Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Only 3 days left to stop EPA from regulating colloidal silver as a "pesticide"

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Only 3 days left to stop EPA from regulating colloidal silver as a "pesticide"

Hi, Steve Barwick here for www.TheSilverEdge.com

There are only three short days left to stop the radical environmental groups from forcing the EPA to regulate colloidal silver as a "pesticide."

As I have warned, these radical environmental groups are pulling out all stops at the very last minute in order to make sure all silver-based products, including colloidal silver, are regulated as "toxic pesticides."

In fact, they have just released a new medical study, and they claim it proves that all products containing nano-silver -- including colloidal silver -- are harmful to human cells (DNA).

But does the study really prove what the radical environmental groups claim it does? Or is it in reality a cleverly concocted lie on behalf of the environmentalists designed to instill fear and doubt into the minds of the bureaucrats at the EPA, so they will cave in and regulate silver as a "toxic pesticide" as the environmentalists are demaning?

You can find out the answer in my latest posting at the Colloidal Silver Secrets blog at www.ColloidalSilverSecrets.blogspot.com

The article is titled, Enviro Groups Lie About Study in Last Ditch Effort to Have Silver Regulated by EPA as a 'Pesticide'

Please don't wait to read it. The deadline for public comments to the EPA is this Friday, so we have only this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday left to let the EPA know we will not tolerate any attempt to regulate colloidal silver as a "pesticide."

And believe me, when you find out about the fast one the radical environmentalists are trying to pull, you're going to want to let the EPA know how you feel about it.

Please visit the blog and read the latest post, by clicking the link above.

Steve Barwick

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