Monday, December 14, 2009

Health Freedom War Council: Codex Effective December 2009?

Update: War Council report and Video:

The New Year means new opportunities for Health and Freedom!

Due to comments in Dr. Laibow's extraordinary 2005 video, Nutricide*, people are asking us if "Codex will be effective in the US this month, December 2009?"

It remains true that Codex continues on its merry way... but always delayed by our Push Back!

Those who think they rule the world have many plans to control our lives; not all of them succeed. So far the original intent of Codex to be fully in place with regard to nutrients by the end of this year is clearly delayed... by years, and we hope forever!

FDA continues to pursue its policy of HARMonizing our freedoms to Codex's restrictions, as it announced its policy to "harmonize with international regulations even when not finalized..." in the Federal Register in October 1995.

Congress even added a clause to the pending, fake "Food Safety" bill requiring FDA to make harmonization recommendations to Congress. But, reading "between the lines" of Senator Harkin's comments about our Push Back suggests there is continued resistance in Congress to forced HARMonization.

See the update section here:

Dr. Laibow's latest report on the Codex Meeting she attended last month:

From this video report, you can see that Codex is now moving to establish "daily reference values" for all nutrients in international trade, supposedly to make sure that different food labels can be compared. It is, however, a very slippery slope from "reference value" to "maximum permitted levels..." And the levels Codex wants to impose, as Dr. Laibow explains, are too low to even avoid vitamin deficiency diseases, let alone, promote optimal health!

We continue to pursue our policy of Push Back, because we know Push Back Works!

See our Natural Solutions accomplishment page for many examples!

So the Codex original deadline of December 31, 2009 is delayed, indefinitely, so long as we continue to Push Back!

2010 Health Freedom USA War Council

And we're holding our 2010 Health Freedom USA War Council both live and online on January 2 and 3, 2010 to continue our Push Back efforts.

Details here:

Please join us in developing ever more powerful Push Back!

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Trustee

* Over a half million people have seen Nutricide read about it here:

Or see it here:

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