Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NJ DietitiansBill Still a Threat to Health Freedom

Here is where you can send a message about No Restrictions on Nutritional Free Speech to your state legislators, no matter your state of residence:

In NJ you can also contact your NJ legislator at:

This just in from New Jersey -

October 1, 2008 - This week is the last week in which we can try to influence an assembly committee to oppose the proposed Dietitians Monopoly Bill, A2933 . This bill has already passed in the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee last month on the 15th and one more committee must pass it before it is sent to the senate for their committee approvals - where we will have to begin all over again to oppose it. If successful in the senate we will hold a rally before the final vote as our last effort .

Next Monday , October 6th, 2008, the final assembly committee to hear Bill A2933 will be the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Please contact all the appropriations committee members listed below and ask them to oppose bill A2 933. Call them and Email them -- information below.

Tell the assembly people that this bill is not only exclusionary and making natural health businesses and practitioners illegal , but will be expensive for the state to monitor and enforce. Remind them that when t his bill passed in Ohio that about 800 practitioners were initially arrested and hundreds of lives and businesses were destroyed by those who had to enforce the bill. There are no practitioners left in Ohio other than dietitians and few health shops other than the medically approved GNC.

Please print the below poster /handout an d pass it around, post it and forward it to all you know . Ask them to contact by phone and Email the committee members listed on it. Don ’ t forget to sign the petition at if you have not done so. Thank you, Dian



Trenton is voting on nutritional censorship bills
masquerading as dietitian licensing bills
If NJ Bill S1941 and A2933 are passed, current sources of information
about food, nutrition and supplements will be banned
Contact all state legislatures to say you oppose
NJ Senate Bill 1941 and Assembly Bill 2933

The NJ Senators sponsoring Bill S1941
Dr. Robert Singer, R, Jackson,NJ 732 901-0702
Joseph Vitale, D, Woodbridge, NJ 732 855-7441

The Sponsors of the same bill in the Assembly (Bill A2933)
Dr. Herb Conway, D, Delran 856-461-3997
Connie Wagner, D, Paramus 201-576-9199

Assembly Co-Sponsors:
Anthony Chiappone, D, Bayonne 201-436-0473
Jerry Green, D, Plainfield 908-587-0404
Joseph Vas, D, Perth Amboy 732-324-5955
Pamela R. Lampitt, D, Vorhees 856-435-1247

This bill interferes with freedom of speech, civil rights, the right of informed choice and it creates a medical monopoly over all nutritional information

Please Contact all Assembly people who will be hearing Bill A2033 in the

Assembly Appropriations Committee (group B), October 6, 2008
Comm. Chair : Nellie Pou, D, Patterson 973-247-1555
Valerie Huttle, D, Englewood 201-541-1118
Dawn Marie Addiego , D, Medford 609-654-1498
Peter J. Barnes,III , D, Edison 732-548-1406

Bill Sponsor:
DR. Herb Conway, D, Delran 856-461-3997
Michael J. Doherty, R, Washington 908-788-6900
Louis D. Greenwald , D, Vorhees 856-435-1247
Reed Gusciora , D, Trenton 609-292-0500
Richard A. Merkt , R, Randolph 973-895-9100
Ruben J. Ramos, D, Hoboken 201-714-4960
Samuel Thompson, R, Matawan 732-583-5558
John S. Wisniewski, D, Parlin 732-316-1885

These bills are a gag law on all nutritional information that is not medically approved. Please share this information and sign the petition at

And call Dian Freeman’s office at (973) 267-4816 or

Email us at if you want to help

This bill designates the American Dietetic Association (ADA) as the only legal entity allowed to set standards for food, weight-loss, supplements and nutrition.

The ADA chooses the foods served in schools, hospitals and nursing homes. They receive million s from sponsors like these: Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Crisco, PepsiCo, etc.

Are these the nutritional experts you seek?


Anonymous said...

Where can we find out if this passed?

Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog said...

The current status is that it passed the Assembly health committee.

1. There's a demonstration being planned for Oct. 16 at the Gov's office.

2. People will be attending the Assembly finance committee meeting Oct. 20 to testify as to the high cost (est: up to a half million a year) of regulation.

3. The opposition alliance has crafted amendments to the bill to exempt nutrition!

4. The Gov says he won't sign new spending at the present time.

Contact Dian Freeman at to be added to the contact list for these efforts.