Saturday, February 9, 2008

Educating Congress about health freedom

Last Thursday I took Amtrak to Union Station in DC, met up with health freedom researcher Maury Silverman and our National Solutions Foundation Washington "guide" Charlie Frohman. It was a sunny, late winter day and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk from the station.

We met with Congressional health aides for four members of the House and two in the Senate, both parties (all members of relevant committees). We were also able to speak for a few minutes with the legislative aide of a CA congressman who is also preparing a bill to support health freedom, expanding on Dr. Ron Paul's Health Freedom Protection Act, HR 2117.

After the meetings at the Capitol, we took a quick Metro subway ride to Arlington and the Paul for President HQ. The mostly young staff and volunteers were very upbeat (Mitt Romney had just suspended his campaign) and were very much aware that health freedom was an important issue for the freedom movement they see themselves building over the coming years. In their view, just like Barry Goldwater paved the way for Ronald Regan, Dr. Paul is paving the way for a libertarian President in four to eight years.

Visiting the Capitol with Charlie Frohman - - as our "guide" is always an interesting experience. The people on the Hill listened to our educational message regarding health and freedom, mostly, I am convinced, as a result of their respect for him. I think we are having a positive effect!

One way we can all become more effective is for people to join the eAlert system at our Natural Solutions Foundation web site, — awesome day!

Photo: C, Frohman, R. Fucetola and D. Ernsberger

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