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Internet Abuzz: Avian Flu Weaponized?

The following is the Natural Solutions Foundation Media Release of August 21, 2008, posted on PRWeb at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/08/prweb1227944.htm

Internet Abuzz: Avian Flu Weaponized?

Natural Solutions Foundation alerts world to startling evidence that H5N1 virus may already have been genetically engineered, resulting in the potential for a man-made pandemic. Since Natural Solutions Foundation first used the phrase "Weaponized Avian Flu" on its www.HealthFreedomUSA.org Internet site, on July 19, 2008, the references on the World Wide Web to the phrase have escalated, currently running several hundred new references daily. Foundation President Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (USA ret) current best Intelligence Estimate is for a pandemic incident to possibly start this September 2008.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) August 21, 2008 -- Noted health freedom activist Rima E. Laibow, MD and her organization, the Natural Solutions Foundation, alerted Health Freedom supporters that possibly "rogue" government operatives in concert with pharmaceutical interests, may be setting the stage for the unleashing of a genetically engineered Avian Flu pandemic-for-profit, possibly during the Olympics. This warning is based on the publicly announced August delivery to the US of an alleged Avian Flu "vaccine" manufactured in China under contract to the US by Sanofi-Pasteur. This fact, coupled with other highly suggestive pieces of intelligence, has led Foundation President, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine (USA, Ret.) to conclude that a pandemic "incident" may be the "Big Event with global consequences" to which Congressman Ron Paul MD alluded in his 2008 Independence Day message.

Significant Internet traffic has been generated from the warning, which has been picked-up by Independent News sites such as Rense.com, InfoWars.com, Nutrimed.com and others. Since Natural Solutions Foundation first used the phrase "Weaponized Avian Flu" on the Internet on July 19, 2008, the references on the World Wide Web to the phrase have escalated, currently running several hundred new references daily.

As a result, the Natural Solutions Foundation's urgent Health Freedom eAlert and accompanying video, entitled: 'Weaponized Avian Flu: Are YOU Ready to Die for the Establishment?' has become an Internet phenomenon, forwarded to millions of readers, according to Foundation best estimates. The eAlert and YouTube video are available at http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/index.php?p=742

According to Stubblebine and Laibow, "The story is a long, complicated one, winding its way from China to France by way of the First World War, the Oil Cartel, the Pharmaceutical Cartel and Iraq… to its final destination: a syringe full of something claiming to be a vaccine against the newly-deadly Avian Flu."

The opinions expressed by Gen. Stubblebine and Dr. Laibow are based upon a series of publicly available facts which have been brought together for the Intelligence Assessment; see the substantiation citations at the end of this release and on the Internet posting.

"Our best intelligence estimate is that pandemic Avian Flu has already been created through genetic engineering. The evidence shows the Avian Flu has been turned into a viral threat through bioengineering in the United States, fusing the deadly genome of the 1918 Pandemic, misnamed the "Spanish Flu," with the DNA of the innocuous H5N1 virus in a growth medium of human kidney cells, according to the National Institutes of Health and this vaccine's manufacturer. Some virologists believe that this would insure that the man-made mutant virus recognizes human cells and knows how to invade them."

Dr. Laibow stated: "As a Physician, I understand a basic virological fact that the public has not been told: it is impossible to make a vaccine against a virus that does not yet exist. Public relations efforts to the contrary, IF a vaccine is being made against the Avian Flu virus in its pandemic form, that means the pandemic virus must already exist. So the fact that the Avian Flu vaccine is already being manufactured in China by Sanofi-Pasteur, reported to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOTAL Petroleum, a French arm of the Cartel, supports our contention that the Weaponized Avian Flu already exists. As we saw in the case of the Anthrax scare of 2001, an allegedly disgruntled government employee can release deadly toxins from even the most secure government facility."

The Natural Solutions Foundation notes with alarm that the media has reported that the genome of the 1918 pandemic virus, the so-called "Spanish Flu", was recently intentionally resurrected by, and with grants from, the United States government. Because of that resurrection, the newly modified Avian Flu, and its "vaccine" may now be a significant threat to public health.

The "Spanish Flu" was American, not Spanish. The evidence shows it may have been created in the U.S. through an early bio-weapons program created at the direction of Teddy Roosevelt through manufacturing facilities controlled, according to current information, by the Rockefeller cartel, it was injected into healthy young men (i.e., 'soldiers') as the first mandatory vaccination in the military during WWI (also known as the "War to End Wars" and the "Great War"). The "Spanish Flu", originating in Kansas on U.S. Military bases, killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and millions worldwide. It was one of the deadliest pandemics in modern history. It also appears to have been one of the most successful biological weapons ever created -- until now.

"Publicly available information shows the pharmaceutical industry and US government are both actively preparing for an Avian Flu pandemic -- this is shown through their own promotional literature and propaganda," continues Laibow.

Sanofi-Pasteur's website contains a document which clearly illustrates their business model and how the company successfully capitalizes on the immensely profitable worldwide mandatory vaccination market. It touted its contract with the US Government to produce a pandemic flu vaccine.

Dr. Laibow stated, "The whole notion of an Avian Flu pandemic, occurring without technological intervention, is highly questionable. To date, there have only been around 385 human cases of Avian Flu identified worldwide (assuming those identifications are trustworthy, of course), with 243 deaths. To put the absurdity of this effort into perspective, Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), which many researchers believe is heavily associated with aspartame consumption, is a leading cause of death according to the CDC. For example, SCD killed 460,000 Americans in 1999 and the numbers keep rising (www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5106a3.htm). But aspartame, a product of Monsanto, is an approved substance, while, the currently non-pandemic Avian Flu is the focus of hugely expensive, seemingly irrational preparations IF there is no intent to create that very pandemic."

Laibow adds, "Given the shockingly obvious lack of any threat from an un-weaponized H5N1 virus, how can we explain the Bush Administration spending billions of dollars preparing each of the 50 States for what it drums into us is the "inevitable Bird Flu pandemic" anticipated to kill half or more of all Americans and similar numbers of people around the globe?

Americans are outraged and can inform themselves and their families by contacting the Natural Solutions Foundation and joining the free distribution list of the informative Health Freedom eAlerts, http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/index.php?page_id=187 -- . eAlert list members can expect to be uniquely well informed as recipients of the Foundation's continuing threat analysis and action steps."

Gen. Stubblebine's Current Best Intelligence Estimate suggests the following possible scenario:

1. We have been examining the historical record for latency and infectious periods (for example, for the 1918 pandemic and for the unweaponized Avian Flu). The latency period could be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.

2. Our current best estimate is that people could start to notice symptoms as soon as a week after disbursal of the pathogen; the disease will, if especially virulent, cause death within 72 hours of first symptoms. The current supposedly unweaponized flu is deadly to 2/3 of those who catch it.

3. For example, if the pathogen were released, say, at the end of the Olympics, on August 23rd or 24th, people would start to notice symptoms by the end of the Labor Day Holiday (US Labor Day is September 1st this year).

4. By the time most US college students are back in school, September 5th, the media would begin to notice and the public authorities would be empowered to act, we suspect, within 72 hours of mass media notice (we believe the alternative media might "get wind" of the impending pandemic a 12 to 24 hours earlier).

5. Under this scenario, by September 8th we can expect national "lock down" and a declaration of Martial Law shortly thereafter, as people panic trying to obtain food and protection. Places of public accommodation would certainly be closed. This would very possibly signal the end of Internet communications, possibly telephone communications as well.

Finally, we note that the "Pandemic Avian Flu Vaccine" is scheduled to be delivered to the United States during August from Sanofi-Pasteur's Chinese pharmaceutical plant. The US government issued its "Vaccine" allocation plan on July 23, 2008. The Natural Solution Foundation issued its initially warning on July 19, 2008.

The Foundation has now provided links to original information, from which data leading to this intelligence Estimate of Situation has been developed, suggesting the induced Avian Flu pandemic could occur as early as September, 2008.


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Source: Natural Solutions Foundation

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Disclaimer: No one knows if the pandemic will be unleashed. Let us pray that it will not. However, we note with alarm that there are an increasing number of indicators suggesting that this Pandemic is being prepared to be used against us all, using a variety of weaponized viruses. If our ringing of the alarm bells is successful, we will be spared - and we will have been wrong. Let us all devoutly hope that the Natural Solutions Foundation’s urgent and effective information dissemination is that successful.

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