Monday, June 22, 2009

Pandemic Preparation: Self-Shield or Self-Quarantine

Natural Solutions Foundation

Open Letter to the Health Freedom Movement - June 21, 2009


This email is going to a group of people who have been leaders in the health freedom movement over the past couple decades. This is an urgent appeal for immediate cooperative action.

With the declaration last week by WHO that the so-called "swine flu" had reached pandemic "Level 6" (they had to change the definition of level 6 to make this determination) a whole series of bureaucratic prerogatives have been triggered, further empowering local, state, national and international agencies. Why has this been done by the "bigs" -- Big Pharma, Big Chema, Big Medica, Big Finance and Big Govt -- what we might call collectively, "Big Sickness"? We think that it has been done for dangerous strategic reasons, to finally strangle our remaining health freedoms, while hugely profiting the sickness industry.

This potential must be prevented. We mean to protect our children and ourselves from a dangerous, weaponized vaccine created to trigger a weaponized primate-avian-porcine pandemic flu. To do so we have considered the power relationships among the various bureaucratic and commercial interests, the needs of the people, and have applied our general, and increasingly successful strategy of "push-back" -- of new media based, mass net roots action to strategicaly jab back, disrupting the power elite's control agenda. In this case, the tactic is to raise the issue of the Right to Self-Quarantine and Self-Shield in the event of a pandemic emergency declaration.

In the few days since we proposed legal protections for those who seek to self-shield instead accept the government's uninsurable vaccines, tens of thousands of people have sent hundreds of thousands of messages to legislators and decision makers, demanding respect for this right and urging legislators to sponsor the "Protecting Americans' Self Shielding" Act [the PASS Act].

In this case, we believe we can derail the WHO / CDC control agenda if we marshall millions of people world-wide demanding respect for voluntary Self-Quarantine and Self-Shielding. This right is rooted in specific language of the Universal Declaration and the Geneva Conventions, as well as the Declaration of Helsinki of the World Medical Association, not to mention US constitutional principles such as the Right to Privacy.

Our White Paper on the Right to Self-Quarantine and Self-Shielding is at:

The draft PASS Act is at:

Our Media Release condemning the WHO action is at:

Our Action Item is at:

What is the purpose of the bill? To forbid the use of Federal funds to prevent or interfere with self-shielding, self-quarantine.

We need your help to convince legislators to sponsor the bill and bring it to a vote. If you are able and willing to introduce us to any specific friendly legislator, please let me know.

I don't think I need to waste our time convincing any of you that the WHO / CDC agenda is dangerous to you, your businesses and your families. We are in the endgame of a very serious effort by the sickness industry to enable its "final solution" to the advanced healthcare options the recipients of this email represent.

Act now or see your ability to protect what you hold dear crushed in a virtual martial law regime.

What is to be done?

Link millions of people to the White Paper where they will find a link to the Action Item.

Get millions of people to act. Demand our rights. Save all our lives and liberties.

Or do nothing and reap what is being planned for us all.

This is the time to make that choice. No matter what you do, we will, of course, pursue the strategic vision and tactical steps that have been laid down for us by our Foundation president, a very astute, "retired" military leader. As a major Soviet watcher of the time, he tells us that it was a strategy of "push back" that brought down the USSR. What makes you think that Big Sickness will be any different?

Health Freedom is Our First Freedom!

Ralph Fucetola JD
Natural Solutions Foundation Trustee

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