Wednesday, December 5, 2007

OPPOSITION TO FORCED VACCINATION GROWS - Other threats still looming...



Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has condemned the Maryland compulsory mass vaccinations of November 17, 2007.*

An AAPS media release states, “'This power play obliterates informed consent and parental rights,' said Kathryn Serkes, director of policy for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), one of the few national physician groups that refuse corporate funding from pharmaceutical companies...

“'This campaign of intimidation to brutally enforce blanket vaccine mandates by government agencies and the school district gives no consideration for the rights of the parents or the individual medical condition of the child,' said Serkes...

"Children should be carefully screened, medical records taken and decisions made carefully – not in an ad hoc assembly-line clinic in a county courtroom and under the brutal watch of law enforcement. This is a man-made disaster ready to waiting to detonate. Children could receive a dangerous cocktail of several vaccines without proper examinations. 'The procedure is reckless and subjects children to the risk of severe reactions. Physicians would not be allowed to treat children in this way, without individual histories and physical exams – or informed consent,' said Jane M. Orient, M.D., AAPS Executive Director."

Demand that your national and state legislators act now to protect you and your family!


In another development in the growing story of grassroots / netroots reaction to the forced drugging threat, several hundred NGO civil society groupings and individuals have signed on to the Tiburon Declaration against compulsory vaccination. Natural Solutions Foundation will be posting the signatories on its Tiburon Declaration web page at:


At its regular meeting on Capitol Hill earlier today, the Liberty Coalition added compulsory vaccination to the issues it is monitoring. This organization, linking dozens of netroots / grassroots advocate groups, has become a strong voice for freedom in Washington. Its member groups are now expected to focus attention on health freedom along with the other freedom issues the group supports.

4. FROHMAN REPORTS - Common Interest Blog

"Laws need to be changed to support Complementary and Alternative Modalities (CAM). Ohio is passing a health freedom bill as long as practioners avoid prohibited activities. Wisconsin, on the other hand, has passed a Rule prohibiting nutritional sales by chiropractors. Tennessee has the worst law in the nation, allowing secret medical board meeting and decisions. Only 5 states have health freedom, and no states protect doctors/practitioners. A federal fix would be only as good as the environment in the state..."

So there we have it; continued attacks on health and freedom are generating increased responses from advocates and citizens. Will these issues be addressed in the presidential election -- by any candidate other than Dr. Paul? We shall see.


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