Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hope for NJ Kids: Health Freedom Hero Charlotte Vandervalk

Following up on my previous blog about the new NJ "mandate" requiring mercury laced flu vaccines for toddlers, there appears to be at least one legislator who understands.

Quoted from the Star Ledger:

""I'm gravely concerned about what's happening here today," said Assemblywoman Charlotte Vandervalk (R-Bergen), a sponsor of a bill (A165) that would allow parents to opt out of the vaccine mandates by filing a "conscientious exemption" form with the local health department.

"With New Jersey reporting the highest incidence of autism and a cause yet to be identified, we don't know what will happen," she said. "What happened to our freedom?""

It's my hope that lots of Jersians and others concerned with this issue will send strong messages of support for Assembly member Vandervalk's strong, principled stands against the "clout" of Big Pharma.

You can send a message to your own legislators about forced vaccination:

You can also send a message to the NJ commissioner of health here:

Please choose "General Feedback" from the "Program" field and please be polite...

You can read more about this issue at:

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