Wednesday, June 10, 2009

NJ Adopts Fake Hemp Reform - No Gain for Health Freedom

After all the usual suspects complained that their cushy jobs in the drug war apparatus might be in peril, the NJ legislature backed off its relatively reasonable Hemp Reform Bill that would have allowed New Jersians the freedom to decide to use Medical Hemp (also known as "Medical Marijuana") .

The revised law now forbids people from "growing their own" and limits use to specific serious diseases.


This is no victory for health freedom, but just another example of government interference with people's right to choose natural remedies.

Not, however, a surprising outcome in a state that is a home of the drug industry (pun intended - both pharmaceutical and illicit...) and a major player in the vaccination atrocity that led NJ to the highest autism rates in the country... except, of course, among the children of "vaccine refusers!"

Will the Garden State ever learn... growing your own is better!


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