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Abolition by Regulation… the end of Food Freedom

Abolition by Regulation… the end of Food Freedom

I have devoted decades to the study and practice of regulatory law, dealing with the seemingly endless onslaught of United States government agencies like FDA, USDA, EPA, FTC and others to curb and deny our constitutionally and legislatively guaranteed freedoms. I have seen bad regulatory ideas come and (often, with sufficient push-back) go. But I cannot remember any time in my long legal career seeing such rapid, and, if left unchecked, cataclysmic regulation for fascism and loss of rights as in the food regulation proposed under the current bills to industrialize food with the National Animal Identification System, Codex Alimentarius and North American Union.

While the Obamists claim to be agents of “Change”, that change is toward food fascism, not freedom. It is toward regulating food freedom into food crimes. It is toward making criminals of those who would control “their own seed and their own feed.”

HR 875 [HR 759, etc.] and S 425 [and substitutes] are not just bad bills (Congress comes up with those, usually at the behest of industry) all the time. They are much worse than that.

See our Petition to Congress and link to send messages to Congress:

Tyrants inevitably seek to control food. Fascism and food are always linked.

Sometimes the link is who may have access to food - please the tyrant and you eat. Sometimes the link is more subtle: the tyrant wants you ill so that you cannot resist because you are weak and distracted by illness.

And sometimes the link, as in Nazi Germany, was that women must eat properly to produce sons for the Fürher, who was, by the way, a strict vegetarian.

Today, in the terrorist-crazed globalist world so enthusiastically being ushered even further in by the new US administration, the link is that food security must be assured to “protect” us from terrorists and their wish to contaminate our food.

So HR 875 and S 425 will “protect” us out of our birthright to clean, unadulterated food grown by those who would produce such natural bounty. Instead, food will be chipped, irradiated, contaminated, industrialized, genetically modified and demineralized to “protect” us from independence, from health, from autonomy and self-sufficiency.

As you know, the Natural Solutions Foundation has been cautioning against these very developments for years. We have warned that the patterns were being established through the globalists’ toy, Codex Alimentarius, for many decades.

We have warned that the global degradation and industrialization of food was accelerating and that the process was going to take down the US food supply if we did not take decisive action.

We have been demonized, smeared, railed against and lied about. That, of course, is a make of the fact that we have been highly successful in alerting both individuals, decision makers and governments to these dangers. For that reason, we are 203,000+ strong — patriots who have volunteered to join the free Health Freedom eAlert system at:

The globalists, though, think they are stronger. Unless we take action to make the freedom virus the strongest political and social force on the planet today, our food supply, and therefore our health and our very survival, will be globalized, industrialized, damaged and, worst of all, controlled by a ruling elite who wish 90% of us dead.

What are we to do?

Take action and bring the largest force of health action champions ever to assemble around an issue together. How? Through information and action.

Action eAlert Items (see listings below).

I promise you, from my decades of creating legal push-back, that it works. But it only works if enough pressure, or, as General Stubblebine puts it in terms of the Principles of War, MASS, is applied to the problem.

We need you to take action by riding the Freedom Mouse. And we need you to take action by creating awareness and action among your friends and contacts. They eat. They have friends who eat and all of us are able to join mouses, so to speak, and create a planet-wide push-back to tell the globalists that they do not control us, cannot exterminate us and will meet with sustained resistance to taking away our freedoms and our food.

That’s why we are reaching out across the world for allies — for example, Natural Solutions Foundation - Europe. Europeans, after all, are losing their nutrients and supplements even faster than our FDA and EPA are able to take them away from us. But Europe’s people are solidly lined up against GMO “foods”. In fact, a long standing legal action by Austria and Hungary to ban two types of GMO corn grown around the world, including Europe [MON 810 and TZ 25] from their countries was finally decided in favor of that ban!

The Natural Solutions Foundation - Europe will be submitting Parliamentary Petitions to each of the European countries. Those on-line petitions, unlike US ones, can compel the Parliaments of each country to re-open an issue if enough people sign them. We will be putting effort into making sure that we get the required number of signatures and have teamed up with serious activists in Europe who have active and powerful networks of concerned consumers-and-eaters, also known as “people”.

If you are a European reader, click here - - to join our NSF-Europe Forum. If you would like to volunteer your skills, including translation services, write to us at with “Europe” as the subject.

Food and Fascism are linked through human history. But so are Food and Freedom. Natural Solutions Foundation has been focusing on food and freedom as a fundamental right. That focus has never been more important or more timely.

We are facing a dividing line: either we win the battle for our food freedom or we have to step back into the dark dungeon of food fascism. We need your support through your action items and through your financial help.

Green Portal…

We’ve made the first easy and now, with the new Aisle 19 program, we’ve made another type of financial support easy, too. Aisle 19 is an innovative program created by the major marketers who know that their costs go down if they do not have to maintain stores. You can shop online and they can pass their savings along to you.

Natural Solutions Foundation was approached by Aisle 19 because their principals believe in our work. They asked us if we would be willing to receive a small commission on every sale that came through our Aisle 19 portal without reducing the discount rate that our supporters receive since we are a Not for Profit Organization.

We investigated and found that the system works exactly as represented: you make a purchase and receive a substantial discount. We receive a donation from Aisle 19 representing a percentage of the money that you save, but not reducing your discount at all.

You buy the things that you need, get a discount that you can appreciate, and we get support from the Aisle 19 system. To make things even better, if you also have a Not for Profit organization, it can join Aisle 19 under us and gain financial support as well while its members get what they need. It is an elegant and simple system that helps health freedom thrive without taking money out of your pocket.

Join our Green Portal here; its free!

If, on the other hand, you would like a tax deduction for your generous support (and, large or small, all support is deeply appreciated), then click here to make your fully tax deductible donation:

The other side has, as we often say, more money than God. We don’t. Our needs are modest, but we do need financial support to fight the health freedom battle.

Remember, too, that we have set up shops for you: where you can support your health and Natural Solutions Foundation at the same time and where you can find products and services of interest, too.

Oh, yes, coffee. Our wonderful Valley of the Moon(TM) Coffee is our first Certified Friendly Food. You can wake up to the taste of health freedom (TM) by visiting And, if you are one of the people who has been waiting for your Valley of the Moon(TM) Coffee, the wait is almost over! After finding out that the US created a new documentation requirement (terrorism, don’t you know) for imported foods, and struggling with an array of export difficulties, we have shipped your coffee (and a lot more) to our shipper. You’ll have your coffee shortly, along with our apologies for the wait. I believe you’ll find that it was worth waiting for!

And to learn about our International Decade of Nutrition and International Projects, see:

Action Items

1. Tell the President and Congress that we want them to protect our right to refuse medical treatments including vaccinations

2. Tell Congress “No” on the farm control bills!
HR 875 and S.425

We’ve set up an Action Item for you to send an unmistakable message to your representatives in the Senate and the House. We must educate Congress that you do not want organic and small farmers regulated out of existence.

You do not want “Big Agra” regulations, perhaps necessary to protect the public when dealing with large scale agra business, applied to organic and small family farms and ranches or to natural and organic food products including Dietary Supplements.

3. Tell the President about Change: Health Freedom is Our First Freedom

You made “Health Freedom Is Our First Freedom” one of the top 10 items on America’s mind with your votes to Now we have to make that message resonate through the White House halls.

See our page here:

Will the new President listen? Only if we tell him, in our hundreds of thousands! We need your help in making this campaign “go viral” to “infect” the Internet with health freedom! Please forward to your entire list and ask them to ACT NOW!

Click below to tell President Obama that we want REAL change - which means more freedom and choice in our lives, not more control over needed medical treatments by yet another overblown, impossible to approach Federal bureaucracy!

Click here to send an Open Letter to the President

4. Right to Use - Right to Choose - Use Nano Silver

Thanks to Mouse Warriors, the Deadline for Comments has been extended to March 20, 2009 by the EPA. We won that skirmish, but the war is still raging.

Retain the Right to Choose Nano Silver. Tell EPA Not to topical Ban Nano Silver of Any Type. Whether you use Nano Silver or not (and we certainly do!), let’s make sure that we have the right to make that choice!

Want to know more? Read Defending Nano Silver:

5. Divest FDA/USDA of Food Regulation Authority - and all government agencies of their often misused power to deny us access to wholesome nutrition and natural remedies. Protect Food from FDA/USDA Regulation! We oppose H.R. 875 and S. 425, but do support divesting the FDA!

With those bills, Congress is about to create a new agency for “Food Safety”. Our analysis is that it will be worse than both FDA and USDA combined. We need to get food out of Federal hands, and quickly. Just think what the new farm bills, coupled with a new industry-controlled, agency will do to your food, your health and your freedom. Having contemplated that horrific outcome, take action and ask everyone you know to do the same.

6. Please join the Natural Solutions Foundation’s new Food and Farming Yahoo!Groups forum. Check it out at:

And here’s an invitation to join our other very active and informative forums:


No Forced Vaccinations

European Health Freedom Forum

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