Sunday, October 5, 2008

NJ May Mandate Vaccines for Homeschooled Children!

That's right. Even as many Jersians are fighting the Dietitian's Monopoly Bill and preparing to go to Trenton on October 16, 2008 seeking to secure Legislative protection from dangerous, mandated vaccinations, some in the State Assembly are planning yet another vaccine assault on our children.

Tell your State Representatives that you want strong exemptions from mandatory vaccination (Action Item works for any State):

Assembly Bill A3123, the anti-homeschooling bill introduced on September 28, 2008, among other evil provisions, would enact:

"1. Prior to the establishment of a home education program and annually thereafter... a parent or guardian shall submit to the superintendent of the resident school district a notarized letter registering his child in a home education program. The letter shall include ... e. evidence that each student being registered has been immunized in accordance with the provisions of the State Sanitary Code..."

Privacy? Parental Rights? Religious Rights? Protection of our Children from Assault by the Uninsurable Risk of Vaccination... the Trenton Thugs continue the attack, so we must continue to defend our families!

Health Freedom is at risk yet again, and yet again, the attacks on freedom of choice are attacks on the lives of our loved ones.

The system is sick -- it needs a really big dose of freedom to recover!

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