Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Codex, Food and Freedom

Here's a copy of a comment I posted on ProgressiveU.com:

"Thanks for posting the link to Natural Solutions Foundation. -- www.healthfreedomusa.org - our educational foundation seeks to expose the Codex process and its threats to health freedom. My two co-trustees of the Foundation, Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD and Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army, ret.) were in Africa last week for a Codex workshop on GM food labels. There, the Coalition of Health Conscious Nations that we've helped energize resisted US efforts to prevent honest GM labeling of foods. Last year, even before the recent Scientific American article on the dangers of fluoride, we were able to keep that toxin out of healthy baby formulas.

So, it is possible to engage with Codex and get some results; usually, however, Codex goes along with the illegal US agenda of degrading organic standards, allowing toxins, irradiation and genetically modified ingredients, while restricting nutrients and natural remedies.

We've developed an alternative to Codex's evil Vitamin and Mineral Guideline, which seeks to treat nutrients as though they were industrial toxins or drugs. We call it the Codex 2 Step and you can see a short video of me explaining it on the HealthFreedomUAS.org web site. In short, Codex Guidelines are advisory only, under its Statute. Codex Guidelines are enforced through the WTO which considers them "presumptive evidence" of the standards for international trade. However, if a country adopts its own differing guideline and a national statute under it, that country comes to the WTO without any presumptions and must be judged on the science that backs its law, not Codex. We've drafted a model alternative Vitamin and Mineral Guideline that is friendly toward nutrients and natural remedies and a model Dietary Supplement Law, based on our US DSHEA law, with adjustments to finally make it nutrient and remedy friendly (for example, we incorporate Dr. Ron Paul's Health Freedom Restoration Act (HR 2117) language in it.

You can read more about all that at our site, but most importantly, please sign up for our eAlert System. We've shown we can generate over 100,000 messages to Congress and FDA anytime needed; that's why last year's FDA "enabling act" (where Congress decided to deal with FDA abuses of power by giving FDA more power to abuse...) included language protecting DSHEA products.

Please join today; alone we are just "voices in the wilderness" of cyberspace; together we are growing powerful netroots! www.healthfreedomusa.org

Ralph Fucetola JD

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