Sunday, August 3, 2008

CDC Says Not to Worry... No Hysteria!

The Centers for Disease Control says that most people do not "need" to take the flu vaccine this year. Some of us do not think anyone should ever take any immune system assaulting vaccines, especially the flu vaccine that still has its full dose (30 micrograms) of mercury "preservative" or even the new "mercury free" versions that "only" have a "trace" of mercury so the drug makers do not have to declare its presence...

Right, and CDC admitted to the Angry Moms of that the "trace" amount was about 1 to 3 micrograms; not sure since never tested! Of course, even 1 microgram, according to the World Health Organization, can be harmful... and multiple that by yearly repeats.

So when the CDC says we should not be hysterical, maybe the light of truth is finally penetrating the dark corridors of that agency.

The blogisphere reports:

"Last week the media circus surrounding the flu vaccine reached a crescendo.

Half of all the flu vaccine supply is not available this year!

Why? Because the British company that supplies half of the U.S. flu vaccine supply was shut down by health officials.

Does it really matter?...

Because of the flu vaccine shortage The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have said that healthy people under the age of 65 should do without a flu shot."

Good posting from MakeUpBlog that concludes by reminding us: "Those of you who take care of your immune system Year ’round don’t have anything to worry about." And then suggests that those who have compromised immune systems might be even more careful about assaulting themselves with vaccine shots. It's a good read.

While I certainly do not want to add to any hysteria that may be building, a scarier read is from Dr. Laibow on her blog, about Weaponized Avian Flu:

Being prepared now for all eventualities is something we must all consider. Being prepared is certainly a major step toward avoiding the hysteria that is bound to inundate in case of a pandemic flu.

Here is a link to information about preparedness and pandemics:

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