Sunday, December 27, 2009

RumorMill News Health Freedom Disinformation

An Open Letter to Rayelan, regarding the disinformation posted on her RumorMill News on December 27, 2009 in the "ROBERT JONES: Codex Alimentarius in 7 more days and not a peep- Why?" thread:

Robert Jones is correct: Codex remains a real threat to wholesome foods; high-potency nutrition. However, the original desire of some Codex supporters to see it fully implemented by the end of this year is not coming to pass.

Mr. Singer, the first commenter on the thread, on the other hand is peddling disinformation of the most vicious sort about Dr Rima E Laibow MD and her hero-husband, Gen Stubblebine.

First, Codex:

The Codex Globalist Plan is way behind "schedule." That's because the world-wide health freedom movement has successfully "pushed back" and the globalist agenda is in disarray -- in little ways and in big ways; examples: fluoride was not added to the list of "allowed" ingredients in baby formula because the health-conscious developing nations stood up and objected. Another example, the "daily reference value" for nutrients, set woefully low, is subject to the Codex Two Step legal procedure countries can use to avoid Codex restrictions.

We are proud to have played a role in the fact that global implementation has been delayed through our tireless dissemination of accurate information to the developing nations of the world assisting them in departing from the Codex standards and guidelines through the implementation of the Codex Two Step Process (for more information, download the Codex eBook, and watch "The Codex Two Step Video",

The Natural Solutions Foundation is the only health freedom organization in the world which spent the time, energy and resources necessary to first find a solution to the Codex menace and then take it directly to the governments of the developing world.

We are leaders in every aspect of health freedom and continue to forge new ground.

For example, knowing that natural food production techniques were rapidly being lost and food production industrialized, a la Codex, we created the Valley of the Moon Eco Demonstration Project in Panama to reclaim the production of food using advanced technologies and ancient ones.

The result? A REAL Green Revolution in the making, through the global education of farmers and non-farmers alike.

Please visit for more information on this leading edge, innovative health freedom project.

Or visit to learn how to grow your own vegetables in a tiny space. Anywhere. Anytime. As long as the law still allows.

There is no significant area of Health Freedom where the Natural Solutions is not the leader and innovator for analysis and solutions.

I am honored to be a co-trustee of with Gen Stubblebine and Dr Laibow. We've invited health freedom advocates to join us on January 2 and 3, both in person and online, for the 2010 Health Freedom War Council.

Event media release:

Now on to Mr. Singer:

He regurgitates the usual insubstantial rumors and innuendo. Nothing of substance. Then there's the appeal to authority... and all the usual big lie techniques.

The attacks on Dr Laibow and Gen Stubblebine originate from a multiply-hospitalized schizophrenic... but you can read more about that sorry story and our specific replies to the not-so-specific attacks here:

It's all smoke and mirrors and disinformation and it always surfaces whenever we're engaging in another initiative that will impact Health Freedom... like our planned War Council will!

The usual gossip about the good Doctor and the General are B.S. -- nothing more. The same can be said about the attack on our friend and colleague Linn Cohen, a true hero of health and food freedom.

And anyone who believes Mr. Singer's disinformation is likely either really stupid or a conscious supporter of the Bigs -- Big Pharma, Big Finance, Big Agra, Big Oil, Big Govt... and no friend of ours or of health freedom!

Our Accomplishments:

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Trustee
All rights, private and public, reserved . . .

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