Call It "Conspiracy"!

If you've been following health freedom in recent years you've seen some of the extraordinary reports by our own Dr Rima -- www.DrRima.net -- from the international Codex Alimentarius meetings where attacks on health and freedom are often launched. Five years ago she warned about "Nutricide" - the intentional destruction of the body of knowledge about nutrition and health and the equally intentional deaths of large numbers of people through food manipulation.

Well over a half million people have seen that presentation. In that video she warned that the plan was for Codex controls to be implemented by the end of the first decade of the new millennium. Mandated under nutrition was to be instituted through Codex and billions would die of what WHO and FAO call the "preventable, non-communicable epidemic diseases of under nutrition: cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke diabetes and obesity". This past November you saw Dr Rima expose the genocidally low "daily reference values" Codex wants to impose on nutrients. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P30Itrfhn8o - The Theater of the Absurd.

While your "Push Back" last year stalled Sen Tom Harkin's disastrous "Food Safety" [sic] bill, S.510 (companion to the House version, HR.2749, passed last July), that would have led to the suppression of family farms and ranches, natural agriculture, community gardens, farmers' markets, heritage seed-savers and the like, there is an effort being made by the usual power brokers (e.g., Big Pharma's lackeys in both parties in the US Senate) to move their agenda forward by introducing yet another bogus "food safety" bill, this time S.3002, the "Dietary Supplement Safety [sic] Act" (DSSA) which would mandate the most important part of the Codex nutrient control system, the "accepted ingredient list" for the US and give the already bloated and deadly FDA power to take any nutrients off the market, reneging on existing legislative protection for them which is found in the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) passed by a unanimous Congress after massive public outcry.

This would be, in fact, exactly like the system imposed over the past few years in Europe, resulting in the complete loss of many nutrients (vitamins, herbs, minerals and amino acids) and, for those that remain, tremendous reductions in potency. NutraIngredients.com, a leading wellness industry site, reports that the European Food Safety Agency has rejected 80% of the "dossiers" seeking ingredient approval. Eighty percent of our nutrients could be taken off the market too!

We know for sure that high doses of fluoride will be permitted, but real nutrients are to be reduced, as they are in Europe, to totally ineffective levels. What's left? Pharmaceuticals. Period.

That's what Americans face - for sure- if the disastrous McCain bill is adopted. The McCain bill (and the Harkin bill) fit nicely into the Obama Administration's plan for nationalized health care.

We predict that something even worse is actually intended to take place: McCain's bill will be merged with the companion Harkin "safety bill" S.510 and both our foods and our supplements will become subject to more political power for the FDA to abuse.

This is, you will recall, the same FDA that regularly approves drugs which prove so deadly that, within just a few years, half of them are quietly removed from the market. The same FDA which whitewashes mercury in vaccines, protected vaccine manufacturers from all liability, allows profound personal conflict of interest in the regulators who approve drugs and vaccines, refuses to allow honest GMO labeling....

Need we go on? This is one of the most dangerous and corrupt agencies in the US, and these bills would give it enough power to destroy what remains of either health or freedom, all at the behest of companies like Monsanto, Merck and their malignant ilk.

McCain introduced the bill February 4th. The next day, the Natural Solutions Foundation sent an emergency Health Freedom Action eAlert to the www.HealthFreedomUSA.org list. We were, as far as we know, the first health freedom group to take action on this disastrous proposal by Senator McCain, who would seem to be securing his retirement pay with Big Pharma.

You've responded as we knew you would, riding your Freedom Mouse, generating over 350,000 emails to the Senate and President, since that Friday night, saying "NO!" to the fake "safety" bills. We've seen clear evidence on the Internet that this issue is "going viral!" This means people are sending this information to all their social, personal, business and other contacts, beginning the process of generating an avalanche of public sentiment against the restrictions these bills would impose. Thank you. Please keep doing so. The issue is by no means dead and our continued action is urgent.

Take this Action Item Once For Each Member of Your family:

Please email it to your contact list and ask them to do the same. Paste the link above into your email to your list.

Read More About -

The McCain bill, S.3002: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4608

The "Food Safety" bill, S.510: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/?p=4014

DISSING Health Freedom

With the McCain bill's apt acronym, DSSA ("DISS-sa") we see the agenda playing out to our detriment, unless we take every step possible to stop this gambit to force through fake food and supplement "safety" bills. If they pass, the only thing safe will be Big Pharma and Big Agribiz, Big Biotech, Big Chema and Big Medica profits.

Learning from Europe's Health Freedom Loss

Why is an "approved list" so bad? The "Accepted Dietary Ingredient List" is especially troubling since such a code provision moves us away from our Common Law Right to access the foods we choose to a Civil Law (that is, Codex Alimentarius) regulation of what we may choose. Under the Common Law what is not explicitly forbidden is allowed; under the Code ("Civil Law"), whatever is not permitted is forbidden. This "lawyer's distinction" is of the greatest significance in preserving our Liberty. Only those things on the list will be permitted. The list is very, very short and the doses are very, very low.

A spokesperson for the Life Extension Foundation wrote about another aspect of the loss of health freedom which this bill assures, the vibrant nutrient marketplace: "If it were not for the technological advances made possible by private enterprise, the adverse effects of governmental ineptitude would have rendered this nation insolvent decades ago. Said differently, if it were not for the increases in productivity and reductions in costs made possible by free enterprise, government waste and fraud would have already destroyed us. "

So it is very simple: take the Action Item -


Please take action once for each person in your family and enlist all your contacts to do likewise. What happens if you don't? The US will be "HARMonized" with the disastrous European Food Supplements Directive, under which, for example, colloidal and nano silver were taken off the market on January 1, 2010, homeopathic remedies are increasingly illegal to purchase in Germany, nutrients are less and less available and Europeans' freedom to chose natural, safe, effective treatments have been virtually destroyed.

We need to protect Health Freedom in America and take back Health Freedom in Europe!

It's time to turn PUSH BACK into TAKE DOWN!

Take down the fake "Safety" bills!

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