Thursday, August 2, 2007

FDA enabling act delayed... hope for Health Freedom Protection Act?

This report in late yesterday:

"No Action Likely on FDA Bill Until the Fall
Anna Wilde Mathews reports on the FDA.

"The House and Senate don't appear likely to reconcile their divergentversions of a major Food and Drug Administration bill before their August recess, according to congressional staffers and lobbyists.

"The bill is unusually time-sensitive because it renews the FDA'sability to collect fees from drug makers and device manufacturers that are needed to keep important agency operations running. The fee authority runs out at the end of the government's fiscal year, Sept.30.

"Lawmakers didn't want to play it too close and force the agency tosend out warnings to employees about possible layoffs. Staffers from the House and Senate have been negotiating for the last few weeks, trying to work out the outlines of a deal lawmakers could quickly complete and pass before heading out for their break. But the full meeting adjourned last night and now might not pick up again for the rest of the week. Staffers generally believe that a bill can't pass before the recess begins this weekend. The movement toward a fast agreement seems to have stalled over a variety of issues..."

From the perpective of supporters of Dr. Ron Pauls' Health Freedom Protection Act - HR 2117 - this is a good development and indicates that our efforts to educate Congress may be having an effect. How can the FDA be "revitalized" if Health Freedom protection is not in the picture? We specifically told the major players in Washington this past Monday,

"...the "FDA Revitalization Act" is not going to satisfy the American public. Congress must use the opportunity presented by HR 2117 to protect the health of the American people and that is our message to Congress today. The final adoption of the FDA Revitalization Act should be delayed; hearings should be held and careful consideration should be given to HR 2117, The Health Freedom Protection Act and other measures to protect the health freedom of Americans."

(From Gen. Stubblebine's 07/30/07 Congressional Briefing Document: "Congressional Choice: Health Freedom or Health Tyranny" - see previous posting for text.)

During the past three months over a half million citizen messages have been generated through the Natural Solutions Foundation - - to Congress, FDA, USDA educating DC decision makers that Health Freedom is an issue of great concern to the public. Will Congress listen?

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