Sunday, January 4, 2009

Vote "Health Freedom" on, Round Two

I urge everyone to follow Gen. Stubblebine's suggestion and Vote for Health Freedom from January 5 through 15, 2009 on This is an important message from Natural Solutions Foundation to health freedom advocates world-wide.

Voting instructions:

More information: Health Freedom is Our First Freedom

Below: (1) Health Freedom is our First Freedom
(2) Gen. Stubblebine's letter


Health Freedom IS Our First Freedom

Health Freedom - Our First Freedom!

More information:

Health Freedom means the right to control what happens to your body, choosing your own health path, making our own health choices. Please vote for health freedom so we can have:
Access to high potency nutrients and supplements
Protection from Codex
Absolute medical privacy
Meaningful organic standards
Access to raw milk, bitter almonds and other health aides
Irradiation -ree foods
Freedom from:
- Unlabelled GMO foods
- Coerced vaccinations and other medical treatments
- Involuntary experimentation on foster children, prisoners and civilian populations
- Chemtrail spraying
- Coerced surgical or other procedures like circumscision or electroshock
- Human or animal chipping

Freedom to:
- Choose health practitioners who offer the treatments we want
- Farm and process food
- Provide information about the relationship between health and foods/nutrients
- Drink municipal water free of fluoride and other toxins
- Receive insurance coverage for natural medicine
- Divest the FDA of all food regulation.
- Sue drug and vaccine manufacturers for damages caused by their products
- Use natural methods to treat, prevent, mitigate or cure diseases as we choose
- Protect our children as we, not authorities, see fit.

"Dear Health Freedom-Involved Persons and Leaders:

"The Natural Solutions Foundation is writing this letter offering you a unique and important opportunity to bring Health Freedom into the well-deserved limelight of national and international attention. We have a unique and narrow window of opportunity, from January 5 - January 15, 2009 provided to us by the clever and innovative use of the internet by

"During that time, visitors to the site will be able to determine which of the ideas presented are important to them and vote for those ideas. The top ten ideas will be presented to President Obama on Inauguration Day (and announced at the National Press Club). When we found out about it, the Natural Solutions Foundation instantly asked all of our many supporters and friends to jump on the opportunity. Perhaps you saw our email about this vote. Between the evening of December 30 and close of voting December 31, 2008, we were able to catapult Health Freedom from 98th place to 3rd place, qualifying Health Freedom for the second, and final, round of voting.

"Three organizations were mentioned on that page. To my knowledge, only ours brought attention and focus on the issue but the first stage victory we won is not ours: it belongs to Health Freedom. Despite the rather astonishing fact that there were people among those receiving our information who actually chose to use the opportunity to attempt to siphon off votes from the rapidly increasing total of the page that we were championing, we are hopeful that the long history of fruitless and destructive feuding and competition between members of the Health Freedom community will come to an end with this outstanding opportunity and we can all agree on one thing: that Health Freedom MUST come in as idea number 1 since Health Freedom IS Our First Freedom. All other freedoms derive from it. If we are not the owners of our bodies, then we cannot consider ourselves free men and women, nor the legitimate custodians and guardians of our children.

"During this round of voting, no additional pages can be added so either you and your organization are, literally, "With Health Freedom or you are lost in outer space". We have talents and skills in this group that are tragically diluted and inactivated when attacks and warfare deflect us from what must be our goal - our only goal: establishment of real Health Freedom in the US and elsewhere. Is there really any other goal for groups and individuals that present themselves as Health Freedom advocates? If there is, are they really Health Freedom advocates?

"So the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation urge you to join us in propagating this opportunity as widely as you can, putting any imagined or real differences between us aside at this historic moment. Flagellating those differences has never served Health Freedom well. We do not need to behave hostilely toward one another. The other side is quite happy when that takes place: why anyone in the Health Freedom Movement would want to give "aid and comfort" to the enemy is beyond me. There are few of us and many of them. We are lightly funded while they have more resources than we can imagine. Please ask your lists, your friends, your groups, your contacts, your associates and everyone else you can think of, to:

"1. Visit and vote for Health Freedom by clicking on the box in the upper left hand side of the page that says "Vote". Please let them know that leaving a comment or trying to set up another page is NOT a vote for Health Freedom. ONLY clicking on the box counts as a vote for Health Freedom.

"2. Visit and sign in if already registered, or sign up for an account if not. Then ask them to go to so that they can leave a comment. When enough people have done that, we can have the information sent to the entire network of 10 million care2 members, asking them to vote, too.

"3. Let me know when you would like to hold an electronic Leadership Meeting to move forward finally as a united movement so that we can accomplish our goal: the institution of choice for everyone on the planet about what happens to their bodies in sickness and in health.

"Yours in health and freedom,
Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.)
Natural Solutions Foundation"

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